King Belial Necklace

Hi BALG, Hope y’all doing great.

I just ordered the below necklace from amazon and i can’t wait for it to arrive:
Big man

I bought Belial’s necklace to honor him and show him my gratitude as he is the first demonic king i made a pact with.

As you all know… a while ago i bought Lucifer’s necklace as an honoring for him as my first demonic king i made contact with:
talisman necklace

I remember I found some information on what to do with the necklace as to concecrate it and to do a summoning ritual to make it a vessel for the spirit. I was wondering since its been a while if you guys had any suggestions for me on what to do when i get belial’s necklace. Should i offer it? or tell him its a gift? what kind of ritual should i do… etc (to make the most of it and have it useful in my workings).

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts… Be Blessed.


:thinking: put it in a triangle with a candle on each edge! Call him from it and add your blood on it! Tell him its his offering and that you would like him to charge it with his energy!


thank you… but i don’t have a triangle. could i use the candles to form a triangle?

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Im guessing you can draw one on paper?


oh i had no idea i can do that! well should i write certain names around it or just a circle? Also, in black or red if color matters?

i found this triangle on “altar pictures thread”

are these godnames? if so or not would using it be offensive if my intent is to help with the manifestation not to restrict ? also is there an specific direction for each name?

So here is the triangle i made, let me know what you think and if it will work. Excuse the 12 yr work style

Drawing a normal triangle should be fine but what you did is good too! Idk about the names! Never used that!

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they are god names… i just followed the memebr’s picture when i did it. do you think belial or azazel will be offended especially when i don’t mean to restrict?

The picture has Belial sigil too so i think he is fine with it

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Yup, that is how I use a triangle in my own rituals. I exclude the use of God names as they never seemed necessary in my work. But they can be important, depending on the system you are working with


are you asking about lhp or rhp ? if so then lhp

Honestly the God names are there for beginner mages and used as tool to summon easily. Orlee Stewart and many others use their true name and god names instead of yahweh. In my draconic triangle of manifestation I wrote the names of Leviathan, Jormungandr and a personal draconic being I have found out about.

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Lovely necklace of Belial… May you find Strength, Stability and Power within yourself…with the help of The great King Belial :sparkling_heart::crown::+1:t2:


can u share a picture of it if u don’t mind?

thank you dear, I am really excited for it.

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Looks expensive.

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ooh thank you. There is a different color of it as well:

i’m in love with both anyway… but i felt the silver one will fit better with my style. i wish i found it before i ordered the first! even though i do like both :slight_smile:

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