Guess i could need a hand

So after i looked at alot of Sites and Forums on the Internet now, i decided to try and ask you guys for help.

My Problem is that it seems like for some reason somebody sended me an Incubus to humilate, blame and rape me whenever he can.

It all started almost two Months ago after my Ex-bf broke up with me, i was really sad and kind of depressed when i met a (i would guess mid 50) women on the Train station at my City wich i havnt seen before in my life.

She came up to me and told me that i dont have to be so sad n stuff because he already got what he deserved and ill be happy soon …you need to understand that i didnt know this women in any way so i yelled at her that she should leave me alone and blamed her infront of many people…she was REALLY REALLY pissed and told me that i will regret how i talked to her after what she did for me ( NO IDEA !!!) …2 days later a friend of mine told me that my ex went to hospital after a car accident…

2 weeks Later THe …i call it nightmare… started when i lay in my bed n watching tv when all of i sudden i felt like a hand was grabbing my tigh, it felt like someone is tryin to press them aside but it stopped after just like 1 second … i thought i was fallen asleep for a moment and it was lieka weired kind of dream or so

the morning after i felt really dizzy as if i just slept for 5 minutes the whole night with massiv headache.

2 Nights Later The Nightmare became real , the Hand was Grabbing my tigh again but this time it spread my legs apart with so much pressure i cant even react in any way possible. and all of a sudden i felt that something was pushing inside me wich at first felt like a dildo or so but in the next moment it pounded so hard that my whole stomach hurted, it felt like something just pushed a knife right into my stomach.

i took a few minutes till it was going slower… while IT was doing it my whole lower body was icecold but in the moment he stopped it felt like its getting hot and warm between my legs and i had an intense orgasm without knowing why.

this kept going almost every second night and from time to time even at daytime while i was at work or in the market or wherever

it was like IT was doin fun of me humilating and blame men infront of everybody pushing himself into every hole at any time of the day wherever im at this time

sometimes it felt like he was goin gentle to make sure he was thrusting in just a second after making me almost scream and cry in Pain


it lasts for almost a Month now as i already said at the beginnign … i think that this women sended me an incubus to make me regret how i act with her that one day

iv been to a doctor for a checkup cuz i felt like something must be broken inside my body cuz it feels like hes using his claws inside of my body almost every time but theres nothing

i did had a few scratches from time to time but nothing really serious i already thought about going to a psychic because maybe im just insane or so …

i hopeone of you can actually tell me what to do or how to get rid of it …

Thank you for listening and sorry for me bad english im not a nativ


I’m really sorry to hear all of that, no one should be subjected to that sort of thing without consent.
With that said, from what I know about Incubi and Succubi I’ve heard they’re incredibly difficult to get rid of. From what I know about them the only way to get one to leave you alone is to try your best to completely ignore it, which I know sounds impossible. With that said, I think there may be others here who may have more knowledge on the subject than I do.

You also might be able to invoke Lilith and ask her to take it back but I don’t know if this would work or make things worse.

Does anyone else know about getting rid of incubi/succubi?


First of all , thanks for ur answer

now to the point of ``ignoreing´´ : Imaging your doin it to a girl wherever whenever and however you want it to and she cant do anything against it if it is just the act , the cumming or directly hurting you

i cant imagine a way to ignore this at all :frowning:

i dont know how all of this stuff works i`v read something about meditation and writing a letter to lillith and stuff but promise me he wont let me get a clear mind or get concentrated enough to even make a try … even at work when i need to be concentrated or so …at the moment i try … i immidiatly feel him

A few questions, what do you know of banishing and cleansing and shielding yourself energetically?


nothing tbh

as far as i can tell right now from the allmighty internet ( correct me if its completly wrong) you cant do with simple protection if hes already attached to you

Try this: visualize like water spouting out of the top of your head, coming down over the out side of your body (not touching you), spiraling, then come back up into your heels of your feet. then see a white bubble of light form with the water leaving no gaps anywhere, it completely surrounding you like a capsule. then visualize a white ball of light, warm, inside your heart, then visualize it spreading slowly within the capsule, cutting all malicious attachments and tethers to you, see it expand and fill the entire capsule, then visualize it burst with brilliant light out of the capsule and into the air surrounding you


I know. That’s why I hated to have to even give that answer. From what I know they don’t respond to any kind of RHP exorcisms such as “leaving in the name of Jesus” etc… etc… but I know there’s someone here who probably knows more about removing these entities than I do as this place is a wealth of information.


Thank you for it i`v seen something like this where i have to imagin and intense think about a shining light wich is slowly goin from my inside around my body like a bubble …i tried that but tbh i can tell you he dont like it …


Try looking up lbrp on here or any banishing technique. Boot him out of your room and place salt on your windows and doorways.
Also try a limpia and take a picture of the egg after it sits in water for 15 seconds.

I’m going to looks up a few shielding guides, he doesnt like you shielding because it keeps you safe. You need a strong shield and to learn to boot him out and keep him out.

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what i mean when i say he dont likes it is that i can feel he`s clawing my back rn

This needs practice. Do it again and again, it will get stronger. Every harmful energy has to leave this bubble, and cannot reenter.


Here some beginner friendly guides to shielding and banishing.

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So, I’m shooting ideas off here but I got to thinking that perhaps a more powerful demon or angel may be able to get rid of something like this. You may want to try invoking either St. Michael or Lucifer.

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You have no magical experience, so try this:

It was specifically channelled to be as easy as possible to use for beginners.

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I don’t think my message sent in PM so I’ll send it here. Try this aswell:

Get some salt and hold it in your hand while doing this.

Gaze at the eye as you would a lover, then say to yourself and outloud: “Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer, Tasa Alora Foren Astaroth, Eya on ca Azazel aken, Renich viasa avage lillith lirach. Come to me and help me, I do not will, want, nor desire this entity to be attached to me. I ask that you cut it’s attachments to me!”

Then visualize the capsule again, this time visualize that sigil in all directions on the capsule, then see a black and gold pyramid with an eye on all faces rise from the center of the capsule, then rise above you and the capsule. Then see it explode with brilliant black and gold flames that surround you and the area around you. Visualize red tendrils that are attached to you disolve and burn in these brilliant flames, while it’s burning affirm to yourself and out loud that you do not want this entity attached to you. Once it is gone say thanks to Lucifer, Astaroth, Azazel, and Lillith! I’ll cover any offerings or energy that is needed for this.


I want to know more about the encounter with this woman. Are you implying here that she knew about your ex breaking up with you without you telling her? Or were you standing at the station sad/crying, she approaches you and tries to make you feel better, and you lash out at her attempt to make you happy? You also say that you blamed her. What did you blame her for exactly? It sounds like you hired some woman to help you deal with your ex, and maybe it didn’t go as you wanted…and so you lashed back and offended her. Its just odd for her to say that you, " will regret how i talked to her after what she did for me " …unless the implication here is that she’s been spying on your life, and she did some magick to separate you from your ex. Was your ex abusive in any way? We need more information in general about how this interaction played out…because the implication here is that this random woman cast magick on you.

And one more thing. What made you assume that this was magick done on you and not some mental condition? Before you had this interaction with this woman, what was your views on magick, spells and spirits?


This seems like one of the most likely things to work.

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Yes this is very possible. I have seen random people do nasty stuff to other random people.


You should’ve chilled with the grandma. But damage is already done. Chances are she is a witch and has sent an entity to you. Banishing and stuff won’t help at the moment because you don’t have much fire power.

You need to seek an entity to work with. Try calling asmodeus. When you get better make sure you cast a death spell on the ducking old woman. That’s unforgivable