First attempt at demon contact! And horrible dreams?

Yay! I made contact with seere and sallos yesterday, I thought it went pretty well. I did the pre ritual detailed in Demons of Magick, visualizing and calling on the 5 archangels.

At some point in the middle, I started getting weird, sort of slimey vibes from Seere, before he became really quiet and I just wasn’t getting any responses, which I thought was odd since I had made contact with him earlier and he was very calm and willing to talk and was happy to form a relationship with me. I divinated and asked the angels to confirm if I was talking to Seere, they said I was not and that it was a potentially harmful entity, so I gave a license to depart and tried again. (I don’t know why they would have even let something harmful thru? Or maybe they were stopping it which is why the responses were so weird and unreadable?)

All in all I think it went okay but at a certain point I felt like nobody was there, not even the angels (penny divination told me no one was there anymore?), so I gave a license to depart and closed up. I think my energy was just depleting from having contacted seere earlier and I was having a hard time putting enough energy into it so I was getting very wispy responses and was having a hard time making sense of it.

{sexual assault TW}
That night I had a terrifying dream about being r*ped by 3 men. I have never had a sex dream in my life let alone something like that. I didn’t see their faces or if they even had them, just male presence. It was so awful. I have no idea if maybe I was just uneasy deep down after my first time trying to contact demons and it came out in my dreams? Or did I fucked up and let some sort of imposter through that attached to me somehow?

I used their sigils, and their enns. I called upon the archangels for protection and closed up, cleansing the space before and after. I don’t even know if it’s possible for anyone but them to have come through, but any input is appreciated!

I didn’t even remember the dream until I was reading something about Incubi and how they r*ped you and took your energy and I got freaked out and thought I’d share this with y’all. All input appreciate :pray:


By any chance, did you use a pirated copy of Demons of Magick for the ritual?

Edit: wanted to clarify that I am solely asking so we have a better idea of how to interpret what happened to you after that. Usually signs can come in the form of dreams, but it’s really up to the individual how they interpret whether something is a sign from an entity or not. The dream you describe is very unpleasant; the question I would ask is – to you, is there any even tenuous relation to the dream vision and the request you made of Seere (or any other demons recently)? This is a weird question to ask, and I feel weird asking it, so I hope I can convey properly what I mean (and I hope that everyone reading this understands I am in no way victim-blaming or giving a thumbs up to the events described) – if you connect that dream with the petitions you’re making with demons, is there any kind of word-chain association you can personally come up with that links certain emotional states to the event described as well as the rituals you’re casting? Like: fear that the ritual works too well? A fear of losing power? Once again, I REALLY hope I am conveying why I am asking this question (and would likely do so even were the subject matter less horrifying), and of course you don’t have any need to respond publicly to this question – just something to think about and see if this is representative or symbolic of a fear you might have that can be brought to light and addressed.

Also, as you alluded to, dreams are of your subconscious, and this could be nothing more than a sign that you were apprehensive about the ritual, before or after it occurred. I freely discard or assign portentous meanings to certain dreams depending on how I feel about them and what I’m trying to achieve.

Lastly, the reason I asked about whether the DoM ritual was from a pirated copy is because my understanding is that the pirated PDFs circulating the web contain incorrect sigils and seals and possibly incorrect or missing steps in how the ritual is performed.

I’d recommend performing the LBRP in your space, and drawing out of a copy of the “seal of manifestation”:

and also using the


Thinking about it, I guess my fear of taking away others’ free will is often what I see people call “spiritual r*pe”. Maybe in some weird way I projected this image of what I fear I’m doing to others into my own dreams.

No offense taken to your questions at all, they were really really insightful. I performed the LBRP earlier today but one more before bed won’t hurt. The things you linked are perfect thank you so much.

I appreciate your response it made me feel much better. Things are probably fine, but if not it can be corrected. :pray::pray:

Also, any recs of your favorite books would be awesome I’m so lost! So far I’ve got Angels of Magick and Lesser Key of Solomon (I was only reading PDFs online). Demons of magick is so damn hard to find in physical form!!

