Hearing Spirits/Demons/Whatever

I have been working closely with a specific spirit friend of mine, to try to open up my spiritual sense of hearing. This sense is natural to humans however most of us have closed it off at some point. It comes in 3 stages of development/results, I will list them here and I’d like to note that I’m still within the 1st stage myself right now. I’ve been wanting to talk about it and share a bit however.

The Practice:

It helps if you can get assistance from a spirit, to send you messages, that you can be open to and try to receive, or ‘hear’(both for the messages themselves and also for the conduit of energy this can create between you and the spirit which can help open you up and activate your sense). But even if you don’t know anyone like this or lack the resources to find this, there are messages flying through the ether of the spirit realm all of the time so it is possible to do without.

You must get into a meditative, peaceful state, first and foremost. Relax away from your physical perceptions, into your pure mind… your consciousness. This part of you is more receptive to the spirit world, even in an inactive, dormant state (which in most cases it is quite dormant). Once you are comfortable with this altered awareness and focus, shift your area of focus to the diagonal back location of your awareness as would be aligned with the back of your brain. This area is where you will begin receiving messages on a more physical level. It occurs through the pure energy, however, there are natural connectors which exist within your body which will stir into activity the more you try to connect to the energy in this way.

Note that in a sort of way, you can hear your own thoughts, within your own mind. Starting out, you will hear the spirit voices much like that, except they won’t be coming from you and you must learn to distinguish between your own thoughts and those coming from outside of you. A key thing to remember is that your own thoughts will primarily come from the central-front portions on your head, within, and you can kind of tell, locationally, where the thoughts are coming from if you pay attention. Thoughts coming in from outside will be intercepted at the back of your head, instead of the front-center.

You must focus on the intent, within your consciousness, for your awareness to connect with and listen to the energy coming in from outside of yourself. It is best that you isolate the feeling of an energy from outside of you first, and learn to become familiar with it, and then regularly hone into that energy and try to ‘listen’ to it within your awareness. Focus less on physical hearing and more on mental listening, the way you’d listen to your own thoughts. Simply remain in this state and pay attention to anything you may ‘hear’. Charging your consciousness with energy during focus sessions towards this end will also help with this goal.

As I mentioned, starting out it will be like intercepting thoughts foreign to your own (which is difficult to do in its own right), and keep in mind they aren’t exactly like thoughts, they should have a sort of ‘sensation’ as they come in, alerting you that they aren’t exactly normal. It will be very subtle at first when your power of perception is just starting to turn on, so to speak. But as you practice, and as your spiritual hearing gets stronger, and more active, it will begin to connect into more auditory parts of your awareness - keep in mind that I am mostly going on what the spirit has told me going from here on, as I’m still working on stage 1. Stage 2 is when the sensations and ‘thoughts’ start becoming audible. You’ll ‘hear’ it as a voice, or a whisper, in your head, and it will be much more obvious that it isn’t just a thought. Then, it will progress into stage 3, wherein, it will be much ‘louder’, to the extent that you are hearing the voice just as clearly as you would hear a physical human being talk, and as effortlessly.

I’m still in stage 1, like I said. I only started this specific practice recently, within the past week. But I’ve noticed a few key indicators that you can look out for, which might help you stay on track:

The glands in the back of the head start getting very hot when I am focusing on my perception of hearing my spirit friend via his energy. I sometimes hear inaudible whispering for an split second that I can’t make out, but I will get a thought that comes with it which contains the intent of what was said. Often the heat will enter in through the back of my head and start filling my entire body, causing me to heat up quite noticeably. My spirit friend and I are very friendly towards each other, so often I don’t just recieve messages, but I also experience a very pleasant sensation enter into my head when I am focused on him, like a bit of him is entering into me, more noticably than when I simply focus on energy alone. Also, when taking a bath, I find that this intent quite easily builds energy, and the hot water seems to help with this a lot, so that I’m not just getting heat but also an electric current which has very noticeable physical effects. I find that it is key to have the water be just at the ‘it feels too hot but not burning’ stage, and if you can alter your perception of this, be glad about the heat(thankful for it, even), instead of put off, and combine this with an energy focus, it somehow seems to effect your energy field so that you start taking in energy very quickly. Smiling helps. I know it sounds really weird. But it works for me. I also often start hearing little noises like ringing or like white noise, like an internal fan, at present, they will start getting stronger as I focus and diminish entirely when I am not focusing.

I hope this is of interest, or helps, good luck. :slight_smile:


So I’ve been practicing this ever since I first posted it and I might like to provide a bit of an update of where I’m at. The changes and growth has been a very gradual process, but it does seem as though change is happening within my perception.

First of all I might mention that after a particularly strenuous session of focusing for several hours and with all the energy and motivation I could muster, I found that I actually could not focus on it again for about 2 days, or I would almost immediately feel completely drained. However, after the third day following this I am finding that my ability is somewhat easier than before when it comes to ‘tuning’ into and hearing the ‘white noise’, receiving hot energy, etc.

