How to Wield the Bloody Mace (Insights from Aeshma)

While working out today, I was meditating on Aeshma, the Div of wrath (also known as Asmodeus in the Goetia) and received some insights…
I came to the realization that alchemical change occurs on three levels of self - Body, Mind, and Spirit. Since my goal for working with Aeshma is to build inner strength, l will be focused on achieving this on all three levels. The question is how does one go about this?

Aeshma revealed to me that exercise forces the body to push through the resistance of weights and uncomfortable postures. This, in turn, causes the mind to endure by maintaining a gritty mentality that refuses to cave-in to the body’s weakness. The pain experienced from this process will then be sacrificed to Aeshma with a vision of your goal or idealized self in mind. This simple three-step alchemical process is the key to strengthening the mind, body, and spirit whilst manifesting your desired reality. This technique can also be applied when engaged in physical combat. Except, in this case, you are sacrificing the pain and suffering inflicted on your opponent to Aeshma. If you find yourself in a situation that requires you to kill your enemy to survive, you will also sacrifice said enemy’s lifeforce to the Daeva-- which, in turn, fuels your desired goal and strengthens you.

Feel free to tweak this technique as you see fit and if you plan on implementing it into your routine, I suggest committing to the practice at least three times a week consistently for 30 days.
Track your progress and keep records. I hope this little bit of insight was helpful and feel free to post your results on this thread.

-Hail Ahriman. Hail Aeshma. :black_heart:


I’ve known the connection between physical exertion and mental acuity, but I wasn’t aware of a connection with Asmodeus.

I just burnt his sigil into wood two days ago but haven’t evoked yet, so this could be useful!

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Thats bloody awesome!

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Good Ol’ Lord Asmodeus…
The greatest if you wanna learn about energy work!


Bro, is this post not complete ?

You praised Ahriman but this post is all about Asmodeus, just asking that because we might miss couple of critical parts.

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It’s pretty much complete. That was just a post script sign out since Ahriman is the source of emanation for the divs and that’s the current I’m working within. But I’m more than happy to elaborate more on anything you might not be to clear with.

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This sounds good to me. I been working with Belial for a few months now and thats been so mind blowingly amazing. Ive experienced Asmodias but because someone had summoned him disrespectfully in an exes house. His energy was all over that place. I would love to summon him respectfully.

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