I am new

I personally have always been interested in magic especially black magic and as of right now i am trying to summon Lucifer because i have a ex who has a lot going on and he still loves me but at the same time he says be doesn’t care about me also i need help with some family stuff so Lucifer can hopefully help me with that. Honestly i just want to sell my soul to the devil i guess


Thanks for making an introduction thread.
Please tell us a bit more about yourself and any experience you may have in magick.

Do you have any experience at all in magick?
If so, what have you practiced and how long have you practiced it?
If not, what areas of magick are you most interested in learning?

To get you started, check out the basics here:

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Welcome @shadow1111

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

While selling your soul is something that you can do, I’m not sure why you would want to? You can practice magic and work with demons without selling your soul.

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I have always tried to do magic but i have only had 2 spells work that i know about, so not really


I didn’t really know that all the magic i have even looked at is really hard and i personally have a blocked Chromebook is all so it is really hard to research this stuff

Why not just unblock your Chromebook?

its a school one so i can’t and i’ve been grounded for almost a year now so…yeah its all i have

Well lucky you have this forum. The search button is your friend.