First attempt at demon contact! And horrible dreams?

Could have just gone wonky from someone altering a sigil or something, or just cursing the pirated one like you said! The latter makes sense tbh, was a really spooky dream and it made me wonder wtf went wrong in the process - which means the curse did exactly what it was meant to do lmao.

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Most probably an imposter

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I lived the same way, I’d call Prince Amon to bring back my ex, Then I started having very bad dreams on my hands. There was a baby and he was crying all the time, The person I didn’t know was killing someone, I even saw a woman with blood all over.It took a week and I finally got rid of it, never called again, I don’t know why but I haven’t called anyone since that day and how can you give security advice to avoid experiencing something like this again?I didn’t use any pirated pdf, I used the ea’s seal opening method, it was the most fake for me.

It sound like you got an imposter instead of Seere. It happens, and it’s why we use certain checks, and tools to protect ourselves. The most important thing is, not to have any fears or worries regarding this. Just learn how to test and verify that the spirit you call is the one that’s arrived. Once you have built a solid working relationship with Seere or any other spirit, you’ll get to know their energy signature which cannot be copied or impersonated. Also, it’s best to do rituals when you’re energised and in a good mood.

The dream you had - my personal interpretation, backed up by a gut feeling, is that if you carry on performing rituals or trying to make contact with spirits without adequate protection and discernment, you’ll attract a few parasites (hence the raping - a lot of parasites crave sexual energy). Take my personal interpretation however you will. If you feel fear when reading this, work on that fear. :wink: Azazel can help you with that.

See these videos by Orlee Stewart, they are very informative and will help you. and

Her channel is really good and you’d learn a lot from her.

Try immersing yourself into Seere (for example) first as you start to build a working relationship, by reading literature (written by occultists with a good reputation), watching videos, and by working with Seere regularly. This will help you with getting to know him and his energy, and connecting with him a lot more easily.

Also work on your inner senses, your non-physical senses, and your subtle bodies like your mental and astral bodies, and your chakras. Balance and strengthen them and keep them in good nick. :wink:

Other things that will help to minimise the risk of attracting imposters and parasites is to keep your home or temple clean, free of clutter, and to keep the atmosphere clear of toxic energies - Lucifer is great for clearing toxic energies. Have the windows open every day to remove stagnant energies, and ensure there isn’t any death energy by removing all decaying matter and the trash regularly, making sure that the place is cleaned regularly, use disinfectant, clean floors, etc. You might be wondering why I emphasis the cleaning, since you probably already clean, but death energy is created by decaying matter, so is mostly found in and around bins, the toilet, drains, on the floor tracked in from outside, food left lying around, and so on. The reason I mention it is because shades and soulless shells are excellent at tricking the mind (making you think you have summoned the right spirit, but in fact, you have attracted them instead) and they are often parasitic. You really don’t want those to deal with. :wink: They can’t exist for long in a place where it’s really clean and tidy, where there’s little to no death energy unless they attach to you.

Also, it would help if you took a quick shower before performing a ritual, just to clean off any junky energies that lower your vibe and make it more difficult to connect with the spirit in question. You don’t need anything special unless it’s a specific “bath” like an uncrossing bath or some kind of love bath, or something like that. Usually a normal 5 minute shower will do the trick.

The one thing Azazel has taught is that, the moment you consider an entity, they become real to you; the moment they become aware of you, you become real to them. So unless you are doing a full blown evocation, what you really want is their attention, and that is done in a variety of ways. The point is, you can rely on Azazel’s teaching here, as well as on your own intuition, divination, and psychic sensitivities which will tell you whether you’ve made contact or not. Try to avoid making contact when you’re worried, fearful, doubtful, or insecure, or in a foul mood if possible because these energies are what attracts imposter parasites (or worse!), usually.

Orlee also mentions somewhere in one of her videos that she uses a circle to protect herself during evocations, not against the spirit she summons, but against anything else that might be in the area to stop them from interfering during the ritual. So it’s designed to keep her energy and power inside the circle, and she summons the spirit into the circle with her. Everything outside of the circle is prevented from being able to enter and interfere. That’s worth looking into.

Also, somewhere on this forum, you’ll find a thread about a servitor called Luna which is designed to deal with parasites and imposters when summoning spirits. Do a search and you’ll find it.

I also highly recommend learning about your vibration and how to control it. This skill and the knowledge is invaluable and will definitely help you avoid parasites as you master this skill. I learned 5 or 6 years ago through the Abraham teachings (Esther and Jerry Hicks). They’re the best resource on the topic that I’ve personally found, and their teachings work. You’ll find them on YouTube too, but I recommend reading the books so you get everything instead of trying to piece it together by watching tons of videos scattered around YouTube, and trying to sense of it all.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

The curse is not meant to put you in harms way, it’s just meant to make your magick less effective/less likely to work, as well as to make you feel guilt for theft. Only way I see it being the cause of this is if it weakened the magickal protection you tried to do with the Arcangels, and weakened the rest of the magick to let an imposter through.

Although you say you used an Enn, so I’m guessing you didn’t follow the book’s instructions in this case, which can be more dangerous. If you follow the book’s instructions and its rituals then you won’t attract an imposter, it’s extremely solid and clean magick, doesn’t even leave a trace afterwards, unlike a lot of the Ceremonial Magick rituals which lights you up as a beacon to anything out there. But of course, do buy the book and anything else you pirated from the Gallery before using it again.

