How to change your beliefs from the ground up (Very powerful alchemical process that actually works)

If you are browsing with your brain off bookmark this and come back when you have an issue you simply must move beyond. This is the longest post I’ve written yet and for good measure. You’ll deliberately get closer to your higher self with this one and it will stick if you feed it.

It is not fun to do this but it will change your life if you lean into it and do it. Most of you will have clicked back already to something stimulating. I offer a very usable tool you can use to permanently change your identity. You’re a magician so you know how important immersion is. Most of you will skim read this and answer the questions in your head, and by that most of you will miss the entire process and arrive at the same results you’ve been getting.

If you do this, lean into it. Or don’t do it at all. I won’t patronize you with magickal stipulations but in your heart of hearts you know you get the best results from magick you take seriously. Don’t rob yourself of this process buy speedreading it and glancing the process. If you need to make space for it and spend a few minutes to actually meditate on each question. We’ll be building an overwhelming case for your future and treating it like a simpsons rerun will kill the whole process and shove it into the realm of “Oh, I know that.”

(If you knew it you’d be using it regularly, you’re familiar with it. Use what you “know” friends.)

I’ve been cooking this one for a long time and it’s some of the very best I have to offer. I even charge for this in business/personal development consultations so if you want more than just slapdash results from slapdash effort this stuff is for you! If you want big goals you have to become the sort of person that can reach them.

Otherwise it comes down to “Would you rather be good? Or Lucky?”

For me it depends on how many times I want the result I’m looking for. When it comes down to long term consistent results you have three options:

  1. Luck into the quality
  2. Servitors
  3. Alchemy

All the best practitioners here can teach you endlessly about servitors (and they’re fuuuuucking powerful… learn about them) and I can’t go into planewalking from a practical standpoint in a post yet so I’ll teach you how to use the 3rd option to create the 1st.

  1. Inherit the quality through happenstance.
    This applies to the ultra attractive girls who never ever …ever wonder why people can’t seem to find love because everyone and their dog (maybe literally…) thinks they’re a perfect angel from heaven and they get pedistalized to the point “oh great… another one of my male friends caught feelings for me …again” is the norm.

There’s a ton of qualities like this but it exemplifies it perfectly: You just do well with it and for the most part you always have. I have a business partner who began making 6 figures a year right out of high school. Dude read everything Trump wrote and jumped in and within a few months he was pulling dosh money. It snowballed; I saw his 2014 tax return and it was on the lower end of 9 figures… Guy is mormon as can be and makes tons of mistakes yet everything seems to go his way financially. Unconscious competence.

  1. Servitors
    If you’ve got a knack for chaos (and all the very best magicians eventually bridge the gap between slapdash lesser magick to making their homebrew operations as powerful as working with a Goetic or greater) these have some serious firepower if you aren’t a dumbass and think about what could go wrong if you forgot about it. I’ll write a guide at another point, these can shape your life for decades though.

  2. Alchemy
    There’s a lot here and I believe all the best results contain some form of this every time. You see a situation from a new perspective, even if you’ve believed it for years you now truly understand it and your behavior changes from an identity level. This is the difference between lesser results and high results

Por exmplo:

Quick Fix
You: “How do I make money with magick? I heard Wealth Magick by Damon Brand is really good.”
Forum Dumpis: “lol u just need to evoke Bune if u want money. i manage a motel 6 and i got a $12 tip the other night after a quick ritual. get da pdf too. I have 1,600 titles I’ve never read and never plan to. pm me”

(Zero disrespect to Bune, they deliver in spades to the right person just like any Goetic. I’m painting a mindset picture here)

Real fix
You: (Same question)
Someone wise: “Well that’s a truly amazing set of rituals. What you will find though is half of the work is immersion in a new way of thinking. It’s rough but you’ll find yourself thinking, acting and even speaking differently than you do now. You’re asking the right questions though.”

Money magick is an interesting vehicle to learn this through but it works with anything. Want to get your crush? Go get good with women in general and you’ll have a lot more firepower to pull love workings with. Feel like you have “blockages” and hangups you just can’t get past? That’s what we’re hitting head on at the deepest levels so you know inside and out why you keep manifesting what you do.