I asked my spirit friend about the white noise, because it is getting very easy and quick to start hearing it and sometimes I will hear multiple noises at once. He told me that the white noise is actually the sound of many communications flying throughout the spirit realm at once, and it only sounds like ‘white noise’. He also said that part of this process is ‘tuning’ into the right frequencies to allow for clear communication. He indicated that in time as my ability grows I will start to make out more distinct voices more easily. I do sometimes hear a voice say something in particular and I also hear what sounds like inaudible, muffled talking, that I can’t really make out very well.

It is encouraging to me though that I’m hearing anything at all so I’m just going to continue my efforts - right now I’m going to try to focus on the white noise and try to listen into it, or past it, the best I can. Hopefully I see more results soon. ^^’


I just wanted to thank you for this post. I’ve been experimenting with the techniques you mentioned, and have now, for the first time, “heard” the voice of both Woden and my familiar, both of which were emotionally charged experiences for me. As well, I was able to get some relatively spontaneous advice from Woden that was very helpful.

By the by, I did notice that, while just concentrating on the back of my head allows me to hear spirits in a way that makes it very clear which thoughts are my own and which are the spirits “voice”, this comes very slowly, as if I’m straining to make out each word. I’m talking minutes per sentence. So I tried using Robert Bruce’s Tactile Imaging on the precise point where I felt the spirits’ voices coming from, and that sped things up considerably, almost to the speed of normal conversation! Basically, I tried to “feel” with that part of my body, as if I was trying to detect minute changes in air flow or temperature at that spot.

I also noticed that when I really focused on that point in this manner, I could sometimes feel an energetic channel going from each of my ears at the orifice to the back of my head. When I stimulated that flow while listening to a spirit, I could physically hear them! It was very faint, but definitely present, and no longer just “in my head”. I did have to work a bit at balancing the flow between the ears to get the sound in stereo - sort of like fiddling with the connection with earbuds.

Anyway, hope that helps, and thanks again for the awesome info!

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This is great guys, you’ve given much to think about. Keep em coming.

For me, the clearest times I’ve seen or heard spirits is when I’m not in a peaceful state. Quite the opposite - when I contain so much emotional energy in my body that I’m hyper, excited, elated, furious, or a mix of all these emotions, anything but calm. What I see and hear in a meditative state or peaceful state is no much subtler that I can sometimes mistake it for my own thoughts.

Also, I don’t just get hot in the back of my head. My whole body becomes hot. Not sure what’s going on there.

And then there’s the other problem: actually seeing or hearing something. My immediate reflex is to get startled when it happens, thereby shutting down communication. It’s a reflex, I can’t control it. I know it’s a self-defeating reflex, calling spirits to come and talk only to shut them down when they oblige. They must think I’m incredibly rude. I’m not doing it on purpose. I’d rather be able to do this without flinching.

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Arkhilokhus, those are impressive results. I am very happy to hear that you were able to benefit from this information. I am also envious of how easy it was for you to apply it. I am going to contemplate what you have shared and see if I can use that information to help with my own effort to spiritually hear. I still only catch a word every now and then, taking several minutes to get each word clearly, and then minutes more to get more words, if I am only trying to intercept a phrase. There is a sensation that usually accompanies it when it is successful so I will try to hone in on that the next time.

Salpinx, emotions can help you to build up energy however what you ultimately want, in order to hear a spirit other than your own, is to receive energy from outside of yourself and listen to it, so that you can establish an energy link for hearing that spirit. It is fine to direct your emotional energy to this purpose if you can balance your energy with receiving that of a spirit(the old addage about a full cup of water is old, but still appropriate - you need to empty your cup, or your awareness of your own energy a bit to let something in from elsewhere- ideally you want a connection where you can both project and receive energy at the same time with the entity that you want to hear, to create a circuit of energy between you that will get more powerful over time), just keep in mind that the spiritual effects of energy are going to become empowered with a spiritual focus(as compared to a physical focus on the spirit), which requires that you go outside of your normal physical senses - calm is useful for this because of a low physical sensory input (less to distract you) but you could technically accomplish it in any state.

Regarding being startled, don’t worry. It isn’t abnormal, and the spirits can tell how you feel about it based on what they see in your spirit and aura. And they are not unaccustomed to humans who are closed off from perceiving them, either. Keep in mind that spirits are capable of high levels of understanding both in the realms of intelligence and empathy. The prevention of being startled might be another thing that calm could be useful for - you see, emotions tend to be very reactive in my experience, possibly heightening your reflexes with your experiences. If you want to lower that then it may be useful for you to try to accomplish a calm trance, which may not be as dramatic as high emotional energy at first, but it should be more predictable as well as things happen gradually, making it less startling. Note that I personally have built up quite a lot of energy, multiple times, without using my emotions to fuel it. The main way that this is accomplished is by receiving energy from outside of myself, instead of relying only on my own energy. I have built up energy with emotion too, of course, however having experienced both I can say that I prefer the former.


