First evocation - have I made it right? 🤔

Hello Everyone!

I tried evocation for the very first time in my live. But I am completely not sure if this evocation can be beneficial. That’s is why I would like to ask You for help and to analize this try of evocation.

I was trying to evoke 3 demons (Dantalion, Sallos and Astaroth). First I summoned one spirit, then make a pact (related to love), burning the sigil and summoned the next one.

  1. How did I prepare?
  • I have drawn sigils on white pieces of paper, writting down the name of the demon and his enn as well
  • I checked how to pronaunce each enn correctly
  • I engraved the name of the target, the date of birth, the demon’s sigil and his enn on each candle of red color (each demon had his own long candle and each candle had been cleaned before engraving elements)
  • I wrote down the pacts: on each pact there was the name of the devil, his sigil and enn (I think that I couldn’t adress it more clearly), the things I ask for and what I would like to offer in return
  • I prepared 4 coins to try penny divination (I have never done it before and I think that I didn’t make it right because of the ‘results’)
  1. How did I start?
  • I tried to meditate at first but being honest with You I had some sort of thoughts from time to time even though I tried hard
  • I put the elements related to my target and to me on the pentagram
  • I fired each candle from the small candle not dedicated to any demon
  • I took a sigil and looking at it I was repeating the enn over and over again
  1. Dantalion
    Totally nothing happened. I was repeating the enn and looking at the sigil for quite a long time but I haven’t felt any kind of presence or sign. I was prepared for not seeing or hearing anything (because I am a newbie) but I was a little bit confused because I had no idea if Dantalion can hear me. The flame of candle was strong and calm (there was no change after fireing it). After some time of repeating the enn I decided to established that he heared me and started to read the petition that I wrote for him. I also told him more and then burned it, fireing it from his candle. The petition burned really quickly and the fire was very very big and was almost on whole area of the folded piece of paper. I had also the other piece of paper for him and it burned exactly the same way. As for penny divination, I got the answer 2 heads and 2 tails almost each time that’s why I thought that sth is not right.

  2. Sallos
    During repeating the enn and looking at the sigil after some time the flame of the next candle stopped to be calm and started ‘dancing’ for a while and after this time came back to strong flame. In this situation I also didn’t feel anything - the only one change was the candle flame. I burned the petition as well but during this time the flame of the burning the paper was not that big but the petition was burnt pretty fast as well. As for divination, there were for sure more answers 3-1 and 4-0 than in previous try.

  3. Astaroth
    The same situation as with Dantalion. The only one exception was that it was hard to burn the petition, it was burning really really slow and without a big fire (mostly just no fire but the ‘red’ spots on the paper that burned it). I haven’t tried penny divination in this case because I thought that I have to do sth wrong and the answers are more of the results of probability rather then talking to a spirit.

As for sigils, all of them were burning well and fast. After the end of the ritual I blowed the candles. The smoke was thin and bright and when it was higher it seemed to go in my direction. I had a problem of blowing the Sallos’ candle so I left it burning for a while more and blowned it later.

What do You think about it? Do You think that I managed to have any contact with these demons? Was puting the sigil, name and enn on the petiton helped in adressing it to these demons even though they didn’t come/hear me during the ritual?

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I was trying to evoke 3 demons (Dantallion, Sallos and Astaroth)

I am gonna start by saying that ,since this was your first evocation ,you should have gone with one entity. But that is no problem. Did you check if the entities area of expertise is love? Were you respectful to them? Did you ask them to depart in the end?

I checked how to pronounce each enn correctly.

Just for the record, you don’t have to pronounce it correctly. Grammar is not an issue. The intention is what matters the most.

I tried to meditate at first but being honest with You I had some sort of thoughts from time to time even though I tried hard.

Well if you were distracted you apparently didn’t enter a trance state where you could sense the demon’s energy or “see” clear signs of their presence. It doesn’t mean they weren’t there though. Next time try to eliminate distractive thoughts. Listening to the entity’s looped enn with headphones is a good way to do so. There are plenty of them on youtube.

I took a sigil and looking at it I was repeating the enn over and over again.

Maybe that is also where you went wrong? You are not supposed to look at the sigil as if waiting for something to happen. You must gaze at it and observe it being charged. “Gazing” goes like this:
Pick a certain spot that allows you to see the full sigil when you look at the certain spot. Push your vision back ‘till it slightly blurs. Keep doing that until you notice it changing. Its lines might disappear or maybe it will become 3d (some members have also had this experience). If I remember correctly E.A once said that a good method for this is gazing at it through the flame of the candle.

To me that is a sign girl. :slight_smile:

Yeah in my opinion, even if you think they weren’t there, they were present and heard you.

