Hidden Names of Gensis Journal

Well, normally I try to stick to one pathworking at a time, but…well, things don’t necessarily always go as designed on this path of ours, do they? Honestly, this pathworking goes hand and hand with my current work with the 42 Letter Name of God. Both focus heavily on creation (which makes sense as these are both focused on tapping into aspects of the Jewish “God” who is the creator within that system. Things get a little murky when we start looking away from the religious aspect of Judaism and into the more mystical, where the notion of “God” could be considered more of a middle ground between an all encompassing force within all things and a diety. But i digress). So, I will be performing this pathworking in the morning while the 42 letter name in the evening. I am sure the two will mingle despite my efforts for them not to bleed into eachother, but we’ll just see what happens.

The structure of this work is similiar to the 42 Letter Name as the Hidden Names of Gensis (HNG for the sake of my sanity and thumbs) are created by extracting evenly spaced letters within the passage in Hebrew (in this case Gensis 1:1-4). I will allow the author of the book I will be working through, Baal Kadmon, to explain a bit more on this with the video he created where he reads the heavier chapters in the book.

Now, like the 42 Letter Name, the focus on the magic is based on a combination of both gazing at the Hebrew letters and speaking them. I will include how to speak all six, but I will not display the Hebrew for the sake of preventing copy right issues. I will also not be following his particular rituals for that reason (and I tend to alter things beyond recognition anyways). For those, please get the book, which can be read for free through Amazon Kindle Unlimited or regular kindle.

So, to continue, the Six HNG are focused on promoting change in separate aspects of life: Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Financial. I will be working with each for one week and performing a final ritual that incorporates all six at once. Unlike the 42 Letter Name, I do not believe combinations will be a big factor with this as these appear to be more separate in nature name wise. But i have been wrong before, so we shall see.


Name One Day One


Baal Kadmon states that this name is meant to help establish a connection with the All/Source. So for this ritual, I felt the need to be “clean” beforehand. I took a shower and did a cleansing ritual with the water. Afterwards, I went to write the Hebrew on my left palm, and the strong urge to use purple came to mind. Luckily, I had a purple marker on hand.

I began the ritual with a few deep breathes. Then I focused on a white flame in the center of my chest. As I inhaled, the flame grew brighter and rose with each exhale. I continued this as I felt the energy build and channelled the white flames up my throat. I looked at the Hebrew and visualized the flames touching each letter as I gently blew on them, charging them. I then chant the name as the glow from the letters grew brighter. I allowed the energy from them to be released, which manifedted in my mind as the image of white threads coming from the letters, creating a shroud around my body without being tight. It was a warm sensation and i spent a moment savoring it. As I allowed myself to come back to a normal state of mind, I noticed the room had grown brighter than when I began, despite the sun not being much higher in the sky than previously.

The word “initiation” comes to mind as I reflect on the experience.


Day One Observation Note

Shortly after the ritual, I went to bed to sleep for the day (I work third shift). I had a dream where I was standing on a cliff, watching two brothes fight to the death with a sword and spear. I was completely emotionless as I watched them fight, noting they were obviously out for blood. I took up a bow and took aim. I let the arrow go, killing both and ending their individual stories.

I descended from the cliff and walked onto the bloody soil. I planted a seed inbetween the bodies and took my water bag in hand. I toasted to the heavens and took a sip. I poured the rest onto the soil where the seed was planted. I walked away from the battlefield toward a desert as the dream ended.

Not quite sure what this dream means as of now. I will dwell on it tonight and see if anything comes up, as well as any other observations that come to mind.

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Sounds like you have what it takes to end an argument/problem-between or caused by two close or similar acting people- in one deft blow and the ability sow a new beginning where it was


That could very well be the case. I can see it making sense. Thank you for commenting, I will think about it,

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I’m inebriated. I don’t think I make sense sorry lol.

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It does make sense actually. At work, as a team captain, I am in charge of carrying out the orders from two individuals through my team, which tends to be an issue. Honestly, there are way too many chiefs in that work place. I have had thoughts of removing them using magic, but have hesitated due to needing to weigh the consequences. Maybe this is a green light.

I also get a feeling this may be applying multiple aspects of life itself, with work being one of them.

