Hi, I am new here

Frankly, I sort of feel like I was driven here. I have horrible depression. Prayer and pharmacology have not worked, talk therapy is useless. So i thought I might try some sort of “energy healing”. That is how I wound up here.

I consider myself a Christian, but I also have a family friend who does Reiki…She channels some kind of spirit. This is a big red flag for me. So I began reading about some non-channeling energy healing.

One thing led to another and here I am.

Again, I consider myself a Christian, so I am looking for any sort of magic that would be in line with Biblical teachings.

To get me started on my journey I bought these 2 books. and briefly read them last night (they are very short books, maybe 150 pages each and I skipped the parts that I was too afraid to try). For instance, I did not read every single Psalm in the Psalm book, but I did read the theory about it before you got into the actual spell/prayer.

To me candles with names carved into them being burnt at some specific time of day while reading a Psalm seems much more like a focused prayer than any kind of magic. Whereas, creating protection circles and doing banishments so I can protect myself from unwanted intruders while I talk to a Saint or Angel, seems way to much like magic for my Christian background to tolerate.
Maybe I am wrong. I don’t know. I am just getting started.

I decided to join this forum because I came across this thread:

and this one too:

Fascinating discussions.

Is there a way for me to figure out if I have a guardian angel I can talk to, without needing to do a lot of protection/banishment type stuff to protect myself? (frankly, I think if anything bad showed up, possibly even if something Good showed up, I would be too scared to know what to do. so if something Good comes I will likely be scared, if something scary comes I will be way too freaked out to know what to do - things will go from bad to worse. I don’t want that)

I also noticed in candle magic no protection was said to be needed. The Ritual Magic also did not seem to mention it went it talked about making amulets.

maybe I should stick with Candles and Amulets (if my above assumption on “no-protection” is correct) until I know a lot more.

Can anyone recommend a good book on any of the above stuff. The beginner, not too dangerous stuff for me to try.

I feel like I really ought to get second opinions on things before I try them and that I really need to understand those books before I proceed. I don’t know anything about this sort of stuff. Those books could be wrong. maybe I need protection to even burn a candle.

I live in Portland Oregon. If I don’t feel comfortable with doing my own blessing of the candle is there a reputable place in Portland to buy them. Or online?
The Ritual Magic book said you could but it said you should also know a little about the philosophy or practices of the person who made them to make sure you aren’t getting something you don’t want. That is why I ask. Is there a shop online or in Portland that sort of follows my philosophy or whatever?
(maybe I misunderstood what the book meant here too)

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i suggest you look into the RHP Section,
to find material more in line with your faith.

I have to adress tho,
that this Forum is based around Black Magick,
and RHP is only an accepted branch within the board.

We do respect your faith,
to some degree,
as we respect all faith systems,
real true magick,
isn’t mysticism nor Religion.

To give you some ease around this:

I suggest you try to dedicate a specific time and place either in your home,
or somewhere outside,
just for magickal practice.

Actively make a concious seperation from your normal faith there,
and state specifically,
towards that area,
that all spirits accepted there,
should be okay with you being christian,
and only offer help / workings / suggestions,
in line with your faith.

Due to that,
you will basically create a spiritual filter,
which allows for more magickal approach,
but keeps your values as base terms on there.

We do have many Christian Converts,
which basically been christian,
until they decided to give up that faith,
for better results and greater achievement along their path.

as certainly most of them can approve:

That decision,
was allowed for themselves to make,
and they had also the option of turning the offer from darker beings down,
when they wanted to stick to “lightwork” only.

We generally have some acceptance and patience there.

once our patience ends,
please also accept that door to be shut and closed.

As many of us darker Beings,
have been hurt and attacked,
when working with Christians,
and kind of hold a grudge there,
due to it being almost a common incident,
to not be taken by our word,
but rather by what they’re instructed to believe,
by their faith.

In terms of healing;

You should look into this:

And try it out;

To clarify:

As there are ArchDemons,
and Gatekeepers,
there are also ArchAngels.

is one of them,
among Michael,
and Gabriel.

Raphael is the Angel of healing,
and hence,
why i suggest him specifically to you here.

Michael is a great warrior and knight,
and can protect you from unwanted beings.

Gabriel is a messenger,
and can communicate with you,
and for you with other beings.

well find out about him yourself.

I’ve given you enough to get a head start. :wink:

Just to clarify:

am a middle path Magician.
I work with both,
Dark and Light beings.

in terms of Christianity,
i had similar expieriences as i’ve described above,
with being attacked by Christians and their Spirits.

unless you specifically call me to aid you,
i’m not very interested in spending time with you.

