Fine, have clairaudience (clairaudience bootcamp thread)

This is a group journal. Every day we will take conscious action to develop clairaudience and we will post daily results, findings and resourced here CONSISTENTLY. We will make AT LEAST one post a day talking about the sources/exercised we used and any developments. This is a mini community, for now, and we are finally gonna stop dreaming about having it and just get it.

I fully welcome everyone who is competent in this clair to bring your support here, offer advice and resources as well as personal experiences. Try not to knock anyone’s methods ruthlessly into the dirt, keep it constructive. Please add anything you can to this thread, including affirmations, meditations, subliminals/frequency videos or just good will.

I will personally will/have used these videos and will certainly try more:

Two meditations, probably better to use these before subliminals and audio crap:

Subliminals/audio (This is more of a passive manifestation method you can use during your day, I use mine constantly. Use your intuition to see which is right for you.)

A few affirmations/words of advice.

This clair sort of develops itself once it’s active enough to be usable as long as you use it like daily, which isn’t hard/
This clair stimulates passively throughout the day, as your “divine power” has seen your strong intent to develop it, you will find it increases exponentially, kind of boosting itself the more it grows. Focus your intent on this.
Decide this as your path and the world will shift for you to achieve it.
It doesn’t take much effort to get what you want, and it unravels with simple repetition (i.e why I asked you to do this daily)

Now, lets see if we can pull this off, huh?


Example of log for day.

Day 1: I did the meditations featured above and listened to the frequency for a few hours. I heard some peculiar sounds I cant describe during one of them, as well as occasional ringing. My ears feel clearer (weird, I know) and my ear was just ringing earlier. I found it was the time to do this because while driving through a graveyard I realize how much I wanted to hear those spirits. I said aloud, “I should work on clairaudience” and my ears ruptured with pain for about 30 seconds. I figured my body/ies reacted well to it and I put myself to work. I also have a weird lopsided headache.


I have called upon Mepsitahl to watch over the thread and the efforts of all involved, and help us achieve our goal.

Feel free to offer her things, or keep her sigil near you. To make yourself known to her, simply speak in the chat and express your desire to develop this clair in some way


I am genuinely sorry if I somehow messed up in this thread by the way

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During a Buddhist retreat I did practice staying in tune to the sound of silence. You can hear it anywhere, no matter the loudness or cacophony externally — it is always there and ever existing. People have seemed to become upset when they can’t “hear” this silence or when they do, they find it incredibly irritating. This tool became useful for me, because it helped me train the sharpness of energy and I could attune to it very quickly, which is why sometimes people have sudden reactions that don’t go according to how I behave. It’s they’re hearing shit and don’t know if it’s them or where it’s coming from.

When I spent time tuning into silence, I realised that there is so much inaudible energy that is ready to be heard when the ears are in tune. They must be constantly switched on like radars. Visualise your ears to be massive satellite dishes emitting waves, signalling out to the universe.


Some resources about Mepsitahl:


I don’t know if this is relevant but this seems super cool, but it’s long. I am playing it in the background as I do my things so I can figure it out.

It’s a video of a mepsitahl possession.


THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is very useful!!


Do you feel the silence is internal or perhaps a facet of the mind being able to perceive silence? If you were to describe where and how this silence is/works what would you say


A very strange woman named Tara once told me “Clairaudience? Just sit down and listen to silence. Maybe turn on a fan to block out the background noise.”


I fully and genuinely hope many people join and turn this into an effort. I know many of you want clairaudience and don’t have it developed. This is your time. Don’t miss it! Combine our wills and we will achieve this goal and leap past those self imposed limits!


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I don’t know bro maybe the best way to describe it is a tinnitus-like pitch except it’s not tinnitus it’s a universal pitch that you can tune into whenever you want . Commonly, people will hear this sound if they sleep in silence… it’s that pitch.

If you’re at a train station full of commuters, trains, announcements, whistle and horn blowing etc etc this is all external cacophony the universal pitch is inside the mind more so than it is out there but when people train this skill it becomes a very fluid outlet to inaudible energies. It helps me communicate with beings much more clearer which is why I usually get clear cut answers or insight that goes straight to my Mind’s eye or my ears quickly… it’s all from the meditation I’ve been doing and that sound of silence thing is something of an essential, without it I probably wouldn’t have that capability in some aspects.


In other news, I sort of feel like something is pushing me to more real things like clairaudience and automatic writing


@Maxwell, great topic, thank you for starting this, I have been at a dead-end trying to learn how to strengthen my senses.
But I also wanted to add a great stone/crytal: Sodalite.

Has great throat And 3rd eye chakra properties.
Good luck to everyone.


Considering this is my thread and I am going to be the most active here, I will just occasionally post things related to my development.

It really is about tuning in, I hear this constant ringing in my left ear, and I am DEAF (mostly) in my left ear. I feel it too, it just underwent a shift. IT’s very pronounced. I am tuning into it and letting my claiiraudience flourisb

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Oh my god
It’s coming from my contnrt of the wall, when I turn I can’t hear itas well. I feel it. It’s next to me. It’s just energy.

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WHY IS THERE AN INCREASED SPIRITUAL DISTURBANCE IN THE CORNER OF MY ROOM NEAR MY BED? I can feel it crackling in the air! It’s not sentient or alive. IT just raised in vibration


I am not going crazy. I hear it. Loud. It got louder.

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