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Name One Day One Further Observations

I noticed tonight that my empathy was really amped up. Normally, I have buffers established to prevent the inflex of emotions around me to better allow myself to not only determine what is mine and what is not, but make use of those emotions. That was pretty much shattered today. My team’s anger became my own, their distress also mine, etc. I had to step off the floor a couple times to collect myself. Considering this name is to help establish a connection to “the All”, I should not be surprised.

I also had constant urge to keep the Name written on my hand exposed to my sight. Not quite sure why but was likely part of the reason the effects where a bit overwhelming.


If you don’t mind me commenting on this as well, I want add a possible interpretation as well. The dream could mean that you are skilled and powerful at influencing things that you do not have any direct involvement in with your magick, or otherwise. And you can use it to your benefit.

The desert sequence may be a sign that you are going to go through a rather difficult area soon and you may need a blessing to help you, or to use this skill of yours to your advantage in this situation.


I never mind people commenting on things in my journal, so you are free to add any insight or interpretations on whatever happens during them. In fact, it is appreciated as I am learning myself.

Moving on, I can see that being a possiblity as well, as I have had things manifest or move into my favor without any ritual quite a few times. I can also see the possiblity of running into a rough patch as a real concern.

I will be doing some divination with both yours and @Keteriya. Perhaps the two interpretations are both connected as something for me to pay attention to.



So, I decided to break out my wildwood tarot deck for some additional insight on the dream I had from the first ritual. I will provide pictures after the overall reading. I used the celtic cross spread.

Present: King of Bows/Wands. A leader who has the mastered the art of taking one’s passions and building something out of it. A leader with a mixture of ambition and wisdom. With the inclusion of the adder, a deep connection to the underworld and magic in general.

Obstacle: The Shaman/Magician- this seems to speak more about hesitation than doubting in my abilities. I should trust myself more when my gut tells me I need to do something.

The Past: Six of Bows/Wands- A period of harvest and abundance. I have had my period of rest, it is time to get to work.

The Future: Seven of Bows/Wands- it is time to clear house, maintain what is needed and get rid of what is not. Reevaluate priorities.

Above: 2 of Arrows/swords- I tend to be motivated more when I witness “injustice” in its various forms. A deeper dive when those emerge to truly understand why people behave the way they do may be beneficial, as well as discernment when arguments are presented. I do not want to act blindly. Or perhaps someone will try to do something against me.

Below: Five of Stones/Pentacles- this seems to be encouraging me that even when faced with a difficult situation, I will make it through. I have that strength to keep my spirits up. Financial hardship is a possiblity, which is something I have been preparing for.

Advice: The Wanderer/ Fool- Be open to a new start in life. I am at a turning point in my life and things will change. A new perspective on my journey.

External Influences: Ace of Bows/ Wands- refocusing passions and skills in life for new scenarios. With the emphasize on a drill bow in particular, there seems to be an emphasis on drawing from strength of those from the past. Raw power to not only survive but thrive.

Hopes/Fears: The Guardian/Devil- Becoming aware of fears and cycles, as well as facing them. In a way, the eyes of this card remind me of the eyes of the Black Dog I met while using the Goblin Key. I have a feeling that will be something I will have to work with in the future.

Outcome: The World Tree/The World- the end of a journey, coming full circle with things. Being able to be at peace. Not just sure what that will exactly entail but I will find out when I get there.

Overall, not a bad reading. There will be hardships but I have more than enough reason to believe I will get through it. Seems like a majority of the issue is to stop hesitating as much and to keep my spirits up when things get difficult. It will work out in the end.


Name One Day Two

The need for the physical presence of fire was strong, so I lit a tobacco amber candle I bought recently for it. I performed the ritual the same as yesterday: rewrote the Hebrew on my palm, visualize fire stemming from my chest through my throat, blew it onto the letters and chanted the name, opening myself to the All. The energy was emense and a bit overwhelm, causing dizziness. At one point of the ritual, i held the palm over the candle and saw the Hebrew being “burned” into my palm, marking my being with it.

Normally, this not something wise to do but I was following my instincts with this. Still feeling a bit dizzy, although it has settled since I ground myself. I will be laying down here soon to get some sleep.


