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Initiation ritual and black flame

Well… i posted about my experiecne in someone’s thread. so instead of rewriting it here. here is the link to my post to document it:

*Be Blessed

Connecting with Azazel

After my experience with igniting the black flame meditation… I started to feel an urge to contact azazel as soon as possible. So, i ended up chanting his enn while laying on the couch and closing my eyes.

So, i kept chanting till i felt a presence which was not really strong. I started talking to him and said: I find him worthy to work with and that i feel he has a lot to teach me and help me in my path and if he finds me worthy of his time to accept to be my mentor/teacher/protector/demonic spirit guide… I also gave him permission to possess me for the night if he would like to build a stronger connection and to have me more receptive to his messages. Then, i started feeling like a cold air or as if something walking inside from my right ear. it was tingly, burning a bit sensation but in a cold way. i am not sure how to describe it.

I was wondering if he did possess me, because sometimes i think things happen around me and i just don’t really pay attention to it or understand it. Side note: i am still working on my senses and trying to make contact and summoning rituals as much as i can to help develop my senses. obviously, as an extra force to the meditation to enhance my senses.

I’m really looking forward to working with Azazel and see what he would do for me.

*Be Blessed.

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Belial’s seal necklace

I just bought his necklace and I made a small thread about it:

I will be using the rituals given to me in the thread and posting their experience here and its results. So, i thought i should document this in my journal as a reference.

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Thank you so much for sharing we have a few things in common. I started out as Muslim under the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammed on the Southside of Chicago back in the day. I know that many Sunni and Shia Muslims consider Black Muslims to be kaffir’s but the mainstream religions are for sheep who don’t think for themselves. The inability to think critically applies to a lot of dummies in America but WTF they get what they deserve. I am sharing that to say I get making the pact on the first day of Ramadan !!! LMFAO !!! that is funny. Ok so here is my advice ; I don’t make pacts with deities because belief without discrimination can only foster ignorance and superstition. I am a ritual magician at times I have opened the gates outlined in the Necronomicon took me a whole year to do them and subjectively it was a fucking hoot. But my experiences with the Nephflim Watchers Igiggi were mostly subjective in that I cannot provide you with a video clip of one of my Watchers getting blown away by an Ancient Anunna. I can’t provide you with a video clip of being taken to a stronghold in a mountainous region and having a band shot through my throat by a 15 foot reptillian Anunna after being offered a chance to bond with his master. All of that is subjective and I am at a loss and unable to provide you with a shred of evidence. So many of my experiences are very personal and germane to my own inner life and universe. But confirmation did come years later when two hillbillies I encountered by chance ??? Started a conversation with me that got real fucken deep real fucken quick. These guys looked like they were from the hills of West Virginia; You can never judge a book by its cover these ZZ Top looking mothaf–kas were MOOR’s. As in Moorish north African yada yada yada…… I am very familiar with Moorish Temple science and that movement. They were also of the bloodline of Cain. They proceeded to educate my ignorant ass on the ramifications of opening them god damn gates and what happens when the seed of Satan/Marduk crawls up your ass. They welcomed me to the Anunna priest hood. That was my objective confirmation of my efforts and trials; These two strangers objectively confirmed the nature of the doctrine being attested too in the Necronomicon. It was necessary for me to clarify/confirm the author of the events related to traversing the gates. I don’t suffer from anxiety attacks because I don’t give a fuck about a lot of mundane shit. But there is no greater religion than truth; I do give a fuck a that so here is the deal. Believe without discrimination can only foster ignorance and superstition. Biblically speaking (I read a lot) Created spirits according to scripture have power to work miracles. ALL OF THEM !!! So considering the nature of some of those soul eating and soul stealing MF’s in the higher planes who the fuck is who??? Personal belief independent of evidence is the most common and weakest of arguments. At best it is prejudice masked in the garb of reason. That is the back story but my point to you is that confirmation rarely comes in the way we expect it. The two hillbillies engaging me in Moorish science got my attention real quick. Then schooling me on some Necronomicon shit was confirmation like a MF!!! But there is another aspect to this. They manifested as a result of some additional rituals and prayers I performed subsequent to opening the gates. Really nasty warfare prayers without fail and then someone got off their asses to deliver some of the answers I was looking for. I tend to have a Gnostic take on this universe; there is one Demi-theurge/Archon who got people like you and I trapped in this muthaf–ka who uses divide and conquer against the cattle. The mission is too get past the frequency fence surrounding the planet into the greater universe to evolve. I don’t see much difference between God and Satan and everyone in between. If they are getting people to go into the tunnel and then into the light they are enemies of your evolution, don’t make a fuck what they call themselves. Unless you can obtain objective proof to ascertain the nature of the doctrine being attested too in order to determine the author of the changes you seek. But my point to you before I went off on a rant/tangent is confirmation will come you just have to keep your eyes and ears open and feel your intuitive self .