It all boils down to Belief

This is so fundamental it transcends sigils, various fluids, enns, chants, and your fucking alter you’re so proud of. Have this and your results will hit shockingly hard, miss this and you might be one of those “how do you make it work?” posts everyone who gets it wants to jump on and help the guy out because it’s obvious when you get it and demoralizing when you don’t. I lucked into “magick just works for me” here though some types work way better than others. I can also deconstruct why and I like sharing it so yours can too.

Again, Belief

There’s a certain order to this (and you can all expound on your interpretation of what goes on inside the Black Box, I know for a fact the input and output are the same though so do what you will to analyze, the most important part is sound)

What you believe becomes true.

Beliefs lead to Thoughts
Thoughts lead to Emotions
Emotions lead to Actions
Actions lead to Results

(This is very causality based as it’s how I present it to business clients but take each belief phrase as if it were a sigil statement and fired off everyday.)

You are an emotional radio and you are always broadcasting what you believe onto the world. Hang out with those old friends and a certain aspect of your personality comes out you haven’t seen in years? It’s co-creation and it comes down to how they expect you to behave. Belief.

Think about what your world would look like if you genuinely believed one or more of these:

“I am not enough”
“I will never matter”
“People don’t like me”
“I’m unattractive”
“I don’t know”
“The universe is hostile”
“Everywhere I am I’m alone”
“Money is evil”
“People who have money are assholes”

Stuff hurts to write.

Can you imagine what you’d think, feel, do, get, and learn to expect if you actually believed these? (This isn’t another post about affirmations by the way. I won’t insult your intelligence with that noise. We’re going deeper)

Try one on for a bit, step into it, and notice how sheep it feels. Gross right? I call these limiting beliefs. When you operate out of a limiting belief it limits you.

These are the illusive “subconscious blockages” you keep hearing about

It probably has very little to do with how your chakras smell or if you secretly hate your girlfriend and don’t know it. The thoughts, emotions, and actions/inactions are all front and center in your life and the last person to know will be you. Every idiot you meet can see at least one of these with a first impression because the self is always coming through.

(Have fun getting into ego vs super ego vs shadow sides and what not, I’m keeping this simple. Make your own tech and share though, I want to build this out further from the fundamental guide)

Now, contrast this with some power beliefs. Big ones you see in people you admire. Things you’d want for yourself

“I am more than enough, of course I’m enough…”
“What I do in this life is of utmost importance”
“As far as I am concerned, I am the coolest motherfucker on this planet”
“Girls just like me…”
“I’m an attractive person, talking to them would make them perk up”
“I am loved and adored by everyone and their dog”

Okay you get it. Power beliefs. Some subtle, some not. Some might leap out at you that someone we’ve all been amused by here definitely has (merited or not). The thing is though, perception is reality and nobody can take a belief from you if you want it enough. Even if it isn’t objectively true. (Go full Pepe le Pew on your girlfriend sometime, it’s fun).

Try some of these on. Really, step into it and invoke it. Become it for 5 minutes. A simple one as “I am my closest friend” with the energy of a warm hug behind it. Notice your self talk, your body language, your level of stress. What happens?

Give it a minute or two and just be with that one, it’ll be worth it. Go.

It’s painfully simple right? How many of you treat yourselves like an old friend? I’m willing to bet that if a lot of you talked to your friends like you talk to yourself you wouldn’t have any friends. Subtle.

K great, how do we make these permanent though? Well here’s the fun part

In order to see something in someone else it has to be within you first. It’s all on a spectrum so if you were oblivious to it you wouldn’t miss it either. Hermetic correspondance. Or something

This is all the setup for the action plan, I’m going to walk you through an alchemical invocation where you’ll root out a big limiting belief and replace it with a power belief of your own design. If you’re still with me you’re probably getting more out of this forum than butt selfies and drama.

Phase 1, Identify Patterns

“What do I want to change in my life?”

Grab a thing to write notes on and rate your Core 4 life areas on a 1 to 10.

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality

Pick the one that sucks and write down what you want to fix about it. Guys, provided you aren’t in mortal danger your life can go from “suck” to “bitchin!” with 2 FWB’s and $75k a year. It’s not an enormous stretch. Find what results you aren’t getting.

Somewhere you’ll have a result you keep getting over and over again. A one off can be a fluke. Get cheated on with a drug dealer 5 relationships in a row? Little harder to write off completely.

