How I got my ex back with magick


NAP-Shemhamforash angels kicking ass

Great info here explaining what’s behind a lot of the NAP stuff


I want to state again that doing no contact is important for no only using NAP to get an ex back, but it’s important no matter what spirits you use. Let me explain…when you get dumped your ex takes the power. They have the upper hand because they dumped you! They feel relieved because they are away from you. They know you didn’t want the break up. So they also know they could have you back anytime they wanted. Begging and pleading only makes you weak in their eyes and turns them off even more! When you do no contact it shows them that you are stronger than what they believed you to be. They find out that you didn’t need them after all! When they realize you’ve went on with your life and didn’t need them…their power grip over you declines. They start thinking they have lost you forever. That’s when YOU balance the tables because they start thinking they can not get you back. Then you come in with magick for the kill. You use the magick to flood their mind with all the good times you two shared. Use the magick to make their heart long for your touch, your voice,etc… I said go on with your life. You can do it for real or fake it but make it appear you are out having a good time without them. Trust me…I know it’s hard to do no contact. You think “if they would only realize”…that’s why you make them think you’ve went on and you’re happy. To make them “realize what they lost”! If you do no contact you stand a 50% better chance of getting an ex back. Will it work for everyone? Of course not…if you were abusive to an ex, then no it won’t work. They won’t have many memories of the good times. But if you split up for silly reasons then you have a much better chance if you do no contact.


Hi Eternal_Idol - I’m a new member here so I apologize if my question is an eye-roller… but where can I find a copy of the NAP book? I looked on Amazon and the book was out of print. The ones that people were selling were starting at close to $100 and all the way up past $200. Any help would be appreciated.


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Yes…they are expensive because they are in high demand. Mostly because it’s simple and it works!

@Stfnwlf Google “the miracle of new avatar power” and look around, you might find something :thinking:

Might be another couple of letters you can add to make the search easier, I dunno. Do some research, maybe you’ll get lucky :wink:

@Lady_Eva, would it be okay to link a.pdf of the book? It’s on one of the sites that’s a “gray area” in the post you made about it. I know, probably not, but - it’s 40 years old now, not sure how copyright works after that long

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Anything published after January, 1978, the copyright is valid for the life of the author plus 70 years, so if it was published 40 years ago then I would say, no, you cannot link it as the copyright is still in effect.

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NAP is still in copyright and Geof Gray-Cobb’s daughter has legal threats on her site about anyone pirating it, she still owns the rights, she even has threats about people downloading photos from her personal gallery, so afraid not.

I wish she would find a way to get it reprinted as a paperback, but in the meantime sadly it’s not a free book, it is still her property.


Okay :slight_smile: figured that was the case, but that’s why I asked instead of just posting it

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She keeps saying she will have it reprinted but never does. The general feeling I get is that she is more interested in pushing her own works rather than her fathers…but I may be wrong.

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I also find that a bit frustrating.

There are fewer and fewer copies in circulation, and also, she’s not making a penny from ebay or amazon sales that are creeping up, £20, £40, £50, and higher.

But just in case anyone is new to this forum, the rules are the rules, so no PDFs please, I’d rather over-emphasise that than mislead anyone. :+1:


What’s the NAP?

@Kuruni it stands for Ninjas and Ponies

C’mon, man, scroll up a bit and you’ll see what they’re talking about. You can’t expect people to help you if you won’t help yourself… It’s literally in the first post on this thread


Pictured: one of the mighty spirits who dwell within the pages of this grimoire :thinking:


Sorry if I didn’t make this clear - trading PDFs or discussing trading PDFs of New Avatar Power is not okay and neither is mentioning sites where PDFs (which are not licensed by the rights holder) can be downloaded.

I don’t know how much more strongly I can make this point - this is not a joke, and you are on the forum of a publishing company which does kind of lead one to conclude that trading pirated published work may not be cool.

I will be removing any more mentions of PDF in this thread without further notice and may even consider a time-out for the next person who does so.


To add onto this, many of the rituals in the book are sourced from other texts in the public domain, much of which is collected and explained here and elsewhere on the forum:

There. Now you can all get to the underlying information, any nobody has to break any laws :slight_smile:

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I found one copy on ebay. They are cheaper than the amazon’s one.


I didn’t know this I do now thankyou Eva.


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going to try this tonight!!


You said a lot and yet nothing because I had no idea what you were talking about. What’s NAP? You gotta give people steps