How I got my ex back with magick

Ok…I was encouraged by Lady Eva to share what I used to get my ex back.

We split up Sunday and by Tuesday evening she wanted to get back together. We are combining the no contact method, the rituals from NAP and visualization. Everyone knows I’m a big fan of New Avatar Power…it’s simple and it works.

First and foremost…when you get dumped go to no contact. Which is exactly what it says. Don’t contact them. If they contact you either don’t reply, or say very little. Wait before you do reply. This is important. Relationships are about who has the power. If you got dumped and are begging them back…you gave the power to them. So go silent when it happens.

Now…get out your copy of NAP and find the chant to excite love and the ritual to rekindle a mates interest. Recite the incantation to excite love and then ask Anael and Jazar to excite love back in the heart of your ex after the incantation.

Do both of these (the incantation followed by telling Anael and Jazar to excite love in the heart of your ex) a total of three times.

Then do the incantation to rekindle a mates interest and then ask Pagiel to rekindle the flame in the heart of your mate.

Once again repeat the incantation and telling Pagiel what you want a total of three times. Then you do the incantation for success with Elubatel. This is important!

Elubatel is very powerful. You recite the incantation and then ask Elubatel to bring you success in exciting love in the heart of your ex with Anael and Jazar. Ask him to bring you success in rekindling your ex’s interest with Pagiel.

Like the others, you do the incantation and telling him what you want a total of three times.

Now of course anyone that knows NAP knows you have to read the whole book first to work anything from it. So please read the book…otherwise you probably won’t have success.

It’s in there for a reason. Now we get to the visualization…visualize a place that makes you happy. For me it’s the mountains. Now visualize a house there. Walk to the house and open the door.

When you open the door see your ex standing there smiling. They are glad to see you! See this thru your eyes as if you are really doing it. Dont visualize it as a third person watching it happen. We are using the law of attraction here.

Praying also helps. I’ll leave it up to you who you pray to as we all have our favorite deities on here.

I did these exact steps on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. When I did the NAP working on Sunday, I got a txt from her twenty minutes later. By Tuesday evening she txt me wanting to talk and get back together.

It worked for me and I hope it works for some of you. Keep in mind how important no contact is. If you ruin it by begging etc…your probably going to fail even with magick.


I’ll try this. Thank you

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I hope it works for you!

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It worked. Thank you :slight_smile:


Can you elaborate how it worked ?

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Very curious. Is this Jazar the same that’s the Genii of the Nuctemeron? Similar one in Damon Brand’s/The Gallery of Magick working?

I’ve had profound successes with the Genius spirits. I’ve got some obstacles to clear and some goals to hit first but I’ll be giving this one a shot at a later day. Thanks for the heads up!


It is the the same. Most of the spirits in NAP are from the Nuctemeron. A couple of them like Elubatel are from the 6th and 7th Book of Moses.


Excellent. I’ll dig into this one


Thanks for sharing the process, stupid question, must we read the whole book ? lol including all the other incantations ??? And will it interfere with other invokings I am doing with other entities ?


thanks for the info, gonna try this out.

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Yes…it states clearly in the book itself that you must read the whole book. Including the other incantations and the cheesy stories.


The book says to only do one incantation per ritual … how is it ok for us to do the ritual once and 3 incantations to follow? is it because its all for the same purpose and we are just combining the powers of different entities ? @Eternal_Idol


You can do more than one ritual at once. It says that because if you do too many at once you may spread it too thin to have success on all of them. But doing these incantations for one goal will be just fine.


How did you go shoot the incantations. And if someone did this to you how would you defend it

Sounds like a MF sales pitch

She is just saying how she got her ex back, either take it or leave it


And what is it I’m selling? Everything here is free and it costs nothing but your time. NAP is a very powerful book for lots of things. I’m just sharing how I used it and it worked to bring an ex back.


Wait that was a dumb comment I put pls don’t reply to shif that tht… But in the future if someone did this to you how would you defend it.

To defend against it you could use a return to sender spell or something similar. I see it as just tipping the scales in our favor. If there was once love there, then it will always be there unless there was something really bad happened between the two people. Sometimes people grow apart, misunderstandings,stress, lots of things can cause people to split up. But we can use magick to swing the scales back in our favor. I’m ok with that because I’m not fabricating a fake love here or just trying to get laid. That’s a whole different game there. All I’m doing is rekindling what already existed but for whatever reason the two people separated.


And I’m not judging people who do use magick to get laid and nothing more. Everyone uses magick for their own reasons and I only answer for what I do. It’s like cursing someone. I don’t tell people not to curse or anything…if you feel justified to do it then by all means do it!