Find a pattern of results you want to dig into and write it down.

2. Identify Contributing Actions

“What are the actions that created what I currently have?”

So… what contributes to this? If you’ve “Tried everything!” and that actually means “downloaded My Fitness Pal” and “tried the south beach diet for 4 days” before reverting back to bullshit food and counting yoga once a week as exercise then you created the fleshy fanny pack you can’t open.

Look at what’s going on and point out 3 - 5 critical moments that lead to the result you’re experiencing. Keep it within your sphere of influence. If you just can’t get money magick to work and yet you spend all your free time watching porn and playing madden instead of going to that weird event thing your stoked friend is actually paying his bills from you can write that down.

Deconstruct why it happens from a cause and effect standpoint. I know a girl who keeps making terrible decisions on alcohol. Getting blackout drunk several times per week definitely qualifies. If you “just can’t get a girlfriend man” then ask yourself how many girls you actually go out of your way to talk to (and not on some messaging app they get on for attention either, I’m talking about encounters where not every dude is doing the same damn thing you are). “21m FWB lol” (Dumbass)

If your number is 0, your contributing action is “I don’t talk to girls.”

Easy enough. Take accountability and watch your self talk. Be radically honest and objective.

3. Feeeeeeelings*

“When I think about my results my feelings are…”
(and not getting them is another kind of result)

This is where we start to punch Tony Robbins in the dick until he goes home and begin to take it further than most every self help book you’ve read.

Look at each action and relive a typical scenario when you perform that action. What do you feel?

4. Thoughts
“When I think about my results my thoughts are…”

What comes up around this subject? “Sugar is in everything!” “I’d rather be broke than be a total asshole” “At least I’m not a total dickbasket to her like her boyfriend she keeps telling me about” “You want me to go talk to her?! Haven’t you heard of #MeToo?!”

This kind of shit. Anything even slightly pointing to it works though. Put yourself in a conversation about it and what comes up? Do you blame your entire existence on republicans/christians/“the patriarchy”/the hollywood nightclub scene/your ptsd you got when your stepdad made you clean your room? Put it all down. Get the conversation in your head onto paper. The bigger the blockage the more of this goes on.

If you’re perpetually overweight and you find yourself thinking “healthy food is expensive” or “gym memberships are for douchebags” write it down. What you think is a spell, and so it is. Take inventory of what you aren’t even aware of.


Now, nominate some beliefs that might be creating these thoughts.

Spend some time on this one, you are behind enemy lines if your subconcious isn’t working for you. If you get an initial “no way…” reaction to one that’s a tad emotional then write it down too. Come up with 3 - 5 of these and plug it in thinking about how it could drive this whole process.

If it’s social based “I have no value as a person” might sting a bit more than “girls just care about looks and money.” Take the one that you suspect is driving the process and wear it for a bit. If you’re perpetually overweight you might believe something like “food is my mistress.” If you feel low on the social totem pole you might believe that “people will turn hostile if I present boundaries.”

A lot of these will be thoughts. Try to dig a bit deeper until it stares you in the face and you find yourself going “God damn it… I actually believe this…”

We’re going waaaay way further here so bear with me, if you hate this feeling and want to turn it into a strength don’t click over to pornhub for a distraction. Keep going.

Quick Example of Phase 1:

  • Results: “People don’t respect me”
  • Actions: “I mentally freeze up”, “I telegraph low value with body language and voice tone”, “I compensate with goofiness for attention when I’m ignored”
  • Emotions: “Frustration”, “A need to compensate”, “Inferiority”
  • Thoughts: “I don’t matter and never will”, “I have no control,” “People will turn hostile if I state boundaries”
  • Beliefs: “I am not enough”, “I will never matter,” “I have no value”
    (They pick the first one because it stings the most and it adds up as the driver)

Phase 2; Finding the Genesis of the Belief

I’ve had a middle aged woman sincerely tell me she hates me for getting her to point this out to herself. The worse the result the worse the belief 9 times out of 10. It sucks ass sitting with it right? Well we’re going to kill it with a bullet on its knees, but first we’re going to find it’s roots because knowing where it came from lets us transmute it to something else