Now keep in mind these simple rules:
-Write what you did / experienced on your journal. It might sound silly ,but it helps. Trust me :slight_smile:
-Forget about what you did. Try to forget about the ritual and continue with what you normally do.
-DON’T LUST FOR RESULTS. You might think that thinking about it will make it work faster. Nope. It just fucks up your magick. Even if you think about it, try to forget.
Hope I helped. GOOD LUCK and please update if you get results! :slight_smile:

Well also , this kind of attitude is not welcome during evocation. What does “I was prepared not to see/feel anything” supposed to mean sis? (I am not scolding you :slight_smile:) It is like going for a job interview and start rambling bullshit then say “oh well I knew I wouldn’t get the job, so why bother try?” . Why did you do it then? Lol
I hope you don’t feel bad about me pointing that out, the least I want is make you feel bad. I am just trying to help. :slight_smile:


Also upon reading this post again It seems to me that you haven’t utilized the extremely helpful TGS. You said you ”meditated” and if I remember correctly you said nothing about achieving a trance state. Getting into the Theta sync is essential if you want to do a “full evocation” as it allows you to perceive the entities’ energy, thus see/hear/ feel them. There are lots of fellow members’ posts about achieving this trance state, as well as guided tutorials. All you gotta do is hit the search button. Just for the sake of your time though, I will gladly recommend this one:

as well as a guided meditation/trance I have posted (you can find it in my topics).

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Thank You @Mystic-Void for the answer :slight_smile:

  • Yes, I checked the area of their work very carefully before the ritual. I chose Dantalion for changing the mind of the target, Sallos to make him to have more feelings towards me and Astaroth for sex aspect. I think that I was very respectful to them. I welcomed them (when I thought that they may be probably here) and was very kind both in the petitions and during talking to them. Yes, I asked them to depart at the end of every summoning.

  • Thank You for the idea. I will try the next time with headphones :slight_smile: Do You think that meditation before the summoning with the help of binuaral beats may be helpfull as well? The aspect that it was my first time was also not helpful because it caused some stress. I hope that next time I will be able to focus better.

  • The aspect related to sigil seems to be one of the hardest for me. I tried different angles and different ways of looking at it but maybe because I had no idea what it should be like to sense this part of summoning, I started to be a little bit confused and more distracted. I deffinitely have to train more having Your guidlines in mind.

  • I also feel like this changing of flame could be a sign, but I am a little bit worry that it happened only with one entity. Do You think I should comunicate and try to work more with Sallos if he was the one that gave me a sign of his presence?

  • In this sentence I mean that before the summoning I was not focused that I have to see or hear the demon at any cost but was more focused on subtle signs and the ability to be able to comunicate with them in any way (I know that being able to see the entity or talk to them by telepathy is related to training and developing oneself’s abilities and it takes time and in newbies it is rare). I should wrote this sentence differently, without misunderstanding :see_no_evil::slightly_smiling_face:

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Binaural beats are often used to clear someone’s mind and help them concentrate SO GIRL WHY NOT? Just make sure you find a frequency that resonates with you and make you feel at ease. Remember though:
-You might get some headaches till your brain get used to them
-They don’t work for everyone

Well I wouldn’t say that. True, some entities may as well choose not to work with you, but since you evoked all three I guess it wouldn’t be that kind to focus on one only. And besides, Sallos was not the only one who gave you a sign of his presence, he was the only one who gave you a sign that you understood. There is a difference. Do you have a way of knowing that Astaroth or Dantallion didn’t give you a sign? They may did as well but maybe you didn’t pay attention to it.

TIP(Dunno if you did this tbh):
-Always ask the entities for a CLEAR and UNMISTAKABLE sign and that’s where keeping a journal comes in handy. Write down even the smallest and “useless” detail. You may find that the entities were giving you sign of their presence all this time. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think I can offer any more help than I already have, as I am not the most experienced folk around. So ,instead, I will direct you to a thread created by our moderator, Lady Eva, which contains lots of useful info for beginners (I strongly advice you to bookmark her thread as it has helped me immensely and I believe it will help you, too.)

Also, considering the binaural beats this post made by a fellow member has some videos that are said to be very powerful and help get you in deep relaxation :slight_smile:

Binaural Beats and Meditation


Thank You @Mystic-Void for all answers and usefull information :slight_smile: It helped me a lot. You are right, the fact that I couldn’t see/understand signs doesn’t mean that there wasn’t any. I will try to work more with all of these 3 demons but maybe not with them all during the same ritual (as I have already done) :sweat_smile:

I will write here if I succeed in what already has been done and when I learn better how to comunicate with these entities :slight_smile: I hope that my experiences will be usefull for the other newbies :slight_smile:

@Sofiaa That’s the spirit :slight_smile: I would love to read any updates. Good luck!

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Thank You :slight_smile:

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faints Oh no no baby what is you doing? x_x