I think I have multiple succubus

Hi my name is mark for about 2 years I’ve been having sexual encounters with female spirits not sure if there succubus or not I don’t know how to talk to them if anyone could help me with a reading or something I would appreciate it. Thanks

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As this forum is more about helping each other learn magick, it’s not frequency that people respond to spell begging. We do have a thread through where you can put your requests for work that tends tp stay bumped so more people will see it and you have a better chance of an answer:

As a general rule, when your senses are not developed enough for you to have any kind of control or good info about them, this is a bad idea and you should banish and cleanse. They’re most likely to be parasites that are feeding on your energy.

Click the START HERE thread in the General Category for links to info about what parasites are and how to handle them, as well as many other getting started tutorials :slight_smile:

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I don’t think they are parasites they are able to say my name and I’ve had good experiences with them I was told by a psychic that one if them is called eisheth zenunim if you know who that is.

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