Questions about getting an ex back

Great story! Can I ask clarification on “opening” his sigil? Upon reading your story I realized THIS IS precisely my issue! My fiancé and I broke up over something stupid and it has been drama after drama. In part because of my obsessive nature in part because he has negative thoughts concerning the way I make myself out to look! He says he loves me almost every time we talk but then we end up in fights over my impatience and stupidity (and his obvious as all stories usually are two sided!)
I am going to look up king Paimon but I wanted to see if you had some wisdom to impart on how to ask for his help and bring my back x to stop focusing on the negative aspects.

Thank you I’m advance!!!

This is the technique for opening a spirit seal:


:pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4: Thanks a million!!!

Hi TriaMera,

Can you share the details/spells/rituals/spirts that you used to get perform the negative thinking mind clearing spell/ritual that you did to help your ex stop thinking negative thoughts about you??

I’ve made this its own topic and re-locked the other thread, because that is intended as a list of success stories only, too much diversaion from that makes it heavy-going for new readers who want to find methods to use.

This may be helpful:


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Ok How do I do that? Where is the introduction page?

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