Magic Should Be Fun

Why do magic if you aren’t feeling good or having fun with it? What’s the point? Pleasure is such a hidden part of true art of the occult.

If you aren’t enjoying every part of it…quit? Even in my pain and heart ache I find pleasure. Did anyone else get into this for the pure enjoyment of it?

Gratification is everything to me. Having power is to have indulgence.

My main goal in life is to have fulfillment from every single thing I do, say, own and surroundings. I am far from it, but trying.

Relax and joy the ride.


Although my life’s not “perfect” and I am far from it as well, I can truly say that i would not wish to be anyone else, have any different stuff in my life, nor swap places or alter anything majorly significant, not about myself anyway, and as for “the world”… I am working on that. :smiling_imp:


I know exactly how you feel it’s actually pretty addictive :))


I know the feeling. Ime it’s helpful to step back, take a break, and immerse myself in physicality instead of quitting.

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The thing to have and do with all magic.


I was practising law of attraction teachings for years before starting real magick , the biggest difference I’ve felt is since I started it I don’t have to make an effort to feel good anymore , it comes naturally to me , now as a human I still have my low days , for which I don’t feel guilty anymore, getting thoughts like just coz I felt sad for a day or two all my magick is gone down the drain but I would say in general magick is lot of fun:) specially when the results show up , then there’s no stopping !


I never liked the idea if I have bad thoughts they will create my total reality. ‘oh no i thought i baddy thought and now it will cum tru.’

Its a control thing through fear. Trying to break a certain thought pattern is fine, but no one needs a freaking guilt trip over it.

If you want a good book to read Think and Grow Rich.


Are you taking the piss?

And the worst part is when something truly awful happens to someone, people who lay that guilt trip tend to look all smug like they know it can’t happen to them because all their thoughts are butterflies and rainbows, 24/7 solid. :face_vomiting:



Those who refuse to grok this concept will forever struggle with any kind of light-based LoA paradigms. :man_shrugging:


I don’t know what you mean by that? Should magic be hard like breaking rocks?

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Its english term for “are you acting tough” or acting hard when your not really a threat. In any case. I liked your thread. It seems like most including myself are going through the same thing your posting about

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American here so I wasn’t 100% sure of your comment. I rather ask then to guess at someone’s meaning.


Great thread! It’s supposed to be fun.

There’s a ton of parallells to writing music with a band and performing magick. People get stressed out or even resentful of having to practice. I like to remind them it’s called “playing” their instrument for a reason.

I love going deep and as you said, indulging in it. Granted some operations happen late at night when you want to go to bed but when I do them I recenter and completely immerse myself in it.

There have been a few times when I’ve had to sneak in a ritual (someone hops in the shower for 5 minutes right before you leave the country and I needed to call on Bathin for demonic protection in the 2nd most dangerous city in the world…)

It worked remarkably well because they sensed the urgency and were willing to help yet I still immerse myself in it while I could and “played magician” for a bit. Ended up getting assistance from the Juarez cartel during a busy time. Skipped more than half the line to the boarder on the way back.

The mindset is so huge. I’m glad you linked my post about this. It’s a big deal and mindset can screw up even the best, be it music or magick. It applies to everything and you’re spot on with it.

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yes this was the first book I read when I started with law of attraction, my bank account went from minus to $15000 just savings within a year ! but i’m too advance now for this . Sometimes on my low days which is very rare I question all my magick but I think even the demons I work with know that I have a human brain which has limitation, and specially being a women sometimes the hormones don’t help either ! so the guilt isn’t there anymore …

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This is actually why I started making my practice more ritualistic for the pure fun of it also was working harder to manifest some things I wanted and really started digging deeper into what I believed magick to be and how I wanted to practice beyond my cards and dream work which was super important for my foundation

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