  1. Write out your limiting belief
    Eg. “I am not enough”

  2. Write down the last time you felt this way
    Eg. “Girlfriend was a bitch on valentines day when the necklace, homecooked candlelit dinner, and flower petals on the bed ‘triggered her’”

  3. Go back through time and find other times you’ve felt this way
    Eg. “Got picked last in gym for years”, “Dumbass band replaced me with my least impressive guitar student who still plays most the songs completely wrong after 5 years”, “Had to cancel a date because my insurance overbilled me and drained my account”

  4. Other times I’ve felt this way:
    (You get it, if you’re taking the time to do this you’re a rare person and you deserve the massive change this process will bring you. Most will go scroll and drop a meme or two. This is uncomfortable and not fun but it’s the domain where champions prowl)

5. The First time I remember feeling this way was:
(Important, think back and it’s often the very first memory that comes to mind. If it isn’t it’s probably significant and should be reframed as well)
Write the story down as best you can. What did you feel? See? Think? Hear? Tell it like you’re selling pity to someone.

This is where the identity level change happened and your new perception of reality began. Many curses simply change beliefs. I can recall being a 5 yearold kid who got in fights with 4th and 5th graders every single day on the schoolbus ride home. I looked at the bus ride as something to survive and those 10 yearold kids looked like giants to me back then. I just wanted to get home and play Crash Bandicoot or whatever I was into but we had assigned seating and those kids were bored so I was the one getting my head slammed against the window and punched. One day I got pissed, rolled back on the seat and mule kicked the one who looked like Hopper from Bugs Life in the face as hard as I could and it messed his face up enough for them to address it and move us to different seats on the bus but that was an identity forming experience I kept with me for years.

Guess what belief formed?

I had other programming compile onto that one shortly after: I was watching a movie about a week later with the cliche scene where the tren rage quarterback has the nerd kid off the floor by his collar for talking to his girlfriend and the nerd kid is being a bitch and apologizing for even coming near her in the first place.

I distinctly remember committing to memory what I’d say if that happened to me when I grew up just in case I got too freaked out and couldn’t enunciate legibly. Some shit like “Sorry man, I didn’t know she was your girl! I won’t do it again!” I thought it was a common occurrence and I was already dealing with smaller versions of that guy daily. It took years of focus on personal development before that mentality waved bye bye. Now I’ll flirt right in front of them to screen if someone wearing a ring is in an open relationship. Worlds apart. I think cheating is fucked but I will find out if there’s even a boundary there to begin with. Alchemy.

So now, go and retell the story but you need to say it using 3 criteria

  1. What could you have done better?
  2. What did you ignore about the situation?
  3. What did you flat out deny?

Notice how it feels completely different, accountabiliity (more on this in a bit).

If it was way too long ago to remember then tell it as if your adult self were watching it as an observer. Objectively, without the wound.

Then tell the story with a different outcome, how you’d want it to turn out.

Phase 3. Payoffs & Negative Results

Deep enough inside the rabbit hole yet? It’s a damn site better than “energy work” where you “feel a shift in your aura” and then next week the same damn thing happens. You’re getting to know this on a deep level, intimately.

So here’s the fucky part… You actually love this belief. That thing you likely feel sick about? Your subconcious wrote programming off it for decades and it’s holding other beliefs together as pat of your identity. Your subconcious loves this belief.

This is why you got resistance to it. You have to fight it so it must serve a purpose.

The thing is, you get a ton of emotional upside to believing whatever it is you do. The “I don’t put anything healthy in my body” thing is trend for some reason. Maybe they think it makes them like a Jack Black character. On the surface that’s what they’ll feel good about. Underneath though they don’t have to go to the gym, exert effort, tollerate being hungry, exercise discipline in counting their macros, or the worst one: they don’t have to see hard work end up not working.

They also get to lounge, eat whatever tastes good, and when they don’t get the benefits of being a high level person they can blame it all on somebody else (this applies to literally every sect of modern identity politics as well. Accountability could save the world if it ever caught on mainstream…) Losers focus on winners, winners focus on winning.

(I could wallow and bitch about having severe OCD but there are no weight classes in a street fight. In life you either win or you lose, focus on the right thing if you want to be happy.)