Think of your transformation like the peeling of an onion. takes time and it occurs in layers.


Psychic Ability: Exercise 1

Tips to set the mood:

A: Get some incense to give temple like atmosphere.
B: Get a candle or oil lamp (place it behind you).
C: Sit on your chair, or on the ground while both feet pointing straight and 6 feet apart. Place your hands on your lap.
D: let your shoulders relax but keep your head straight.

Relaxation steps:

1: Close your eyes… the begin with the rhythmic breathing: inhale while counting to 4 and keep it in for another 4 seconds. Then exhale while counting 4 and wait another 4 seconds to inhale again.

2: Become aware of a glowing sphere before you (imagine it in a warm golden color).

3: Imagine that your body is hollow and that you are clear like glass.

4: now on your next rhythmic inhalation, pull the light of the sphere towards your feet for a count of four and feel its warmth filling you.

5: hold it for 4 seconds and imagine it being a light source on ur feet.

6: As you exhale, feel it glowing brighter within you.

7: on your next inhalation, pull more of the light into yourself to rise and fill till half your legs. now hold for a count of 4 and feel the light growing brighter as you exhale. and keep working your way up

Repeat before every meditation session.


After your relaxation is completed, imagine you are sitting on top of a cliff overlooking a river/ocean. There is a clear night sky above you.

(just know this is your surroundings and don’t stress about visualization)

Now look at the river/ocean as it flows by you and listen for the sound of running water, or waves. focus on it and try to visualize every detail of it.

Do this exercise for a week or two depends on your performance and move on to Exercise 2. All rights received to “summoning spirits” by konstantinos. and note: this exercise was not meant to profit from, but for my own personal documentation of the book i bought.


strange experience - lucid dreaming? astral travel?

I smoked weed yesterday and went to bed (i have high tolerance so i was not tripping btw). so, while i was laying on the bed and closed my eyes. I started seeing myself flying in a blue color sphere between mountains and few farm houses i seen along the way. I honestly felt i was being taken somewhere because i read articles long time ago about how when working with spirits sometimes that take you to visit their realm. For some reason the thought that came to my mind was that i was finally being taken to see the realm of one of the spirits i am working with (i was happy). Note: below my pillow i had mepistahl’s sigil. but, i haven’t called upon her for few days now. Anyway, I couldn’t go further but the vision transitioned to symbols and letters along the way. and there was flashes of some images but i am honestly not sure what were they. they were not clear at all. Also, i was high so i can’t remember them clearly. but, i remember the flying part clearly because it was fascinating. I wonder if i astral traveled without knowing. Also, 2 days ago i did the qlipothic initiation: unlocking sphere 1 ritual… so it might be it? or mepistal? or lucifer? or belial? i am not sure… but damn that made me wonder!

Any thoughts?


Another method i will be using to help with my senses


Lucifer invocation - May 16th 2020

So yesterday… was my monthly Lucifer invocation. here is what happened. I started chanting his enn and as always he is one of the few spirits that i feel his presence strongly. I offered my blood. Then while chanting and after i offered the blood. I started to walk around the altar table in a circular clockwise motion which i have never did before and i don’t know why i did it at all?? i am still thinking about it actually!

