Let there be cake! Chocolate cake, apparently

Last night I started to make moves with training my clairaudience. I found the info here (I’ll attach the link).

I was determined AF because I’m tired of, not so much lusting for results, but needing the result because certain things cant go into play without this one thing happening first. Its fucking time. Things are stuck due to this one thing. Stalemate it felt up until last night.

After about 45 min exercising my clairaudience with the beats I relaxed and found myself able to sit with Belial’s sigil on my cellphone to look upon. I had tried sigil talk with a few but with no communication given back enough to where I can proclaim anything.

I called to him after speaking Enn and in btwn “Belial, Come to me.” Like a lover calls to her man. I went on to let him know what we need to do and what I need him to get done. I paused a few to allow for communication and I was able to see his visual which was at first a large cow horned skull action figure but he shifted from that to a somewhat human form of it. The skull face becoming a helmet and him in noble clothes. I remember reaching out to touch him and he asked if I was sure. I absolutely wanted to feel him but not so much a touch. My hand on him meant something more. I cant find the words. I didnt count how many times I said the Enn before this but it was said with determination and respect. Like you would speak to a comrade about something that needs to get done but in a military respect way.

I cant remember how but offerings came up on my end. When I got quiet I got a vision of a beautiful chocolate cake with chocolate sprinkles and a small red flower designed in the middle. I feel like I know this cake from Walmart of something but let me be very clear:

Y’all. I dont eat chocolate cake. I find it too sweet.

I said is that what you want? Lol Ok…and I promised to eat it for him once all is done. But truth be told I didnt think much of it because I didnt read this forum yet. So Fast Forward, I fall asleep and I dream of the name Belial everywhere. I can’t remember much but my subconscious mind was busy AF with his name and this didnt happen with the others I approached.

I have been sleeping til 1pm since this lockdown bs began so I had to set an alarm for 8am last night in order to go to an appt in the morning. A bitch woke up at 7:28a. I havent been voluntarily awake at that hour since the War of 1812. But I decided to search this forum for “dreams” and this one dude said he ate cake with some woman who he thought was Bune but realized it was Belial. So here I go…searched Chocolate cake. This is a fkn thing. HE LIKES CAKE.

All I can say is Belial. Dassit.

Be-li-al is getting some cake.

The aforementioned clairaudience topic from @Maxwell 's post to which I got the first exercise from:

As an aside, Lights of Venus on YT got some dope exercises and truly helped me after I listened to this link.


I am laughing, because I made an offering of homemade chocolate chip cookies when I petitioned him the other day. I hope he likes them.

Let me know!