Write a list of payoffs you get for believing this. Chew on it for a minute, it goes far deeper than you realize

In our sample process example he might write:
“Massive overwhelming drive to improve myself due to compensating for inferiority complex”, “Less accountability to uphold”, “Less letdown, everything cool is a surprise”

Dig into it, most people love reading blogs about how victimized their demographic is. Nobody on this planet is exempt from having one. If you exist you have a source you can go read that vindicates sucking ass in life to the point of misinterpreting hard economic data for the purpose of making you believe you’re oppressed on a large scale. You know which one I’m talking about, it’s the one you love sponging up $10 words and cherry picked stats from outlier studies so you can get on social media and share your opinion on “issues” that often objectively boil down to “people think differently than me and I don’t like it.”

Choose which wolf you’re going to feed because unless you’re taking long term actionable systems from it that improve your long term happiness you’re just getting mad at an engineered narrative that probably doesn’t reflect reality. You love to be victimized because you’re off the hook from doing anything real. It’s not your fault, it’s (insert trendy rage buzzword here).

I used to read up on MGTOW stuff and realized it wasn’t leading me towards a life I wanted. Your information diet builds beliefs so be careful what you choose to buy into. Look for monsters and you’ll see them everywhere.

Now look at negative results you get from believing this
“What is this costing me?”

What is your belief costing you in real dollars?
Eg. “More than I could imagine, I don’t go for my goals.”
(I’ve seen two different guys lose ~$40k on not drawing boundaries with girls they weren’t even sleeping with)

What is your belief costing you in relationships?
Eg. “I don’t talk to girls unless I’m in flow state”, “I lost my fiance”, “I’m afraid of being close to people now” etc

How is this belief limiting my peace of mind?
Eg “I’m my subconcious’s punching bag…”

How is this limiting my self confidence?
Eg “It undermines it entirely. All I am is my knowledge”

How is it preventing me from getting what I want?

(Then an “other” section. Think about this. Use these sections as a ritual and really let yourself get emotional about these. I’d focus more on the process language but I do this socratically with clients so making a written version is new. I’ll edit later)

The Fire of Magickal Decision

Ask yourself if you truly want to keep believing this? Try the Tony Robbins thing and look at yourself in a year, 5, then 10 what life would be like if you kept thinking, feeling and acting this way. “I’m married to my career! (And completely miserable with a strange addcition to mormon mommy blogs)” doesn’t sound great in context at scale.

Really, meditate and see a whole life based in this belief unquestioned. Do you really want to go your whole life without ever knowing what might have been? I saw enormous glaring issues when trying to combine pair bonding instincts with today’s dating climate. It’s not possible anymore from my old frame of reality but I certainly couldn’t live swearing off women forever… I adore women, I just needed to change my rules up a bit and lo and behold I found an amazing option #3.

If it’s not an enthusiastic “HELL YEAH!!!” you’re looking in the wrong place. Keep going. Love it or change it.

From here we’re restructuring your belief. Unless of course you’re content being a perpetually victimized loser sheep with no accountability, dreams, dignity, or self respect… I appreciate you preparing my insurance policy. If you want more step up to phase 4.

Phase 4, Belief Restructuring

Completely invert your belief or create something entirely different based in the same vein. It must be positive, present tense, and phrased “I AM…” (a magickal incantation of its own).

Flip it over, shape it, keep it concise and above all make it powerful. Not intense, but powerful.

Write down your new belief and refine it until it puts a fire in your heart
(If you’ve robbed your experience and done this all in your head/speed read this post then if nothing else write this one down)

Think of 5ish people who believe this about themselves
You have to see it to become it. What does it look like and how can you model it?

Contrast “Chicks think I’m creepy…” to “I can’t explain it… Girls just like me man.” How do those sound in conversation? It’s not “the amount of energy” thrown into it. Yelling an affirmation or god forbid repeating them 10x10 a day won’t do much for you other than frustrate you.

Granted it’s going to feel like new territory to you so declaring it to the universe is a big deal and when you step into it it’s going to feel rather godly when you do it right. You’ll need to get the emotion right. Saying “I am confident, cool, and god damn it people just like me!” lifelessly in the mirror does fuck all despite what your self help book says. It also makes you feel like you’re patronizng yourself (I could write a whole post about that.)

Really embody the feeling, the belief, and imagine yourself in situations where it is now true. Suspend all disbelief and become it. Let it drive your being, your imagination, your state.