Thank you again


Btw @theempress, @Veil Can correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure that the forum has all of the basics that you need before you get into any books. Not saying that you shouldn’t keep going with the books that you have but I fell into the trap of thinking that I need books and started pirating things. When in all honesty I should have just done what I could with the information I had. Plus there are books out of copyright As well :hugs:

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If it helps, I tend to take a multi-solipsistic view of the world: everyone is the centre of their own universe. Plus I believe in the many-worlds theory; every possibility has already come to pass/already exists, so you are not manipulating anyone, you are simply aligning with the “timeline” where your will matches theirs exactly. There’s multitudes of other “timelines” where you don’t want the person back, or never met them in the first place, et cetera. You’re not manipulating free will, you’re manipulating your position in reality to achieve your desired outcome.

I’m glad you found it helpful :blush: and I hope you can get a copy of DoM in your hands soon. Again, I don’t know if the “use VPN” + “set delivery address to North America” thing works for purchasing kindle titles, but it’s worth a shot.

Personally I would recommend just about everything by the Gallery of Magick and the authors they’ve inspired to write in similar style, like Jareth Tempest, Henry Archer, and Corwin Hargrove. Also, The Miracle of New Avatar Power by Geoff Gray-Cobb, and Liber Null & Psychonaut by Peter J. Carroll.

This is true as well; there are guides on the forum like Lady Eva’s “simple English demonic evocation guide” if you search for it. When I started I just used the LBRP, a demon’s seal and their enn to make contact, and never had any problems.


Yes you’re right,
I’ve been getting so much info here, it’s so amazing.

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The problem is I share an Amazon account with my parents and I don’t want them to see that I purchased “demons of magick”. Lmao! I’m sure there are other e-book services out there with it I can find…

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true… I’m not sure if you could, like, set up a paypal account linked direct to your bank account (if you have one) as your main billing method, and use that?

A quick search gives me this page: How to buy Kindle Books for those living outside US – BooksAvenue

Can’t vouch for it working but surely if you dug around on the internet you could find a way :woman_shrugging: good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Thats my problem as well :rofl: im 22 so I’m just going to use my card and set up a separate account once I get a job​:hugs:


Yeah luckily I’m not very independent right now and my sister already did the same so I can spin it Esmee training independence hopefully. Worst comes to worst, I will just have to wait until I move out.

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Don’t be afraid. You’ve come to a door within you that cannot be opened unless you open yourself to true release so you can access a deep primal area within yourself. What you encountered was purely representational. The modern women’s natural fears contoured into a test that will repeat itself until it burrows deep enough into your psyche to become a part of you. When you encounter it again, you have to fight your fear and let go completely. Things will happen differently than you expect, and in the end, you will find control and balance.

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Really appreciated this, thank you so much :heart:

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Np! Hope things work out for you :hugs:

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You’re right. I have some unlearning to do for sure about everything I used to think about this stuff, but I am feeling more and more comfortable here every day. Really wise words thank you :heart::heart:

This is a gem for beginners I used this to streamline my practice and it really works.


Seems someone may have altered the PDF to include something bad. But make sure to buy any Gallery of Magick books you stole as they curse pirated downloads. But this doesn’t seem to be due to their curse, and not due to the book’s ritual as honestly their works have some of the cleanest magick you can find, I couldn’t even imagine it bringing you the wrong spirit.


My kids both have separate amazon accounts…

Lol cuz once in a while they’ll ask me for gift cards. I could check them, I have the passwords and enough smartness to reset the passwords but 12/14. How much trouble can they get into without a credit card lmao.

I don’t want to know, don’t answer that question, I’d prefer to be oblivious. (I’m not, just don’t want to hear all the cringey things they could do if they weren’t actually decent kids lmao)


:rofl::rofl: noo there’s nothing they could do at aaaalll:zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:

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Could have just gone wonky from someone altering a sigil or something, or just cursing the pirated one like you said! The latter makes sense tbh, was a really spooky dream and it made me wonder wtf went wrong in the process - which means the curse did exactly what it was meant to do lmao.

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Most probably an imposter

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