How do you really know your astral senses are unlocked/enhanced


Its been a minute since i did a discussion thread. So, i was like whats a better time than now. For those who keep taps on my journal… must seen my last post on psychic ability exercise 1 from the book of summoning spirits. I just bought the book and I’m planning as soon as i perfect exercise 1 to post the next one and move to it for a week or two and so on. Note they are 5 in total. According to the book by the time i finish and perfect all 5 exercises i will have mastered and enhanced (unlocked my astral senses and psychic abilities)… if you would like to check the post:

The thing is… I have had multiple experiences that i seen or felt spirits. So, sometimes i wonder am i fooling myself. is everything i am doing is basically my mind playing games with me and showing me what i want to achieve/desire? for instance:

  • One time in my early evocations of Lucifer he literally touched my hand and my hand felt a burning sensation for the duration of his touch when he touched my thumb to be precise.

  • Also, in another summoning of Lucifer, when i closed my eyes and asked him to show me his human face that everyone is talking about: i seen a beautiful man’s face in (black and white colors = grey) and his hair was long enough to reach his shoulders. He looked really hot that i remember posting a thread asking how to fuck the shit out of him… sexually though :stuck_out_tongue:

  • While I am in a pact with King Belial… I was doing a summoning the other day of Grand demon Satanchia to help me with a love a matter. while i was singing his enn cause i was able to make it sound so rhythmically pleasant. I was able to see a skull figure in the smoke. I wondered for a while if it was belial or satanchia. Because 4-5 days before that ritual i just did the pact with king belial which lead to a dream of a dog attacking me with a similar skull. I actually ended up confirming it was belial according to the tarot reader i asked for help from. but, why king belial wouldn’t show me his form in his own summoning rituals but shows me his form in another spirits ritual? sometimes i think i offended him because i was asking satanchia’s help with something i already asked of belial in the pact.

  • When I call upon Lucifer through his sigil… I tend to switch to a calm state of mind and the atmosphere changes from cold to hot or vice versa.

  • When i call king belial… from the bottom of my spine up to my neck i feel a burning sensation. As if they were on fire.

  • When i called Satanchia i felt sexually aroused AF.

-When i finally called upon Azazel… i smelled a weird smell that i am not sure how to describe. it felt as i was in the forest around a bone fire and as if it was muddy that i could smell the mud.

I don’t want to list all my experiences in throughout the rituals i done with these entities or others… but you get the idea. So my question is and maybe many have the same question: how is my astral hearing or seeing abilities are unlocked when i’m able to experience these major clear signs!!

Lastly, please tells us about your experiences and if u done the exercises of the book and they helped you. Also, because of this book i just bought my skrying mirror finally because i was not really interested in astral evocation as much before. but reading half of the book so far (i’m on chapter 8) gave me a better understanding. The only thing i don’t like about the book is how the author is too religious and just another demon hater :smirk:

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I have come across this book but haven’t used his meditations… I follow what my mind wants to do in the moment! I don’t like to control things especially breathing :confused: would make me so anxious…
Senses developments means you have to use it more often to strengthen the muscles! You are already hearing and seeing but you didn’t tone into it yet!
In my evocations I would feel temperature, vibration, and weight on a particular area on my body! It usually tells me that I made contact. I use this for simple yes or no answers. There was a moment where I could move the sensation to another part of my body! Each part gave me a different sensations! Sometimes it doesn’t wanna move but when its on my head or ear I would get some kind of hallucinations! It snaps me out of it because I get excited…
So here is my idea! The spirit comes as energy and we receive it the same! You just have to shift the sensation you felt to the other senses! Like what you felt in your hand send it to your eye and you will get a picture and when you send it to your ear you will hear something!
Its hard to focus on more than one sense for me… the spirit sends you information that works on all of your senses but you notice it with the most used sensor! So directing the information to be received from a sense you chose should help you develop it faster!


Thank you for your reply. I agree with you that i didn’t tone with it because i keep doubting if it was me or spirit talking to me. I hate how doubtful i become sometimes.

Any ideas on how to tone or send that energy to other senses when i feel it… i am not really sure how to do it.


If its on one spot, visualise it like a sphere and feel it as much as you can solid. Then feel like you are moving it! Its the same feeling when you are trying to suck your tummy but on another part! Sorta a fantom feeling! It will move slowly where you direct it to.
You can do that with breathing too! Breath in feeling it and breath out feeling where you want it to go to.


You typed my name in the other thread, I wrote something there and said you need to set your doubt into believing that these are not mindgames. If you have any doubt, just think they are there and do your thing, ask your question, because they are there… When you call and you do it the right way, they will come.

To train other senses you could balance your chakra’s. But do it guided. Because wrong balancing will give you problems:

If you find it to long train 4 in the morning and 3 in the evening (25 minutes morning, 25 minutes evening).

Another good exercise for your senses is the Shamanic journey to the Akashic fields, it’s a lower world guided exercise and it even teaches you a bit astral projection, if you do it right.

You train your imagination so you train a lot of senses:


Btw @Lady_Eva got me started in the Shamanic part. Many thanks to her!

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I have not worked with the book so I cannot comment on it. However, I have a general rule in regards to ritual: everything that happens between the time I started to the time I have ended it, anything that happens is accepted as part of the ritual in that moment. That includes things such as sensations and sounds. Then I go back over my notes from the ritual and see if there were any physical causes that could have caused it. I also work with those same spirits again to see if similiar sensations emerge again. If I get the same/similiar sensations multiple times, I then accept that it is how I perceive that spirit’s presence.

Some of my more profound experiences actually come outside of ritual. There was one time I felt broken and was unsure how I was going to continue. For the first time in a long time, I prayed. In this case, it was to my ancestors for aid to get through the obstacle. I was rewarded with the strong sensation of a hand on my shoulder, giving that comforting squeeze you can give someone to let them know you are there for them. Being aware of touch, just like sight and hearing, is a powerful way to receive information from spirits. Spirits use whatever method you can understand in that moment.

As to train your other senses, I do have a meditation here to help develope them.


Thank you for your response… also could share the meditations u use ?

Be Blessed

I’m interested in this too, Wilson.

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Sure I can definitely do that. Keep in mind this is a longer process, meant to help develope them gradually.