It looks good on you.

Make a list of what new results you’ll see in your life
Visualize all of it happening. You’re casting a lot of magick right now whether you realize it or not. You’ve now come full circle.

Wear it for a while. Regardless whether it’s easy to make stick or feels like you’re lying to yourself you need to make a big list of proof for yourself.

Phase 5, Proving Yourself

I’ve done some insane things to make a point to myself. I’m an extremist and I’ve done things most people would look at and go “dufuq …why?”

I’ve approached over 1,000 women (not flexing, I’ve been determined to shape my fate my whole life) and kept spreadsheets on how certain relationship management techniques work. I’ve gone on stage without a solo and wrote one on the spot in a musical act of “skydiving without a parachute” just to prove to myself I could stage improv. I’ve kept pace with a US Nave SEAL on a 24kg kettlebell snatch test (my hands ripped open… still finished at the same cadence as him though I don’t think it made his vision blur like mine did.) I also kissed the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever even seen less than 30 seconds after meeting her because the vibe was instantaneous and I was already deep into a flow with a new belief (Belial is kind of extraordinary as hell when it comes to women.)

Tons and tons more, because Norski is nuts. All with good reason though; I was making a point to myself.

Start with your past and look for times when that belief was true. You rock someone’s world back in high school? It counts. You felt confident and free to express doing karaoke when you were 8? It counts. Write it down.

You have lots of these, even if you have to dig. Write them all down and then go create more of them. Race yourself to 20, then 100 if it’s a life changingly huge one. Nobody I know split tested an opening line on 20 girls back in high school just to see if the line worked consistently. I wanted it though. (What was really great was ditching canned material and “skydiving without a parachute” with them every time. Got waaaay better results and it became more fun. Refine and never stop polishing the chrome!)

From here every experience is a brick in your palace. Even the events that don’t go your way show you the worst case usually is “nothing happens.”

As with all powerful changework you’ll need to lean into this process. It’s redundant at times but some beliefs grasp as hard as a drug addiction and it takes an enormous amount of commitment for people to get clean off some of those. If you need the tool, you have it. Try the whole process on an important one and then throw some magick at different points in it. If you commit yourself to the final step you won’t have limiting beliefs anymore. I’ve done this whole process unconsciously so many times I can say it’s completely rebuilt me. I’ve reverse engineered how I did it and now you can use it too.

At the end it comes down to awareness and a choice:

Who are you going to be?


Fucken hell man. This is a great post! I hope people take the time to go through it. I do something very similar a few times a year.

It’s dry stuff but there’s a great book out there called Performing Under Pressure by Ceri Evans that deals with controlling your attention in high pressure situations. You’d probably be interested. It is a handbook for taking all this good stuff and maintaining focus through the tougher moments.


Many thanks to you for this post ! :slightly_smiling_face:

This is so interesting ! I wentr through the whole thing once but I’ll probably do some more reading before diving into the process.
Anyway that’s some quality content right here.
Limiting beliefs are such a strangling poison when it comes to magick…and life as a whole.


Thank you for posting this.

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Be the change you need. Powerful stuff.

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Hi @Norski, sorry to bring back to life this old post. I have read Damon Brand book on servitor and I am not really clear on how you may use the process on ourselves like changing personality traits, creating aura, or on others to attract them etc.

Do you have some examples of what you have done with servitors?

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Not to offend but, I think the order is thoughts come first. beliefs are thoughts that you make true or accept as real. Strong meaning to ideas/thoughts/beliefs brings up emotions. Emotions motivate for action or inaction.

So the meaning you put to thing/events is what makes emotion strong enough to motivate u to action. It comes down to ‘meaning’ making as core foundation.

I’ve not been on the forum much the past couple months so just saw this now and wanted to say thanks so much for posting this! The self confidence and not talking crap to yourself about yourself is something I struggle with constantly and I put it mainly down to having grown up in an abusive household where I was constantly put down and received violent treatment from my father. This has negatively affected my other relationships with men
Everything you said is spot on. I will be trying your suggestions, along with my current plan of doing magick to try and heal myself. Thank you again.


Dear @Norski,

Thank you for that very detailed and well written guide.

