I ASKED FOR HELP to demons (3 things) [but] never been granted

I only been studying little over a 1 1/2 - 2 years. I have to a admit, I still don’t know too much about demon spirits and if they can really help you. But for me, I know everything I ASKED FOR HELP to demons (3 things) never been granted. They only trick me and deceiving me. Perhaps I didn’t make the correct connection but then again…more research I do, the more I read about how demons are REAL but not able to really help you.

For me, Demons never been able to help me on anything I ask, even simple things. Demons do respond to my request by giving me cookie crumbs where they just play with my head, making me think they are actually help me, so they can keep me attach to them and around we go over and over.

So I do agree, demons do trick you, deceive you. So many people in this forum mainly ask Demons about lovers issue. So many people say “my wish was not granted but it was for the best for me”.

Really? If I want what’s best for me, I would just go back to Catholic church asking God or Virgin Mary for help or even Angels. We go to the left hand path because we want something specific. Selling our Soul for help. Yes Ed Warren & Melinda does talk about demon do want souls. Yes Hollywood dramatizes demons like movies but people cannot just say that same excuse for everything. Find trusted resources and you should really think if demons can help you.

Now I see mods here talking about “what kind of half baked or crock pot” info you got on the internet. That may be true since there are so many. However, this forum - many people say one thing, then say totally opposite, especially mods who say this is ok, trust your judgement, go with what’s more comfortable for you but they ask which official working method you been using. I’m not going to say which mods to call them out but many people can figure out.

Yes I am really upset and mad at the demons for tricking me and failing to deliver. If they did, I would have spread their name of their power all over the net. However, its only fair to share that they didn’t deliver and share they are bunch of tricker who don’t really help you. I only prayed to King Paimon, he didn’t so jack $hit for me except to tease me when at the end, Paimon knows he is not more powerful then God. If God don’t give permission to any demons, demons can’t do jack. I am not a Christian, I don’t want to get even started with God himself.

People should really know what’s true and what’s fake. Don’t just read this forum, read other forums like reddit, Quora where it’s unbiased. Getting unbiased info is the most important when making judgement.


I noticed same topic was talked about on different thread regarding “Danger When Working With Demon Spirits” on this forum.

So there’s several ideas in here, the first I’m hearing is that you would like some help troubleshooting your approach?

First of all, you’re not the only one. Many people take year to start manifesting and seeing the results of efforts. The only reason I didn’t was because I came to the occult on the back of 20 years of doing everything but magick and had developed energy working on myself and my psychic senses through qigong, shamanic journeying, druidry and lightwork. I still today advise that people work on themselves to gain these skills in order to have the best success in magick in the western occult traditions in a way that gets you clear feedback on your efforts.

So lost of people have posted here that it’s nor working for them, some give up and drift off, some like @DarkestKnight persevere and are rewarded by becoming amazing magickians. And 2 years is not very long for that to happen in for someone starting from scratch.

Other people do have success and when it works especially well post about that here too, have you see our thanking spirits thread? In here “demons” as you call them have been able to help many people and here is their first hand experience. As opposed the the complaints of yet another youtuber who failed at it and assumed that because they failed nobody can do it. :slight_smile:

They only trick me and deceiving me … Demons do respond to my request by giving me cookie crumbs where they just play with my head, making me think they are actually help me, so they can keep me attach to them and around we go over and over.

Yes this is a huge issue and big trap for newbies… .We call those “parasites” or “impostors” and there are specific techniques to avoid them and get rid of them once they showed up. It’s a common problem and you have to learn how to make sure you get the entity you want, get the connetion you want, and get your ask out into the universe in a positive way.

Check out this thread to help with this:

and this one specifically on avoiding impostors:

That’s fine too, Angelic magick is a thing and there are people here who only work with Angels, including Allah, Kabbalah, the Shem angels, Jehovah and the like, or maybe Enochian magick. Check out the White Magick, Right Hand Path & Sephirothic Magick category. I consider that Christian prayer is also a form of magick. If it works for you, use it. Why not?

