Here's the Mindset You Should Have When Working Magick

This is as fundamental as it gets.

Advanced practitioners would benefit greatly from this as well yet I’ll put it in the new magician section because it can be the key that finally unlocks results.

Expectation can make or break your results.

When you go into a ritual it should be the exact headspace and additude you had in 3rd grade at recess.

This is paranount. A lot of people expect a lot of Hollywood effects from an evocation and find out they’re lucky to sense the air thicken. They start to wonder if they’re doing everything right, if the spirits hear you and if they fucked it up somehow.

Get out of your own way and have fun with this! Pretend you’re a kid at recess pretending to play “spellcaster” with your friends. We’ve all been there. We’ve had poke pokemon battles, we were Dragonball Z characters, we were in fighter jets, we were soldiers (and having physical implements like guns and costumes to dress it up was AWESOME back then wasn’t it?! I’ve always hated needing to track down candles and spell implements. Now I realize they’re not needed but …come on you’re being a magician! Let yourself go there and use the props! It’s way more fun)

…do you see the power in this? A 10 yesrold kid is having a battle with his friends on the field and before hand he moves his arms and says “so a big glyph thing appears in the middle and slows time. Everyone gets trapped in here until the winner is the last one standing”

Everyone visualizes it and rolls with it. Whether they see it or not, it is what they said. If someone wants to counter it because reasons (astral is the realm of imagination after all…) the one with the strongest will and imagination to back it up wins. Magick is no different.

Step into it, treat each spell as real as the 10 yearold who is role playing would (everyone was a larper back then. Girls, we all know you played house and had tea parties. …unless you stomped ass and hit kids who sucked at these games. We’re all here…)

When you’re done, the bell rings and you go in and do your boring grammar homework. You might think about ways to bring more power to the game you were playing but you usually didn’t touch it until you found yourselves on the playground again.

The rituals you approach this way will shock and amaze you. Don’t think about the Magick. Don’t think about how it’s going to show up. Just do it, play the game, and when recess is over go back inside and do math or whatever they had for you.

It’s supposed to be fun. This is why we make fun names and say weird incantations. It’s supposed to feel powerful. The new kid who thought it was weird and wasn’t having fun tore the magic away from it all. When you really lean into it you’ll soon find yourself in another world.


Great post, I was expecting another detailed explanation but you gave such a simple yet informative one. Thumbs up for the lightheartedness :slight_smile:


Thank you. When this clicked I soon found seeming miracles showing up left and right. The spirits and the powers called on seem to do really well when there’s some congruency to your outlook.

I’ve gone on about quantum theories and they make perfect sense to me yet …Magick is natural as can be and this part of childhood was a place of wonder everyone should be able to relate to.

It never mattered what an implement looked like.

Everyone went along with it and so it was. If the same game happened without the toy guns the same ending happened (unless it was absolutely required for the story and most Magick I use doesn’t.)

That same certainty, the belief, the assumption that they show up once you mix “X Y and Z” and that’s all that needs to happen. That’s powerful.

The astral responds to thought. If you’ve been there (or even just a lucid dream) you’ll understand this perfectly. It’s the same thing there only at the speed of thought


I absolutely love these posts of yours and it’s always right on point with what I need to hear.
Thank you so much :slight_smile:


And add my own two cents.


Awesome Post!! I heard this once before, however for some reason it just clicked the light blub on for me, right now. Thanks for sharing


Bumping this for new members, excellent advice in the OP. :+1:


Very well said @Norski, and thank you for sharing this! As a total “noob”, this is kinda how I’ve approached this new journey…but reading you words just totally nails it for me, much thanks! And thank you @Lady_Eva, if you hadn’t bumped this excellent advice then It’s likely I’d have never had the chance to read it. Every single day I discover something by turning in to this forum!


Welp! Just found the post I was looking for! This is what I will be linking to threads with the title “My magick doesn’t work” lmao thanks dude :slight_smile: Wonderful way of thinking!


Glad it helps! I think this mindset is crucial

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nothing and trust.

a blank voidy nothing with a simple trust to myself but aslo a transcending that is beyond value and belief.

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Yes it is!!!

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I always did love to play pretend :smiling_imp:


All of the different fun kinds… The mind is a beautiful thing to explore :ok_hand:

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@Stefanlms666 hopefully this can give you some good insight to start

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