Indeed, it adresses much of what most people would be able to fix their problems with,
but can’t even grasp, and when you try to help them to get there, they’ll shout and fight you as if you were their worst enemy.

And this:

So here’s the fucky part… You actually love this belief. That thing you likely feel sick about? Your subconcious wrote programming off it for decades and it’s holding other beliefs together as pat of your identity. Your subconcious loves this belief.

is indeed one of the real obstacles,
when teaching others in the craft,
and moving people to become “CAPABLE” - which i use as an general term for what you described as:

Beliefs: “I am not enough”, “I will never matter,” “I have no value”
(They pick the first one because it stings the most and it adds up as the driver)

Since capability means the vastness of ability, i feel it helps a lot with bypassing the many blockage walls the mind likes to build to defend the beloved negative limiting beliefs.

Also, note that there is a very literal component here:

belief =means= be- life.
So it literally addresses the core principles here,
of what we do give power and to continue and live on.

Notice how it feels completely different, accountabiliity (more on this in a bit).

If it was way too long ago to remember then tell it as if your adult self were watching it as an observer. Objectively, without the wound.

Then tell the story with a different outcome, how you’d want it to turn out.

I’m currently using this technique to defend myself against a Prison Sentance and fight my way out of accusations.

So, to those considering wether what Norski wrote here is working or not - i can tell you from expierience - it does work.

It’s not easy. Because challanging yourself within yourself, is some scary shit.
But it does wield massive results!

This is why you got resistance to it. You have to fight it so it must serve a purpose.

To Quote “Rapgod” Eminem regarding this:

“When i put my mind to it, i bully myself to do it.”

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Browser crashed the Tab,
so i had to skip a bit of your guide.

However, i’d like to give you some insight to how i applied - more or less the same technique Norski Explains to all who decide to use it;

Why is it even called secound re-building of consciousness?

Because the first time,
was after i had risen my Kunda for the first time,
and kind of fallen into a bodhisatva stage where your mind feels like it’s been sucked completely empty,
and you simply don’t exist as a “SELF” anymore, the so called “ego death”, in which your body is left, but anything you’d normally associate with the “I AM”- Phrase, is deleted, except maybe your physical features like gender, skin color, etc. and your name.

I never wrote a Topic or guide on that,
however, since it happened right before i came into contact with balg.

In fact,
it was one of the main reasons for me to search for balg and find it.

Because back then,
i knew i would need some source to learn from,
and later i wanted to give back by writing guides and help others learn stuff too.

techniqually i would have fitted into an Indian Ashram at that time,
only problem: i was sitting in germany and had NO CLUE were such an Ashram might be,
and how to get there.

the secound rework of Consciousness was much more controled,
and different.

But at the first one,
i simply opened up the Tetagrammaton - which by the way, to my understanding, at least at that time, was:
I am, that i am.

And i utilized it to craft a new “ego” or “self” for me,
out of my own body and it’s Kunda i now had access to.

It also matched a technique,
i had read during my research upon kundalini activation,
or possibly remembered from an earlier life,
or gotten from the spirits directly.

Hard to say by now.

But the Technique was,
to become a Ghoul,
and then Possess - mount that ghoul and ride it.

in my understanding that’s different, maybe around here more fancy - words for the process i was undergoing.

Regardless how i view it,
that first re-construction would have been pretty difficult to explain aswell,
sincy all i did,
was chant the line “I am, that i am” in an infinite mantra cycle,
speeding it up,
ever more,
until it bacame:

I am, that i am
i-a tha ia
ia th ia

At which point,
My mind and body was completely locked into the mantra,
and i couldn’t stop it,
the Mantra was speaking itself,
through me,
it filled me with a new Energy,
and out of my Lower body i pulled all strength i could,
raising a voice,
which wasn’t me,
but it was within me,
it wasn’t a spirit either,
if at all maybe my kunda,

  • for that’s the Energy it was using -

So than that Voice Shouted “STOP!!” into my head,
and the Mantra stopped.

Took some time to recover from that,
and i was certain that i wasn’t the same person as before anymore.

My senses were hightened like i only knew from Movies about fresh-born Vampires.

I heard at least 20 meters radious through walls,
what the neighbors on the other side of the street were talking about in their kitchen.

My vision and tactilse sense had changed aswell.