I would need a link to be able to address this fully. Taken out of context, it seems like a reasonable and true statement. :slight_smile:

There IS a lot of larping (live action role playing: people who are creating fiction deliberately for fun) and just very dogmatic opinion based on hearsay not personal experience. You will find we always call out hearsay an dogma on here and encourage personal experience. Preaching dogmas is directly against the rules, which is why you won’t see any preachers on here trying to “save” you.

So you made 3 requests to Paimon and it didn’t work? My first question is how did you do this, what technique did you use and what was your energy and intent for the working? Also did you verify it was him? Is 2 years enough time for it to manifest?

Finally, I see a lot of doubt: you must know that doubt sabotages magick, kills it stone dead. It’ a form of fear and fear is an incredibly weakening force. If you can’t evoke without feeling like you need your god to tell Paimon what to do, then I suggest you want “Solomonic magick”, which orders the entity to work in the names of god, you might like to try the techniques of the Golden Dawn. (you can get the book on Amazon)

P.S. You’re allowed to say “shit” on here :smiley: Own it, man!

I agree 100 percent. Read as much as you can but more importantly, don’t believe a word of it until you have tried it and developed your own worldview so that you know if and why you agree. Never just believe what you are told. Everything you read in the occult is basically opinion. All of it. So you will get a lot f opinions and most of them will diverge.

I’ll tell you a secret: there isn’t a single person or content provider, author or mage that I agree with 100 percent, not one. Nobody is right or wrong except for themselves. The ideal for me is, absorb it all, take what works for you, and don’t worry about the rest. :+1: No-one else can tell you what is true for you, you must find your own path.

This truism is the exact same philosophy found in all mystic religions and philosophies including Buddhism, Gnosticism, Hinduism. There is no Truth™, with a capital T, there cant be with the veil in place, there is only you and your own personal connection with the divine however you characterise that.


Thanks for the great insight Mulberry. Yeah I really really wanted to work on praying to demons. I totally understand and wow DarkestKnight really persevere, I wish I could have done the same. Tanks Mulberry.

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my man, your whole logic is flawed and you started off with the wrong premise

  • demons are not devils, they are old deities from all over the world
  • demons don’t grant you wishes like in the movies, they let you do the hard work first and if you are truly serious with your request and intent, they will bring people and opportunities that will help you reach your goal in a speedy and miraculous way
  • demons are under no obligation to help you with your pathetic demands… either they choose to help you or not
  • at least learn a form of divination before attempting to work with them
  • there’s no such thing as “selling your soul”

You say you are not christian yet you write God, Virgin Mary and Catholic with capital letters… dude, who are you lying to here?


Its because this thread is divided into two by admin which is why its confusing. The original thread all together was: Melinda & Ed Warren (from conjuring movie) talking about the truth on demons?

Noah when the universal flood started: sh*t, never thought I was the only one who owned a boat in the whole world :roll_eyes:

I ask people what working method they use because the information helps with answering questions and troubleshooting problems. Some people just make up their own rituals and then wonder why they get no results and it makes it difficult to help them when they can’t describe exactly what they did. Some methods work better than others and it can take time to find what best works for you.

For full discloser: I prayed to the demon “King Paimon” and I also prayed to other demons who specifically deals with mind control, mind manipulation, and putting thoughts into someone’s head - King Paimon suppose power abilities.

That’s a very good point DarkestKnight. I mainly followed rituals from this forum and other occult forums. I guess for my experience, it just didn’t work at all. I do understand it takes time and demons work on moving circumstances around to meet your goals as we humans work on time to see results. But I think 2 years in general is plenty of time for even simple things to begin. But thank you for letting me know as I am still being educated of course.

I didn’t read any of the comments in case this was answered. I have bad internet service right now and they are just white boxes. How long was it since you asked for the three things? I wouldn’t mind trying to help you break it all up and see if it is a spell thing, a time thing or something totally different if you would like.


