Greetings BALG community

Hello everyone,

My name is Chris V, I stumbled across this forum recently while researching the idea of musicians becoming more proficient at their trade through occult intervention. So in saying this, I’m completely fresh to this field and wish to learn more and gain a deeper knowledge on this aspect of our world and work my way into evoking spirits to help further better my life.

Welcome @I-Spite-I.

Do you have any experience at all in maigck?

If not, what areas in particular interest you?

Oh, I apologise if I left those off

I have no experience in Magick at all, at this point at least.

And honestly primarily planetary magic just reaches out as the most interesting form to me

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That’s a good place to start. Not many newcomers want to go there. Most want to immediately start summoning demons :slight_smile:

Planetary magick is pretty fun, and is part of most magical systems.

I would recommend Jason Miller’s work. He has some really good stuff on planetary magick.

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I would be lying if I were to say after a bit reading that I wasn’t extremely interested in learning how to evoke and build a deeper connection with an entity like King Paimon, in all truth, especially after hearing many claim to have made massive leaps in artistic proficiency after enlisting his aid and guidance but I really wouldn’t know where to start so a form of magick seemed as though it was the best start and that’s where planetary jumped out at me.

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Everything comes with time.

Personally, I think few people truly plumb the depths of planetary magick. There are a variety of spirits within the planetary spheres that you can work with, so don’t think you’re missing out :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the forum.

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