I’m pretty glad that i normally don’t have such intense side effects anymore.

what all of this is supposed to instill into those who are reading this,
and looking for solutions for themselves:

Is for you,
to get a severe and intense feeling, a knowingness,
that such changes and Such Magick is possible.

@Velenos recently asked me how come i claim specific titles,

And this just reminds me about some of the steps i took along the way of getting there.

  • Thank you, Velenos,
    for inspiring me to write this.
    Can you relate some of your personal expierience to this Subject of belief-overwriting?
    I’m pretty sure you’ve got some good Story to tell on that Subject yourself aswell. :smiley:



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This is dumb, but I want to figure out if I can do this.

I want to be able to perfectly control my beliefs without any effort whatsoever, subsequently increasing the power of this process infinitely and at my whim.


That was so intense. My vibrations kept hitting this ceiling where it hurt too much to go pass that point.


Lean into finding momentum. Personal mission statement sounds cheesy but think about who you want to be. Then align with that through ritual and action

Belial showed me this in a very special place

Think of spirits with distinct titles and widely known personalities.

Asmodai is the “God of Lust and Wrath”
Belial is “Without a Master” or “Worthless One” and many others.

Most people here have too many options, too many pantheons, too many aspirations to explore. The ambition is nice, if you do anything with it in one lifetime.

A mission with a 20 year time horizon you can move towards is invaluable. From there you’re stepping more and more into a character.

Momentum is a defensive rite on it’s own. When your force of will is strong for your path you’ll attract different trials and you’ll find yourself by testing yourself rather than the usual getting hit by every day circumstance. Your problems will be smaller ones and more temporary.

Only way to what you want is momentum. Easy to clear a blockage if the train is hauling ass. Starting in 5th gear up hill is going to be near impossible though. Motion creates the emotion, both magickally and otherwise. Stir things up and start working towards a vision in tons of ways and you’ll have a lot more flow (power) to make what you want with a nudge when the time comes for effortless to be felt.

Try that on


I like the idea of infinite growth. Like I could achieve whatever was needed and exist in a state of constant, boundless expansion.


It’s great as an abstract, even better if you default to action to build it.

Think of what you want to be known for though. If you had a title on the Astral. Sure there are angels of Omnipotence, though try specializing, mastering, and then moving to another field.

Something that mixes with this realm is very good. I’m a big fan of lots of things but I keep coming back to my main attractions. Go become a legend by living one.

Immersing deep into financial, sexual, love, fitness, or anything you can visualize is going to keep gaining scope as time goes on and you get deeper into it. If it takes motivation it’s not your mission.

Basically find something you’d be quite alright being “the god of” and then see how far you can take it. Icarus moment.

You’ll find a ton of power along the way. I flipped my woman life around BIG time. Did it again in my business life. Found out I’m very into freedom based lifestyle so I adapted both to that. The vision expands as you do and if you’re constantly called to something the work becomes obvious and doesn’t even feel like a price.

Then through the story you find you become infinite.

Hope that resonates at all. Lot of seminar answers on here so I try to go a step or two deeper to find the “hell yes!” factor


And I’ve got no idea what you’re capable of so I hope that doesn’t sound out of context

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Well I don’t think you know exactly what I mean by infinite growth.

The trials of life make way for the ultimate ascension, and it’s blinding.

I mean, you know, but it isn’t “omnipotence”. It’s better. Infinite adaptability and true freedom.

I guess beauty is something I would want to be known for.

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I’d say they circle back on each other, so your thoughts can subvert bad beliefs though left to themselves beliefs become a lens you see reality through. With that lens filter on thoughts will arise by themselves

Good take though, this whole system can work both ways and does via taking action to solidify a new belief through emotions and thoughts as well

After just following all the steps and journaling 10 pages in , crying and being a lil baby bitch through this process . I feel a shift. subtle right now , but as I look over these 10 pages , I know I have something now to change my life for the better . A alchemical blueprint of sorts. Thank you for this post. The shadow work on this shit was REAL AS FUCK. I hope all who need to see this, do . Because at first I thought I didn’t need it . And Within seconds of that thought my higher self stepped in and said do the work.


I thought I knew shadow work till i saw and did this post LMFAOO
Holy fuck
This shit is potent
Im very stirred up 6 hours later still

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