Anyway, while doing that i felt dizzy and as if i was floating and the earth was spinning. Then, i went back to sit down and gaze at the sigil again. Once i felt strong presence and the sigil opening, i started talking to lucifer. I got so emotional and angry that i was shouting at Lucifer and challenging his power. I was so angry and asked him to start acting now because i am sick of being loyal to him and fulfilling my promises and being loyal and he is not doing anything to assist me in my desires. I asked him in a furious way that he should start showing me his powers and his appreciation for my loyalty and commitment by giving me the results i seek. Furthermore, when i came down and got to the end of the ritual i apologized to him for being so furious and angry and told him that my actions are not coming from disrespect cause i do respect him and that its coming out of frustration. Then i ended the ritual.

As much as i hate documenting this in my public journal because i am afraid people will judge me. I have to so i could refer back to it if things start happening or changing. I know Lucifer is patient and amazing but deep down i feel bad for acting that way cause i feel as i was taking advantage of his patience and not respecting his power. I know he understands what i am going through.

*Be Blessed,


**Interesting method of meditating - Clairaudience **

found this thread and it has a simple and clear detailed way of practicing. Planning on trying it

*Be Blessed.

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Lucifer invocation Friday night june 6th 2020 - 5:00AM

Just a quick ritual experience, I called upon father lucifer this saturday morning or friday night lets say. the sigil flashed really fast and felt warm and my body was calm and relaxed. few notes:

  • during the ritual i offered wine, and candles, and incense… but when i wanted to offer blood i felt like as he didn’t want too. so i asked and felt really strongly he didn’t want my blood this time which made me feel weird but i appreciated.

-Moving on, i asked him few question then made a love request. After i ended the ritual and went to the bathroom to wash my face (because it was smooky) i was a spider for the first time in my place. I am wondering what this means? cause from quick research the funny thing i noticed in spirituality spiders are considered part of the “lovecraft” what do you think the spider mean? and does it respresent lucifer or any other spirit that maybe lucifer was asking me to call upon?

  • one last thing, while doing the ritual i felt as if huge amount of air or as if there was something entering both of my ears and felt heavy and warm a bit. which was strange, however i asked lucifer when my abilities will be fully enhanced and what could he help with.

- (just edited this) when i wrote my spell (aka petition) i dropped some blood on the sigil and the back of it the petition or the love spell i drew a heart with my blood. and when i wanted to burn it… something told me or i felt like i should put it below my below for 7 days then burn it next Friday. so i did.

Please tell me what you think?
@C.Kendall @C.Wilson @DarkestKnight @Manosman @Lady_Eva @Mulberry Your insight would be highly appreciated. thanks


Great work and thanks for sharing! I believe the ritual went really well! There were real many signs that not only Lucifer was there, but that the energies were really intense and maybe even helped your senses.

As for the spider, Lucifer isn’t affiliated with spiders as far as I know. But it could be a sign, or something random.

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note: i am currently working with and in pact with belial and working with astaroth to help with my senses.
Also, strange thing… during the ritual i am not sure why but i got a feeling that not only lucifer was there. and belial came to my mind cause i was wearing his necklace.

and thank you for your reply.

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I mean, it’s possible that other spirits were there as well, it’s not uncommon.

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how could i know who was there. even though i really think it was belial since when i call upon king belial my neck starts to burn up and during the ritual i felt that and i was like thats new when i call upon lucifer. he might been really there but is belial associated with spiders?

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I don’t really know.

If you wish to know whether it was Belial, you could summon him and ask. It’s probably the best way. Else, you could try some sort of divination.

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if anyone has any thoughts on:

please feel free to share your thoughts

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If this is a petition for Love then I’ve heard that mostly Love spells are done on Friday The hour of the Venus and most love spells that achieved results were done on Friday’s. Best of luck :sparkles:

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Sorry for the late reply, but it does sound like things went smoothly and you did well.

The only thing I can chime in is that spiders are often associated with “weaving” one’s own fate, essentially taking charge of one’s own life.

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Can you elaborate more? I am sorry but i feel lost a bit if u mean by “weaving” me or the party the spell was done on.

Thank you.