How do I get my ex back

Hi all, as the title says, I need to get my ex back…

I met her online and we had a good relationship for a while. We never met in person before though we talked a lot, shared photos of each other, and generally enjoyed each other’s company

Well I made a mistake at one point and she stopped talking to me. She refuses to contact me anymore and she blocked me on all social medias

I haven’t heard from her since December when she sent me a birthday message But we haven’t talked a real conversation since July 2018

Last I heard she’s seeing somebody else
But I think that I am better for her …

Please tell me a way to get her back, to put me back in her thoughts,

I truly feel that magic is the only way to get her back at this point




Looks like you did something really nasty to her. You should leave her alone.


No I didn’t, I made a joke and hurt her by mistake And I want the chance to at least apologies

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Isn’t that her decision to make though? Saying that you “think you’re better for her” is the kind of thing stalkers and other controlling people like to tell themselves when the object of their obsession dares to make their own choice.

You have said that you and she have never met so such a statement seems… premature. Being connected online is not the same thing as having real physical chemistry in person. Many people click online and then fizzle out when they actually meet in the real world.

However, this section is full of threads regarding “get my ex back” spells (though, technically, she is not an ex). If you use the search function in the upper right, I’m sure you can find something you can try.


Well, what you consider a joke was not taken lightly by her. OR, maybe she just took the joke as an excuse to run away. It seems clear that she realized you are not what she really wanted. She seems to have blocked you pretty bad, so the chances to get her attention back might be really slim.


But are they guaranteed working 100%?

That’s why I think I need to resort to using magic because only magic can do me a miracle and make the impossible possible


Nothing is guaranteed %100,especially on your situation.Try and see for yourself if it will work or not.

Try search a topic name: Amon always delivery fast😄

I don’t know is it work for you, I tried this Amon way lately, I failed, maybe I don’t know the correct way since I am just the beginner know nothings about contacting spirit/demon.

But in the thread I saw a lot people really successfully get their ex back.

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No. Nothing in the world is guaranteed to work 100% of the time, especially since you are a complete beginner in magick.


My list:
*Do a break up spell between her and the new guy. Put them in a coffin or something and bury in the cemetary… lol

*Impotency spell on her guy (you can use a rotten banana or a penis candle) and rotten vagina spell on her (you can use a female genital candle or rotten lemon to represent her vagina) so they can’t fuck each other no more

*Hex her so she gets devestated and lost, and relizes she is NOTHING without you. You can put her in a coffin or something too lol

*Do a come back spell with the following demons: Sallos, Sitri, Dantalion and Amon.

Then she probably stands no chance.
Hope you get her back boo!


Hello, I’m also trying to get my beloved back (different situation, complicated, but I was the one who initially blocked him on social media, subsequently unblocked him), but we have not spoken since December. We accidentally run into each other at restaurants (he was by himself, I was with friebds) once in January, then in March (which was crazy because we live in two different, large cities, thousands of miles away), but he def. saw me - stopped in his tracks, his jaw dropped, but he did not even say hello to me, no wave, no nod… What would help my situation? I tried Pomba Gira, but no results so far. But then again Im completely new to magic, spells etc. Any help, suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.


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As a person who doesnt believe in ethics, I say do what ever you wish. But understand the universe will only help you attain what you need, so even if you try Seduction magick the universe has a funny way of fucking us over. as i work with demons mainly, some i can tell you are Gremory, Sallos. Beleth may be your best choice as it is used for long term romance. Raum could also work as it destroys relationships. Much luck but remember if you pissed her off there is a chanc ethat a demon may not help you.

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If you truly love her then no matter what happens don’t leave like this FIGHT FOR YOUR LOVE
Good luck … always remember no one is perfect in this world .

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Yeah,but you need to introduce yourself first,so…


How do you ask for his help?