Contacting the demoness Mepsitahl

  Contacting the demoness Mepsitahl 

Hey guys, so I had a cool experience with contacting my first demon. I chose Mepsitahl because I want to work on my psychic abilities and my intuition and she seemed to me like the best option.

I got her sigil and I planned to contact her right before I slept, requesting for her to enter my dreams. I didn’t really feel like doing a full on evocation at the time. I must confess here that sometimes I tend to procrastinate when it comes to my magickal work. Something that I found out that the demoness didn’t like after all.

Later at night, I was reading a grimoire on my laptop and I felt really sleepy. I remembered that I had to contact Mepsitahl, but I thought, hey well I can always do that the next day. I hadn’t shut my eyes in drowsiness for a few minutes when I felt some sort of exasperation in the air and then I don’t know how, I fell off my reading table and managed to catch myself, but i ended up bruising my arm just a little bit ( I bruise really easily ). After applying salve or it, I suddenly couldn’t sleep. I drew her sigil on a piece of white paper using a marker; did some other stuff that I had been putting away for a while, till I felt ready to sleep.

I went to bed and whipped out the sigil to gaze at it, I find it easy to gaze at sigils because I had practiced how to perfect that gaze while learning how to scry, once upon a time when I was a vanilla typa witch (a.k.a Wiccan) . Anyways, so I gaze at the sigil and see it floating in the air and I chanted her name slowly, in a whisper. After I felt that she had listened, I put the sigil, facing upwards under my pillow. And I slept, and woke up feeling great. Although I had a slight heaviness where my third eye should be located.

Onto what happened the next day, ( I forgot to mention that I tried seeing auras the day before but I had only been able to perfect seeing the etheric aura after a few minutes) today however, I found that I could see the etheric aura of those around me quite easily, and it became more pronounced the more I focused ( I tried this on people, plants and colors, yes colors have auras and these are usually the easiest to see ). I still cannot see past the etheric aura to the colors, but it’s got me feeling excited. I also got weird moments of intuition which proved to be true.

I got home and decided to contact Mepsitahl again but only this time I would be conscious. I forgot to mention that I had carried her sigil on me throughout the day, it is even on me right now as I write this.

As I got changed into more comfortable clothes, I noticed something strange, the bruising I had noticed the night before had begun to scab, but the weirdest thing was that it looked sort of like claw marks ? Three slashes, really small but definitely noticeably. Here, I’ll show you.

So yeah, that happened, it hurts slightly but not so much and seeing as I have a high pain tolerance I didn’t mind. Honestly I was being kinda lazy and I know I deserved it.

I got comfortable, in a lotus position with a pen and paper to take quick notes, I plugged in my EarPods so I could listen to the shamanic drumming I always use to get me into the theta sync. ( It works wonders for me )

I shut the blinds, making sure the room was dim. I started the audio and soon I was being pulled into a light trance, my breathing got slower and my heartbeat as well. I soon started gazing at her sigil and whispering her name, I did this on and on till I could feel a presence, which felt very mystical at the time, then I had the urge to close my eyes. I could see a woman for a brief moment, tall and regal, wearing the robes of a priestess, her long hair was straight as a pin and white as snow, it fell like a veil going the way to her hips . She seemed ageless and wore a diadem with a purple crystal at the center of her forehead, where the third eye is located.

This vision didn’t last for too long though but as soon as I began to doubt myself, I heard a voice in my head saying,

" You do not need to see me to know I am here, feel my presence and know that I am with you. You wish to communicate with me and I find your clairaudience to be developed enough to do this."

I nodded at this and thanked her for coming, I immediately launched into my list of questions that I had. I’ll post each question and the reply I got. She didn’t mince words or spare any thoughts about my feelings.

#1. Would you work with me to enhance my psychic abilities?

  • Yes, I will. Although your senses how promise and have potential, you’re lazy and need to work harder to achieve great results.

#2. I asked her how she would do this

  • With my help, you now see the etheric aura and will soon progress to the aura colors themselves.

#3. I asked her about my third eye and what I could do to open it permanently

-The third eye, your ajna chakra is very powerful, I will work to strengthen this in your sleep. You will begin the opening of your third eye with an exercise I will give you ( she called this " The Deadlift Method " )

#4. I explained to her how I would love to learn how to scry

  • Yes, I know you do, and I plan to show you another way used by the witches since the Middle Ages.

#5. I asked her about the scratch on my arm

  • Yes, that was me. I thought you needed a good pick-me-up. You can’t afford to slack off if you want to achieve your goal.

I didn’t have any more questions after this but she did have more to say, so I just sat there being receptive and open to whatever I heard as I wrote it down. She explained to me how mastering psychic abilities require a great deal of discipline and work. She went on to tell me how she had improved my clairsentience and premonition. She also mentioned some good crystals to work, which I took note of.

She told me that she would lead a few spirits to me and that I might experience slight headaches or a sense of knowing signaling their presence. “Like what you are feeling right now,” she said and I felt a faint tingling at the base of my skull. I generally feel this whenever I’m around spirits.

I know this sounds quite short and honestly I probably can’t remember some stuff either ( for some reason that always happens to me ). The weird thing was, the whole process felt quite short, but after I was done and checked the time I found that I had spent over 20 minutes when it barely felt like I had spent 10.

I thanked Mepsitahl for coming and we went our respective ways, me to go make a sandwich cause I was hungry ( as I usually am after any magickal or spirit work ) and her to go do whatever a demon does.

So that’s my first attempt at contacting a demon, what do you guys make of the experience ?



P.s. I tried attaching a picture but for some reason it just isn’t uploading.



Lilith actually told me to go to her for the very thing a few weeks ago… Synchro fuckin nicities…

That’s cool though, would you mind posting on your experience with her? Just so I have something to compare to?


Mepsitahl is a demoness? She is under the planetary/sephirothic category in “summoning spirits”.


Have to agree with @thodoris1008 - Mepsitahl is planetary of Neptune and definitely not demonic. But that being said, she is definitely nice, friendly and a pleasure to be around :slight_smile:


Sure, I’ll post what I can !


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Thank you, the book where I found her sigil didn’t specify what type of spirit she was so I just assumed she was a demon. Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:



This is amazing. I hope to work with her to do the same soon.


You should ! She’s awesome !

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whenever you learn it; share the Deadlift method please


I did learn that method :slight_smile: it mostly involves focusing on the heaviness that comes on with closing your eyes and focusing on the space where your third eye is and imagine that heaviness lifting.

Like you would trying to push open a garage door that’s heavy. It’s exactly as it sounds. Focus your mind on lifting that heaviness as much as you can and when you feel exhausted stop and revisit the next day as you’ll slowly begin to feel the heaviness lift off more and more. And you might experience sensations and see colors or other visuals while doing so

This stimulates your third eye as you’re not just directing your focus onto it thereby becoming more aware but you’re also directing blood flow to it as well.


sweet; appreciate it

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Glad I could help

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hey can you tell me the method to summon her or atleast talk. I need a brief explaination as i am just a beginner.

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I am trying to contact her. Most I got was some weird feeling, and surprisingly, a pain in my ear as well as a whisper. No clue what it was supposed to say.

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hey can you teach me how to contact her

Just look up invoking methods and use her sigil.

You can do this!


please clarify i cant find it anywhere please

please i need to contact her today please

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