How To Use Any Pop Song In Magic

You have the build up, the climax, and the release. Most pop songs hit it at the two minute part.

Simply think of what you desire. Lay down. Put on your favorite old pop song. Relax. And work on it on the introduction. Think about what you desire.

The most important part is the middle eight around the two minute mark in the song. Build it up the energy. And you know from your favorite song the part when it HITS it! RELEASE IT! PUSH YOUR INTENTIONS OUT OF YOU!

The rest is just the outro. Chill.


Can this be done with any genre of music?

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Probably. I would say so. The most important part of any song is the middle eight. Where you can tell or hear when the song switches it up and changes.


I wouldn’t recomend to do it with, let’s say, Dream Theater. But non-progressive music may work regardless of genre.

Also, I remember Morrison recomends using Madonna’s “Ray of Light” to help to get in touch with Hermes.

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I often use music in this or similar way. So yes it can be done.


I guess that the middle eight part is this very specific time point when the song is ready to reach its first crescendo -for example lets say its chorus-? I guess so…

Music has great power…


If the music is NOT progressive, is just BEFORE the chorus. Did you hear “I’t s a sin” by Pet Shop Boys? That’s a good example. Maybe try with the metal version, if I remember right, is more clear to understand that way. Here, let’s hear it:

It starts at 2.23. At 2.50 it reaches the climax, while the song transition

Another example:

“If you will come back…”