Name One Day Two Observations

No dream today, but i did have an intense visual come to mind upon waking up. I was standing in front of a gate, armed with the same bow, facing an army coming forward. I drew the bow and fired the arrow. That arrow multiplied enough to create a black cloud of projectiles that struck down the army, leaving only one unarmed individual. As he walked over the bodies towards the gate, i drew my bow again, taking aim. Something felt off, so I lowered my bow and stood aside, allowing the individual to pass. I then sat in a chair, waiting for the next army.

As far as how I am feeling today, my mind is clear and my body is pretty well rested. I decided to test my mind by watching things that normally gets my blood boiling. It was not able to sway me into that state. I am too grounded apparently.


Name One Day Three

I slipped into a meditative state upon looking at the Hebrew letters on the screen if my tablet as I was going to write them down on something else. As I chanted the name, I was “sucked” into it and was struck with the imagery of standing before the same gate as before. It opened to me, filling my sight with a white brilliance. There were streaks of different shades of white, forming a midt like quality. I walked into it, finding myself in a chamber. I walked by piles of gold and stacks of books, both meaning nothing to me. I passed by maps and aphrodisiacs, again meaning nothing to me. I walked up to a pedestal that held a bow, made of a beautiful white wood. I took it in my hands. I felt warm upon doing so, with the sensation of touching drift wood in my hands.

Doing this felt more like making a choice, as opposed to having it provided to me. The sense of feeling mutliple heart beats also was felt in my hands during this, as well as a weight on my shoulders. The visual ended with me walking out, and the gate closing.

Bows have been a theme so far, which is a bit odd as weapons popping up in visuals have so far been ones I have actually handled before. I have yet to used a bow as of yet. I will have to explore the symbolism and actually handle on physically eventually.

Feeling a bit lighter than I was prior to the experience.


Observations of Day Three

There is a sense of removal from viewing myself as “one of many”(?). While i am not completely removed from identifying as “human”, there is a shift in mind set towards being something else. I looking at things in terms of the long game and each action, whether mundane or magical, is a part of the game. Every triumph and failure is just a turning of the tide in the game. Neither last forever and ultimately make the game more interesting.

I am rambling at this point. Overall observations, I am viewing things beyond the limitations I previously set for myself while not completely alienating myself from this existence.


Name One Day Four

Simply meditated as I glanced at the Hebrew and chanted the name today. No detailed visuals this time, just a brief image of a bright light. The energy was intense, wrapping over me and radiating. I kept in this state for awhile, and found all my cats crowding around me upon coming out of it and my wife falling asleep. Apparently, despite all the previous imagery of violence, it is still a calming energy i am dealing with.


Name One Day 5

I decided to try using this name in combination with my work with the 42 Letter Name today. The connection to the “All” did intensify that work, feeding each part of that ritual. More on the exact ritual can be found here:


Name One Day Five Observations

Felt pretty good over the course of the night. I was not too worried about the chaos around me, but facing each challenge with a cheerful heart. I contribute that to this name, as the parts of the other working did not really affect my mood to this degree. I was interacting with this plane without getting too hung up about it. A pretty liberating experience in a way.


Name One Day Six

I wrote down the first name and acrivated it using my breath, giving it life. I visualized pulling the name into the air in front of me and chanted it, focusing it growing brighter with each repetition. When i felt the energy was atits climax, i pulled it to my chest, visualizing it fusing with my heart. I focused on my question in regards of the nature of the All and the Adversary current.

The imagery of two suns came to mind, spinning as each pull back and forth from eachother. As they spun, threads connected between the two, far more than I can count. Many pathways from one extreme to another, interweaving into eachother to create a pattern. I took the bow and shot an arrow with another thread, my thread, watching weave and twist between the others. From there, I began to walk down that twisted path. The thought “how interesting it is to play a role in the world of gods and men” before the imagery ended.

A side note, I felt an urge to listen to poetry and noticed a disgust with my smokes and coffee afterwards. Interesting.


Name One Day Seven

For this final ritual, I used this part of the Name as part of the preparation process for a evocation, which I will link below. This time, I did not write the Hebrew but just chanted it instead. It was just as effective and I was able to channel that energy through me into the ritual. The result was that the evocation was clear and did not take as much energy from me as it normally does, as I had an alternative source of energy to provide. Overall, this name seems to be as good as Baal Kadmon claims for establishing a connection to the energy flowing around the individual (“the All”, “the Source”, whatever). This is helpful to exercise one’s will as well as achieve gnosis.

The second name will focus on the physical