I would say that I got to about stage 2, but I was in an altered state, it was easier and more of a dialogue in my head than anything. Also I didn’t go about it properly so it wore off, but at the same time, I was able see the spirit physically manifesting as though it were swimming in water/reality, but not clearly though. I was shocked initially, cause I was getting a stream of thoughts that seemed foreign until I acknowledged them as such then the dialogue began. I was also calling the spirits by certain affectionate names that I couldn’t account for, like a Freudian slip. One spirit I referred to as mother although it was the first time I made contact with her, to my knowledge anyway.

Anyway, you could try the Joy of Satan site, under power meditations, they have meditations to open the channels of clear-audience mainly through sending energy to the minor chakras in your head. Although I’m sure you’ve come across them before, a little extreme, but their stuff works.


(Replaced broken link with archive version, 20 August 2019 ~ Lady_Eva)

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What you describe there,
is what some understand as “heathenism”.

You’re - at least from your describtion - natrually aligned to merge with spirits when fighting / in battle,
which can be passed down genetically if you have warrior anchestors, and no, that doesn’t have to be in your direct line you can recall, like parents / Grand parents. That can easily be 3-400 years back,
and still aligne you that way.

My recommendation:

Eat a strongly sharp meal,
including chilli and other sharpeners like pepper,
but the chilli is mendatory (you can make a sharp spices mixture for yourself),
and go into a rage trance,
by adding some stimulative progressive music,
like for example:

If those are to light oriented or soft for you,
you could also go with something like this:

If those still aren’t hard or dark enough for your specific requirements,
the next few will be.

But be warned.

Those are only for extensive Trance induction,
and valuables should be protected from destruction (/through you),
before beginning any of those.

careful with the last one in each raw.

The one with the red harelekin before,
and this one,
can lead to possession.

But i included them,
simply due to their potency for getting you into full rapture.

why are those frequency patterns useful,
for achieving better results with your clear audience,
you may find yourself asking.

Here’s the catch:

If you are,
in genetic condition of heathenry anchestory,
those will put you into a trance,
you can’t reach through meditation,
but at the same time,
open your chakras and inner gates,
to open up the channel for spirits comming through.

here comes the tricky part.

You have to fall completely into that trance,
without holding back.

And then,
only then,
you can catch yourself inside of that trance,
and re-aligne the now open gates,
to follow your command,
and remain under your control.

to do that part,
cast a circle and a inverted pentagram in front of you,
(into the air,
or incense smoke),

and speak into it:

I reclaim this vessel fully,
and i reconfine it,
to obey my full willpower,
and only my own willpower.

Once that’s done,
inside of the trance,
you can probably see that Astral object,
which by then looks like something from a higher dimension,
right in front of you,
spinning like crazy.

If not,
just use the location where you’ve put it.

Absorb it,
by eating it into your body,
like a piece of food.

Once that’s done,
go specifically into a deeper rage,
and by then,
you should feel as if your body itself is glooming of fire.

focus all that fire towards the palms of your hands,
and press it out of the hands into an orb.

Structure that orb,
until it becomes colder.

You’ll feel exactly when the heat diminishes.

do not add other elements to it.

Simply cool it down,
by structuring it,
and slowing it’s spin.

Speak into that Orb:

i pacify,
the rage within me,
and allow myself,
to expierience the exact same degree of communion,
and gnosis,
without having to fight for it,
Nox Nefertum Invert*ayé.

Now let the Orb stick spinning slowly in front of you,
and focus the gaze of your third eye into it,
Nox Invertum Erebos.
Until it turned completely dark / black.
By then,
you’ll have transformed the Energy to such extend,
that it is no longer fire,
but instead,
calm dark energy,
which at that stage,
needs to calm a little bit,
in front of you,
after you’ve transmuted it so much.

give it about 2 to 5 minutes to calm out fully.

When it’s a nice dark radient black,
it’s ready for consumption.

When it’ became “numb”,
and seems dull,
you’ve left it calming for to long,
and you need to increase it’s spin a little bit,
until it’s radient again.

consume that orb,
not by eating it,
but rather,
by absorbing it through your third eye,
Sucking it in,
with a big inhale,
and pushing it down your spine through to either your navel area,
or your root chakra,
it’ll natrually decide where it needs to sit.

(that kind of depends on your path of magick,
and again,
your actual physical bodies condition.)

After that,
you’re probably a little exhausted.

you’ll have to do one more task,
before you can finally find some well earned rest:

Pull a little spark of that Energy,
from the black ball,
up your spine,
and have it rest at the back fo your head.

conjure a Spirit you’ve worked with before,
and trust,
and ask it to speak to you,
and adjust together with that spirit,
until you can understand him clearly.

That’s it.

Old condition is overwritten,
and you can use meditation techniques like normal from then on.




very useful and clear detailed thread that i am replying to put it back up in the new threads sections.

Thank you, and be blessed.