I read about Parasites about how does not return the favor, or delivers few to no results on the task delivered to them.

That’s actually a great information so I really appreciate you guys sharing. I ask for help/favors with no results or very minimum bread crumbs results so it might be a parasites, not actually from a demon spirits. I been praying to King Paimon.

However, who is actually fault for the parasites? I learn in the hierarchy in the Ars Goetia that satan/lucifier is the main and below him are Kings, dukes, etc. But if Parasites cause so much damage where they pretend they are the demon spirits, isn’t it the Demons fault itself for allowing the Parasites? Parasites are making people not want to pray to Demon spirits, like me and I’m sure many people give up when these things happen.

People give praise to the demons in public to spread the news about helping them. But when Parasites gets involved, it makes us question if the demons actually did help and in return, we share how demons didn’t help us. I think Kings/Dukes/Satan are to blame for the Parasites itself. I read so much how people’s help isn’t fulfilled, its always because of “Parasites” or “demon knew it was not in our best interest” excuses.

Seriously? We pray to demon spirits not asking what’s better for ourselves but because we want something specific in return. If I wanted something that’s better for my life, then I would have gone to pray to God, Angels, or whatever else. I’m so sick of reading excuses about how it didn’t work but we never question the demons themselves.

I actually do blame the demons if Parasites are involved. Demons want us to spread good things about them so they should get the blame for allowing Parasites to impersonate them. I mean, if I impersonate you, your name, who would you blame? You would blame me, not anybody else. You wouldn’t blame my parents.

So Parasites or not, this is the main reason why I’m actually pissed off at the demon spirits and thinking about never going to any Ars Goetia for help because they can never deliver. Demons should be punished for allowing Parasites to ruin their name. I would have praised the demons like no other to spread the good things but demons also deserve to get a bad reputation as well.

If things change, I’ll of course edit all my postings to say how I was wrong but highly unlikely since even simple things…didnt even help.

My two cents in all.

Mod note : I merged the above post in here as it’s the exact same complaint. Please do not make duplicate posts for the same issue. :+1:

That’s like asking who is at fault for getting bitten by mosquitoes. You are. The mosquito is just doing what it was made to do. You failed to protect yourself.

Being parasitic is usually a behaviour rather than a type of being, so many many kinds of being, often what I call “astral wildlife” can act parasitically, while for others it’s their way of being. It’s usually not personal.

Not really. A hallmark of parasites is that they can’t help you at ll. They may make big promises, but they can’t follow through. They are too weak to do much.

You can blame god that mosquitoes exist too if you like, but it’s not going to help you any, is it?

It’s nobodies responsibility but your own to take care of yourself. Entities are trying to help you not be your mother. You are not helped by people doing your job for you. You are helped by learning how to help yourself. Many entities will absolutely watch you fail so you can learn the lesson of how not to.

If you are not prepared to do the work to protect yourself you have no business working with black magick. Give it up and stick to something “safe” like a religion that will hold your hand, tell you everything will be fine if you worship their deity and give money to their church. That’s a lie but if you prefer comfy lies to doing your inner work that’s your business. :woman_shrugging:

Here’s the thing about humans: we try and build and develop the most because of pain. Pain and avoiding it motivates us to learn, and is satisfying. Free lunches are not good for us all the time, we need the adversity to win against.

Not for you with that attitude they won’t, no. You are sabotaging yourself before you even start. Scroll up we talked about this doubt issue before. Remember, they work just fine for many others, so it’s not them, it’s you.

And I see here people have tried to help you and you are ignoring them…so what did you think you cold chant a little bit and things would happen automatically? Don’t you think if it was that easy everyone would be doing it?

I think you need to ask yourself seriously if you are prepared to study and work for even a year to get this to start working for you. You have to put aside your scorn and really try will a full hart, or you are wasting your time.

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