Evocation of Adam

By Adam, yes the focus was on the Adam from Judeo-Christian beliefs. This work is stemming off of another thread where I was asked to do this to see what I would come up with considering I already made a sigil using the Moon Kamea.

I did not use godnames for this, although I did use the First Name from my HNG journal to empower myself for the ritual.

I kept the evocation pretty simple. All I used was a white candle, some stick incense, and a universal circle I had drawn around the sigil of Adam I created. I also included the Hebrew spelling of his name to zone in on which Adam I was focusing on. I used a red sharpie I dipped in my blood to draw the whole thing out, blood from am injury doing something I loved to do in particular.

I began casting my circle of black fire ritual I have posted here to act as a barrier and cleanse my space. I then chanted the first name from Hidden Names of Gensis (HNG) to tap into the “All”. Once i felt in the zone, I activated the universal circle and sigil with my blood and visualized giving it life by gently blowing on it. I lit the candle and incense and began to chant " Adam, husband of Eve, Father of Abel, Cain and Seth".

I kept chanting as I dove deeper into the trance. The candle noticeably began to dim a visual of a Middle Eastern Man’s face popped into my mind as I looked at the circle. I felt a stern but soft presence as I welcomed him. It was not threatening and he spoke softly for the following conversation after initial welcomes. Keep in mind this is UPG at this point.

M: May I ask you a few questions?

A: Yes, I thought that was the reason why you called. You thirst for nothing but wisdom.

M: It is, and true. As you know, you are a character of a story that many believe to be reality. Was it true?

A: -laughs- not exactly. Poetry is truth told with lies. There are elements that are and thise that are not.

M: Okay, so were you the first human?

A: No, just the first member of a group of people. But it is convient to some to say that i am.

M: Where you kicked out of Eden? Is there a such a place?

A: not physically. It is found in the minds of those who have made peace with themselves and retain the wonder of a child.

M: So, how about the exile?

A: -the candle burned lower and i felt saddness- …disillusionment. you are considered wise by those who love you. Where did you get that wisdom?

M: from experience.

A: And was it painless?

M: Not even close.

A: that was the exile. A shakedown in the physical plane that takes that wonder away. Although it can be regained for those who look for it.

M: Is there a particular method you suggest?

A: Start from the beginning, do things that brought that wonder in the first place. Acknowledge the real world, but do not allow it to rule your soul. Everyone will have a different path, as every adult was a unique child once.

M: Interesting. So I think it is safe to assume you are open to working with anyone?

A: Only those who call for me. I do not intrude.

M: Fair enough. What sort of specialities do you offer? What can you help others with?

A: tending plants, ideas for clothes, developing patience with teaching, help one have the strength to rise from failure, help to go through the process of dying, give courage, and a listening ear.

M: well, the teaching is a surprise. Can you go more into detail with it?

A: I had to explain what dying means to my son while I was doing just that. That requires real patience. But mainly, I try to help remind people to have a cheery heart and be satisfied when people want to learn, even if the reptition gets tiresome. There are always avenues of learning for the teacher through the student as well.

M: Any particular offerings you enjoy?

A: Something given with love. But mostly time j appericate, as well as a joke.

M: anything you have to add for me in particular?

A: Wisdom does not always come from pushing yourself to the edge all the time. You will miss out on some of the sweeter moments in life. And you’ll miss what you are after in the end.

M: Thank you

I then dismissed Adam and cleared the ritual. I was going to burn the circle and sigil but I feel a pull to keep it up a little longer. We shall see where it comes. The air feels quite light in my temple area and overall was an interesting experience.


Awesome work, my friend! :slight_smile:


Very interesting

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Brilliant evocation! :slight_smile:

I especially love his words here:

Would you consider doing an evocation of YHWH in the future? If you haven’t already.


I may very well, but i forsee that being more after I work with the Kabbalah, which is on my list.


Bravo! You made me cry. You asked great questions. Thank you, as always for being so generous with your time. :blush:


This matches my experience with him, his response to the human question was the same and it gave me the same vibes of him just seeming like he was exhausted, that he has been doing so much for so long that it started to show.



It makes a lot of sense considering the bible is centered around the lineage of the tribes of Israel, so Adam and Eve were the first man and woman of their tribe, not the first people as so many like to assume. I love this a lot.

You cannot evoke Adam. If you evoke someone who is dead, it will not be them, it will be a demon impersonating that person.

He just did so you were proven wrong lol and please not the religious overtone.

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And you know it was Adam, lol. Religious overtone, because I mention demon, lol.

Religious overtone because you assume it’s a demon that is impersonating him lol. You also assume Adam can’t be evoked either because you never tried it or never succeeded in it.


Most of us are caught in babylon (confusion), one day we all will know the truth & the truth shall set us free.

Lol okay

Getting aside from the fact that you derailed this thread In an incredibly rude way, I will now turn to @Dralukmun , Have you noticed any differences in your aura or anything after speaking with Adam


Not too much, other than laughing and being more calm is a little easier. Feeling a bit more grounded, which is something i have had come up working with ancestral spirits. Thinking about further workings in the future, possibly creating a clay vessel, probably filled black soil, ash, bone meal and a few drops of blood.


Huh. Would love to hear his thoughts on his old testament portrayal and what he thinks of how the story had been interpreted by mainstream Christianity. Just reread and realized you basically asked that oof


No worries lol. I am thinking of doing an evocation with Chavah, better known by her Latin name Eva and English Eve.


And how are you sure of this?