If one can work with Lilith why can't they work with Adam and if you can why isn't there any information?

I’m honestly just curious.

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If by chance you are referring to the myth of Lilith being the first wife and the wife of Adam, then it is because Lilith as Adam’s first wife is nothing more than a relatively modern myth, which people keep copy pasting over and over without doing their research, as they would then know that this is simply not true and a fabricated “fact”.


I don’t get it. How can Lilith exist but Adam can’t?

I didn’t write, that Adam didn’t exist. Only, that Lilith has neither been his wife nor the first woman.

It is claimed by many sources, even on Wikipedia, that rabbinic literature or Jewish folklore would mention that.However, I’ve read articles from professors who have studied this topic, and they have written that such a thing is nowhere mentioned in very old sources. The earliest occurrence they found was from an author before some not too many centuries, who first fabricated this story and falsely claimed that other sources would mention that. And people started making it into a fact especially in our days. Something that seems very common these days anyway,since nobody does their own research,deeper and further than just some wiki texts.

If interested I could try to find this again,where exact dates and names were mentioned about this research in the topic.


Oh yes! I’m well aware of that. What you’re saying is true. All that I’m asking is whether one can work with Adam.

Well, Adam was simply a human. How are you supposed to work with him like with a demon or angel or (put any other spiritual entity here) …?

I thought Adam was the embodiment of the divine masculine. Also is the Abrahamic creation story real?

He may have been the embodiment of the divine masculine (or not)… But remember, he fall from grace and from the position he had been given.

Then again,oone could claim, if we are created as the bible says, that each of us is the embodiment of the divine masculine. But, are we all capable of the same things?

I believe that the myth of Adam has deeper roots in the Sumerian civilization.

No we aren’t but we all have unique divine power just like any other deity. If he fell from grace wouldn’t that mean he NOW embodies the dark side of the divine masculine? IDK just thinking.

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Well “from grace” was probably not the right words. I rather meant, from paradise…

Then again, not all who had psychic powers or abilities become “helpers” of some kind after death, as example as some saints do.

I don’t think calling on Adam is an option… never heard anyone doing that and I would doubt who would come forth could be confirmed in this case if it’s the correct one.

What could you learn from Adam?

That’s what I’m trying to figure out!

One can work with Lilith because she is considered to be a Divine being as are all the other demons and angels.

Adam, the First Man, was a Divine being, but became mortal upon his expulsion from the Garden of Eden for disobeying God.

Theoretically, you should be able to work with him in the same manner as any other being, by creating a seal for him by tracing his name upon something like the Rose Cross generator.

According to Genesis, Adam lived for 930 years, so he could probably help with longevity and immortality.


I think people don’t work with Adam because first human sounds a lot less cool than “uber sexy sex succubi demon :sunglasses:”. I’m sure he’s out there if you wanted to talk though.


Fun fact: A year in the Old Testament actually referred to a whole lunar cycle. So, divide that number by 13 and you get the actual age, which would be around 72.

That aside, the idea of working with the ancestor spirit of our species (whether under the name of Adam or otherwise) would likely be beneficial as they would likely understand the trials of being human, as they once where themselves.


I’m so confused. I though the Adam and Eve story was just a myth. How could we all have possibly been created by Jehovah? It doesn’t make sense.

Every culture has an origin story of how their people were created. The Adam and Eve story is just one of a specific culture, not everyone (as things often get lost in translation and the passing of time text wise). It does not make it true necessarily. The note I made was more of a reference to how years were measured in the text.

However, the idea of communing with the oldest spirit of a species is a thing. I have heard them referred to as the “grandfather/grandmother spirit” of that species, whether we are talking a plant or animal. So it is not far fetched to suggest there is one for humanity as well, which one could call “Adam” and “Eve” if their beliefs so inclined. It does not mean they are the same as the characters in the story though.


I worked with a man who called himself Adam, he was “divine” in the sense he was a spiritual being, had this very intense energy similar to the energy human souls have but felt much more “pure” He kind of looked like father from FMA.

Although I don’t put much stock into the Adam and Eve creation story.

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