Binaural Beats and Meditation

I was meditating with binaural beats just now. And in the process I began to hear faint voices of random stuff. I just had to post about this phenomena. What do you guys think about this experience?

By the way here’s the video I used for this meditation:


Interesting, I’ll have a listen to it even though I already hear whispers and voices all the time :smiley:


I will try this audio sample, thank you.
Here is something very powerful that i came across.


Binaural beats are quite goo. I personally use Holosync–have been for almost 10 years now–and it’s been helpful. However, it must be supplemented by being present and unaided meditation.
Brainsync is also goo.

You can have all kinds of experiences when you meditate. Not fixed–varies by person.


Do they help you get into Theta-Gamma Sync?

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Rhythms have been used for thousands of years to raise energy and focus through meditation. Also if you can get your hands on a metronome fall asleep with it set to 20bpm. This is the dream state.


But also, these beats, mostly only the aspect of bpm and hertz, require the user to focus still, once focused properly it will activate your brain to go into dream state, but if you cant sit still and meditate for 20 minutes then don’t expect much… there are tons of videos like “open your third eye meditation” but honestly by clicking on stuff like that and asking “is my third eye open now?” You’re basically putting absolutely no work into your craft and expecting something or someone to do all your work for you… so these are good tools, but only if you can meditate. Or else youre not really doing much except waiting around impatiently expecting it to “work”


Well, I don’t know much about theta-gamma states but they do get me pretty deep and allow stuff to surface.


Ohhhhhh! Just stumbled across this! Thank you!!! :grin::grinning::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I listen to many different ones. Depending on what I want to achieve or need done. I have a whole playlist dedicated just to this in my YouTube.

Sonic elevator on YouTube is good for altered states