Meditation for clariaudience

Hey, it’s Draggus here

I know theres a lot of típica on this subject but they are not so specificaly

So with the money that i earned from my quimbanda clients that hire me for love and wealth spells i could rent a house

Nós i have privacity, so i ask You guys a specifically meditation but simples And powerful that Will help me for clariavidence or even clariaudience

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Check out this thread, lots of good information in it on clairaudience.

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It works, but I guess you really have to stick at it if you’re weaker.

I find that, for me, unlocking abilities like physical clairaudience to a usable level comes later in the cycle of making magick happen.


there is a lot of slangs on your thread i tried google translate but 90 percent of the words dont make sense. so the topic is to meditate on the song that you putted there?

Is English not your first language? I explained what a subliminal is on the page.

just listen to the subliminal video, it has messages in the background that will help you

my first language is portuguese

the video is on english, how it would help me?

Well the subliminal message one wouldn’t, but the clairaudience frequency would


aah okay, thank, theres a video of only with the frequence?

Constantly try and hear your energy or the energy around you, that’s all.


Meditation with your focus on listening to your energy as you would listen to someone talk, the clairs are just as you would use your physical senses just on semi autopilot.

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Velenos is correct, but he failed to account for one thing, no one wants to sit in a room for over a hundred hours in complete silence because they weren’t born special. Not everyone gets the headstart he did, and believe me, he started powerful.

I didn’t, so I used the video. Why? Because the video is a subconscious manifestation. It makes it easier and more plausible to happen, instead of just brute forcing it.

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I’ll look back one day, at myself, and I might agree with you.

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