Hidden Names of Gensis Journal

Name Two Day One

The second name is credited by the author of the book to focus mainly on the physical body. Originally, I was going to do this before working out. However, work was physically demanding today, so I am altering my intention to recovery. I began by writing the name in Hebrew on my left palm. After, I chanted the name (Ra-Nar) to allow myself to slip into trance. As I did, specific points of my body that were sore became more noticably so. It was not enough to be distracting but enough to be aware of it. I “saw” the letters begin to glow a bluish light and ribbons of it emerge from the letters, wrapping around those affected areas of the body. I stated my intention of my body recovering faster and well as I felt the ribbons sink into me. I felt a lingering buzz as I came out of the trance, but nothing overbearing. I feel like i am wearing various bracers on my body.


Name Two Day One Observations

Not feeling too bad after sleeping. A little stiff and sore but no where near what I usually am after days like that. It is not like it magically went away and likely something that would need to be repeated for more serious injuries. However, not a bad first go around.


Name Two Day Two Ritual

This time I spent a moment to still myself. I focused on my breathing and allow my mind to slip as i drew the Hebrew in the air, visualizing fire coming from my right index finger to draw the Hebrew letters. I took a moment to truly “see” them before pronouncing the name, visualizing my breath adding power to them. I focused my intention on my body generally improving in health and pushed it into the name. When it felt maxed, I allowed it to sink into my chest. The brief imagery of my heart being set ablaze and the flames traveling throughout my body through the veins. I ended the ritual and ground the extra energy buzzing throughout my body. Still am a bit dizzy but generally feeling well.