So the first time I did it in my own room and I totally did not clean before doing it. I cleansed the room with smoke but I didn’t toss out the trash or pick up the dirty clothes. I felt like I had a pretty good connection w seere albeit weak (but I asked him to throw out the 8 of cups as I was shuffling to prove he was there and the card FLEW out. Just the 8 of cups. I nearly cried from excitement lmao.)

The second time, I tried it from the bathtub. I don’t know if that is proper when trying to contact a Duke and a prince, but I thought being in the bath would ensure I was cleansed and relaxed. I also figured it would be a good time to contact Sitri, as I’ve heard people say he likes when they contact him naked. Sallos seemed indifferent to it, and seere was just off in general.

So now that you’ve brought up that cleaning thing, I did not clean the bathroom. I had a full trash can that had wilting veggies in it, and I was next to a toilet. :woman_facepalming: Also, I’m wondering if being naked could have attracted some nasty sexual parasites? Idk. I seem to have done a few things wrong.

About the circle, I was reading about how a lot of people on here don’t like to use it because they don’t want the demon to feel trapped? So I didn’t use any type of physical circle but I did imagine one made of light around me.

Such a helpful comment, I would have never thought about the decaying garbage thing. Thanks so much

Its first contact with a demon…

For perspective, when I started my pact with Lilith I had a dream the next night her and Inanna-ishtar were torturing me. Very vivid, and very gorey.

Im better for it though. Dreams are symbols. It is how your brain attempts to interpret what it is experiencing. What Lilith did to my mind was torture for a while, but that doesnt mean its purpose was to hurt me or make me worse off. Quite frankly I needed it to move forward.

No I did a sort of combination of the pre-ritual in the book, and EA koettings technique of holding the seal in my left hand and chanting the enn until it pulsed. I listened to a YouTube video of each enn and chanted along with it.

Okay, that’s really good to know. So it’s possible I didn’t do anything wrong at all and it’s just a sort of lesson or test? Thanks!!

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My guess is they are working with/on your energy, and it made you feel like you were in a sense raped. If someone is peering into the depths of your consciousness or soul I can imagine it would feel that way.


The overall theme that I’m picking up on with what you’ve described is that you’re kind of not always following a structure that has been proven to be safe and effective. I may be wrong about this though.

It’s easy to be tempted to just call to a deity on the hop, or casually, in the hope or assumption that the real deal will just become aware of you. That’s why it’s important to use a proven and effective, formal ritual structure.

The cleaning thing is definitely important, but as long as your home or surroundings is generally clean, uncluttered/tidy, etc, then that’s not a huge consideration.

About the circle causing demons to feel trapped, if you watch the video I linked to, Orlee discusses that. :wink:

Ok so these are the problems:

  1. You used a pirated copy
  2. You modified the ritual from the book

My advice for you is to do a parasite removal ASAP (Magickal Protection by Damon Brand or Angelic Protection Magick by Ben Woodcroft);

After that, if you still want to work with demons, buy the book if you can and follow the ritual exactly as it’s written in the book. There are names of god in the ritual with the purpose of protecting you from stuff like this.

Thank you, I definitely messed up in quite a few ways. I plan to go to an occult book store near me tomorrow and pick up the books, I’ll look for the two you mentioned that contain protection/removal rituals, they’re bound to have at least one of those. Hoping that they’ll have Demons of Magick too so I can get back on track with a non-pirated copy, but it seems like it’s very hard to find.

Just want to say, it is fine to mix things and this did not necessarily happen because you mixed a ritual, but if you work with the DoM rituals then only do what is in them until you have a good grip of them. Gordon also states in the book he is of course not against experimentation, but for a beginner it will be the best to just stick with the instructions, and also the safest.
But you can use the Archangel ritual for non-DoM rituals in the future as I believe it is the same as the ‘Circle of Power’ in Archangels of Magick, and that can be used whenever.

Honestly we do see quite a lot of beginners here plagued by astral parasites or imposter spirits that tend to just work through enns and very raw sigil magick. Not to say that these methods specifically attract parasites or imposters, but in my opinion I think from what I’ve seen most beginners should rather leave these very raw methods until they are more experienced. The DoM system is very elaborate and advanced so it’s as safe as can be to beginners, I highly recommend going with it for now. Although, don’t mistake ‘safe’ for ‘weak’, it is extremely powerful magick, the safety aspect comes from very experienced occultists.

But that’s okay I think every practicing magician has a story like this at some point lol

I also highly recommend the ritual in that book to remove a parasite as well. One time I did some very experimental magick by turning a sigil into a talisman, and not knowing how one should store a talisman, messed up and drew a pretty nasty spirit to me. I’d say that ritual was one of the most powerful rituals I have experienced and was honestly just great. Extremely powerful ritual.

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I thought sigils were necessary for contacting a demon? Is there another way to do it that is more beginner friendly?

Thank you! I checked for that book today and they didnt have it! :frowning: I’ll have to order online

What I meant was not that working with sigils is dangerous, but working with them in a very raw way can be. The DoM ritual is far from raw, and very safe.

The Gallery of Magick has a contract with Amazon so they only sell through them.

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Oh holy crap thanks for telling me that saves a lot of time haah


That doesn’t sound offhand like Seere, I’ve felt him to be more of a gallant type. Unless it’s a warning, or a regular bad dream rather than something on the Dreamscape

never mix magick if your a newbie. that why i suggest follow instructions as exactly instructed. many may differ in viewpoint but they aren’t the one who’s going to get the bad experience. safety first. they tested out the steps for a reason. Even the authors tell you to do exactly instructed until your more experienced.

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Dang, thanks for letting me know