To further clarify:
Should you,
in any case,
try to threaten me,
either with Michael,
or due angelic attack,
i’ll take that very personal,
and act accordingly.

kind of little disclaimer,
is something you might encounter with various darker beings here.

Just to make that clear aswell:

We are open towards you,
the moment you adress us,
with an open mind,
and willing to actually look into the conversation,
free from your Religious Dogma.

brings me to the actual point,
why i point these things out:

Christians usually tend to have a short lifespan,
in terms of their membership here,
because they stick to their dogma,
and believe me,
when i say:
There’s no benefit for you,
in spilling it here.

Whatever you might consider such importend scribture,
we’ve most likely,
heard a couple times before,
and don’t care,
in some cases,
we’ve actually been there,
and know better,
than what’s written in the books. :wink:

some more resources,
for you to work with:

Raphael Sigil;

Regarding your specific Problem;

Regarding the Angel i intentionally left out up there,




Welcome to the forum @sad.schleprock.

I recommend you pick up some of the books by Damon Brand. Archangels of Magick, and the 72 Angels of Magick in particular will serve you well, and they won’t conflict with your faith. They also don’t require any equipment beyond the seals in the book.

Another author who may be of interest to you is Rufus Opus. He is a Christian magician.

To answer your question, the reason no protection is required for candle magick is because candle magick does not involve the summoning forth of spirits. It only requires your own energy and visualisation.


Funny side note,
the Woman in the last video (on uriel),
is having a flue,
and i’m currently picking up on her sickness,
due to watching it,
for double checking the sources i’ve provided.^^

i see.

It’s a specific frequency on her soul,
that’s why i feel sickened by watching her.


glad i got behind what’s going on there. :smiley:


what isn’t explained here,
in the video,
is that the baptism,
in regular church method,
is a possession rite,
that the last meal of jesus,
is a human sacrifice rite,

i could go on.

But i think it’d be to much at once,
for you to digest. :wink:

What it does explain,
are some of the mechanisms of Ascension,
and how to be immortal,
to a degree,
in the physical flesh. :wink:



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Another servant of the Light, a different branch, but kin nonetheless.

Welcome to the forum, I hope you’ll find what you are looking for.


First, thanks to everyone for the help.
You’ve been especially kind because of my faith. For instance, I would not talk to other Christians about what I am doing. I would be a pariah. So your willingness to allow me to stay, as long as I mind my manners, shows far more tolerance than anything I would get from by “Christian brothers and sisters”.

Anyway, you have already answered this but I am wondering how I can tell the difference in the future about when spirits are going to be present. Here is a quote that drives my need for reassurance.

To carve the Divine Names of Power on candles is a technique of silent invocation to the power within that name
Oribello, William A… Candle Burning Magic with the Psalms .

So there is some sort of invocation but I still don’t need to do anything with spirit protection? Or is it because the invocation is because the name being invoked is the God I worship?
Or have I completely misread this whole thing?

anyway,according to the book, Friday is a good day for this for Libras, which is me, so hopefully I can buy a candle and some oil and try this tomorrow.
It says the hours that are best are counted from sunrise and are Friday - 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd hours

that is what I know so far, unless you tell me different, I am just going to trust your original statement that no “spiritual” protection is required and proceed tomorrow.

If you are willing to indulge me one more things. My book just says oil. I read this blog post:

It says Kabala oil is the way to go.
I live in Portland Oregon, can that be bought in a head shop/herbal store or something like that. Or does the kabala oil really add that much and I can just use olive oil?

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The Divine Names are your protection. You are essentially calling upon aspects of your god, with each Name representing a different part of the whole. In Christian magick, it is believed that calling upon your god is what gives you authority over spirits so in this spell you quoted, it sounds like you are using the godnames as words of power and, since you are invoking aspects of your god, there is no need for any external protections.

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Thank you.

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You are welcome :slight_smile:

Good luck to you on your spell.

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So I had an idea that came up by watching too many YouTube videos on candle magic.

This is the Hebrew God who’s name I am carving into my candle. So it would seem that in Jerusalem, the oil they would have is Olive oil. So I think I need olive oil, very good, expensive olive oil.

If I recall correctly he also likes Frankencense and Myrrh. My local herb shop has it, or I can order it much cheaper online.

So the book says this ritual needs to be repeated for several days maybe. It just says to do it until it works. I think, I have to read it again, but I do know it goes on for awhile.

