Help to evoke Lucifer please!

Hello guys, how are u?

Well, I have a doubt, I have been trying to evoke Lucifer for about 4 days and I have not been fortunate to hear him, see him, smell him, but I am almost certain that he has felt his presence a little.
Ok the question here, it’s like knowing if I’m doing well, if the great Lucifer has heard me?

Could you help me expand my knowledge about evocation?
These are the steps I take to evoke Lucifer.

I.- I light a white copal incense with a beautiful aroma and three candles with the sigil in the middle

II.- Sitting I begin to meditate a little, to relax my thoughts, emotions and sensations.

III.- Once relaxed I begin to observe the stealth effortlessly but detailed you know, I begin to repeat the Enn de Lucifer, and with it the relaxation goes on and on, suddenly I see how I blur the look and some lines disappear and it is when I think it’s the famous “flashing” of the sigil.

IV.- In this moment that I begin to blur the sigil I will think what I am looking for from Lucifer or what is my intention, I fill it with emotions and energize that thought and I am grateful for if I have been heard.

As you can see I have no confirmation of whether I have been heard or not, I feel so but I certainly have some doubts, I would appreciate any help, thank you very much!

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The ritual doesn’t seem wrong at all. It’s a good way to summon a spirit. Maybe you should develop your astral senses further. It takes time, but you need it in order to continue…

As for Lucifer, he’s one of the spirits that always come when summoned (as well as King Paimon).

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Thanks for the reply! Excuse me, how can I improve my astral senses?

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Feel free to check the forum for that. There are many threads about it and some of them explain things really well too.

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Than You again! Of course I´ll do it, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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You can also look up tutorials for the clairs - clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance. Find something that speaks to you and roll with it. Keep in mind that your skill may be higher in one than another.

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Ok great thanks! Any link or site you recommend?

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From what I’ve read on the forum here it seems like you have a good approach to evocation. I am still learning myself and working on developing my astral senses and would very much like to make contact with Lucifer as well.

So far I usually light some candles, incense and draw Lucifer’s sigil, and offer some of my blood on it. Then I will meditate on it with my intent and chant his enn. I always think in my mind that he hears and knows that I’m reaching out.

I’d suggest perhaps doing a petition spell to Lucifer and ask for him to help you develop your astral senses.

Also these two posts have a lot of great information about Lucifer.

Best of luck.


Thank you for the information brother! I´ll put on practice all this stuff, good luck man! :smiley:

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Anytime glad to help. Thank you :smiley:

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Ouch! Gonna show some age here, but I honestly don’t have a recent reference. I started on that route (more off than on) about twenty years ago… Sorry, friend.

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Good morning, I tell you what happened last night and I would like to be told if it is a good sign please.

Last night at 12:30 I set out to evoke Lucifer, then I lit my 4 candles and my incense, took the sigil, a litany that was shared up in the comments and a petition spell, then I started reading the litany in a low voice but with all my heart, and as I said it all the noise around me as that static noise began to be completely silenced, there was I assumed that I was already doing somehow presence Lord Lucifer, I finished reading it and began to sing The ENN while focusing my energy and emotions towards his sigil, then I don’t know if it was already suggested but the candles were rare, suddenly one lit more than others, or a spark, I repeat I don’t know that I already had an idea that It was manifesting and I started to associate it with that, I finally asked for peace of mind because it was starting to scare me a little, and the truth was if I felt calm but not completely, so I proceeded to thank, extinguish candles and incense, save what s papers and I went to sleep since I felt a little uneasy, and once I was falling asleep I felt like a very hard energy in my head, I remember starting to fall asleep and suddenly something got up, I don’t know what, I felt nothing, I just got up very fast as a robot, I went for milk and went back to bed, and again something did not let me sleep, I had energy and did not feel something weird …
I would appreciate your help friends who could tell me if this is a good sign of contact?

Or my lord was offended because I did not finish the evocation ritual?

Thank you!