If I just used olive oil the first day, got my frankincense and myrrh, then could I add it to the ritual. Or would changing things up mess with my intention/energy etc.

What if I bought a candle with the frankencesne and myrrh already in it. Would that be seen as cheating by God. Of course I would have to make certain they candle had real frankencense and myrrh and not just some f*cking scent of it. That would really be cheesy. Probably screw up my whole plan.

Should I wait and get the right stuff, or should I start and then change the ritual mid stream? The blook doesn’t say anything about this sort of stuff.

Thank you for considering my impulsive and odd questions

While it is always best to perform the ritual exactly as described in the system you are following, sometimes, you have to make allowances for what is possible for you. If you don’t have the suggested incense, then either wait until you can get it before doing the ritual, or do the ritual without it.

However, if I’m understanding you correctly, all these thoughts you are having about oils and incense has nothing to do with the actual ritual you want to do, and everything to do with you being confused by different types of candle spells you’ve seen on the internet.

If the book you are following says nothing about incense or oils, then you do not need it to perform the ritual. You are over complicating something you don’t yet understand. Just do the ritual as the book says, no more, no less.

Never add to or subtract anything from a magical system until you have at least become proficient in the system as it is written and had success with it. Otherwise, you will most likely short circuit everything because you don’t know how it all works together.

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OK, you are right. I am mixing and matching all sorts of rituals from different sources.

My books systems only calls for oil to be rubbed onto the candle (in a specific way), I will use Olive oil and do what the instructions call for and leave everything else out.

Oh, I can also use colored candles, the color depending on what I am after. there is no incense at all in my book, so there will be no incense in my work tomorrow.

Good to know, thank you.

the book also says I can use one of two items to carve the name into the candle. I don’t have either, atleast that have not been used for other purposes. so I will need to buy them. If this is a ritual/magic tool. I should not use it for anything else. Right? So I probably should buy something nice.

Thanks DarkestKnight. I would say I would say something nice about you in my ritual tomorrow but then that is not in the book, so I can’t. But I will think nice thoughts about you or something like that. The point is, you have been a big help. It is appreciated.

carve the Divine Name for that purpose on the candle. Some practitioners use a knife or letter opener to carve the Divine Name on the candle. Others use a special talisman called the Glorious Sword, or the Sword of St. Michael.

Oribello, William A… Candle Burning Magic with the Psalms . Inner Light/Global Communications. Kindle Edition.

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I appreciate all good thoughts about me :slight_smile:

Here’s just my interpretation:

The Candle spells,
don’t actually channel / conjure a spirit,
unless specifically aimed for that.

Candles are just ment to transmitt a call (like Prayor),
and they’re used by the church heavily also.

Think of birth baptism candle,
easter candle,
regular altar candles,

that’s why it’s considered rather safe for you to work with.

when you actually invoke a being,
regardless of what most books say,
i’d say,
there’s very little,
you can do to actually protect yourself there.

in a sense,
is asking for Possession.

not full possession,
but still,
you’re taking a backseat,
and offering the driver’s seat to the entity you invoke.

Regardless of which Entity that is,
you’re granting it a huge degree of control over you!!, there.

at least my point of view,
(and i get evoked and invoked a lot),
is that you should have build that trust,
before invoking,
especially since you’ve pointed out,
you might even get scared from a good spirit manifestation to work.

to be fair,
isn’t your fault,
but the churches.

They basically have that tendency,
to consider all those,
which actually perform the deeds of their prophets,
as “evil” or “insane / crazy” right away,
because they basically don’t want the god they worship,
and the saints and angels,
to actually show up. :wink:

if you want to get in contact with Christian believers who’re Magicians at the same time,
there are some orders still up and running,
which intertwine actual magick,
with their faith and belief system.

the Golden Dawn,
and the Rosicrucians.

by the way,
consider us,
as their Enemies,
to a degree,
simply due to not obeying their faith.

Just addressing that,
so you don’t get in trouble,
for contacting them,
and taking us as a reference. :wink:

Well well.

“there shall be no god beside me”,
clearly contradicts with Jesuses saying:

Don’t you know,
that you all are gods?



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something that helps me in a pinch for candle inscribing, Hold the top of the candle in your dominant hand, dig your thumb nail in to the top of the candle, twist the candle and create a spiral all the way down to the bottom while stating your intention.
As the candle burns down your request is read by your intended receiver.



May it inspire you,
on your own personal path!



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I actually love her stuff, good recommendation my friend :slight_smile:

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Glad to be here!

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