Evocation Of Fastos [Incantations, The Demonic Tongue, And The Origin Of Demonic Script]

I evoked Fastos in an effort to channel Incantations to create Sexual opportunities as per the request of @CyberLord. What came through however was much more powerful.

Incantation For Sex
It’s kalamba mantal makal
It’s Kamamba eshtz tu mantal
Dzu mekal tan sumonetz esh kalemeeto

{From Fastos}
Focus your Intent And Will on the sexual operations you seek to make manifest and push the sexual vibrations through the gateway of this mantra while focusing on your desire

To activate the Gateway of Mantra of Sound
Damballazan tuh metsvu eesko metalah ingzu damba tu songo met kulu to sambau’u teh metso drazgnow ish kala retsu tan pow puh
Lingzu itsko ash kala Kal dorray

{From Fastos}
Meditate and see the vibrations of these Infernal words forming literal gateways of Sound all around and through you, within the self and without in your environment.

The vibrations of the sound will bounce off your internal walls and create the perfect environment to use the power of Infernal Sound.

Be Well.

{Fastos, when I asked him about the Infernal Language}
It is a language structure just like yours with verbs, adjectives interjections, and other parts of speeh. These parts of speech come together to create Sound and manifest your desires.

Some phrases are action words which command and push particles and vibrations together and thus move energy.

More descriptive words, such as “drugsavan”, are descriptive and call forth specific vibrations of energy to be used.

The Demonic Alphabet is not a physical script but is a sound script. These Sounds are given shape much like Sigils and are turned into a sort of script to use.

You write with the Demonic Alphabet by chanting and Inscribing Sound Sigils upon your target or object of power through Mantra.

The Pen
{I was Shown a Vision of a Demonic Scribe writing Reality with his words. The Demonic Sound Script was flowing from his mouth in red glowing letters}

The Demonic Pen Is Mans Tounge. His awakened And Sharpened Demonic Tounge constantly inscribes his will on the Fabric of Reality. Through learning words of power, you become the Infernal Scribe capable of writing and reading writing the rules of Reality.

The Word is how Creation was formed and The Word is how it will be dissolved into nothingness.


I’m gonna add more incantations from him as time goes by for other things such as money, health, power, etc.
And my favorite specialty, Baneful Magic :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Rite To Manifest Sex {Or Any Desire}

Vizualize a realm of Pure Energy around you that is colored white. White is the color of reality being a blank Slate.

Begin to focus on your Will and Feel the Sexual Vibrations swell within you. Do not attach the vibrations to one person or situation yet, as that will come later.

Use the Incantation for Sex and see the script flowing out of you and being imprinted on reality.

Keep pushing the sexual vibrations through this gateway until you feel the need to stop.

Now begin to vizualize the object of your desire in accordance with your Will. This is literally imprinting upon the matrix of reality your Will and Desire, programming it directly.

When guided to stop, then stop and light your candle and command your will to be done.

This rite can be used to manifest anything, but sex is a primary example


Lol, I read the heading as evocation of fatso sex. :rofl:

Great post by the way.


@Micah Thanks bro for sharing, will use it today in my ritual.


ask him for an incantacion to destroy internal blockages like doubts insecurities please!!


Love it @Micah!

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Amazing! @Micah has done it again.


Incantation For Money

Jasof nengreda itshcu tabla riol tesch adjron draj nuiz desca tol/
Ni-najet asol mongo tufe itz crole saju lamba ni-orco streh ambo-tu/
Mangat-so I’tunshe nahgra maak su to neh ha

This incantation Needs no candle, spirit, or magic square.
This relies on sheer Expression. Meaning your Will and how badly you WANT this shit. Most of the times we say to not WANT something or be attached to it but this powerful form of magic draws on just that, want.

The more badly you want the money, the more power will be forced through your throat chakra by the Incantation. You can feel this as a tightening and swelling of energy in it.

Another sign that a Demonic Incantation or Word of Power is legit is you WILL feel the Vibrations of it scratching and tearing your throat chakra as it moves through you.

This can result in a Sore throat if you arent used to Infernal energy and using incantations extensively :ok_hand:


I got you @Xag_darklight
The spirits gonna get me back in the groove one way or the other I see :joy:


@Micah is on Infernal Fire!

Keep it up, bro man.

Don’t tire yourself out though. Get some rest.


That’s why I’m a sleep right after I post this last rite :joy:

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I think @Micah posted one like that already. Might not be through the same entity.


thats awesome it would more powerful if they will be conbined!


The Demonic Tongue and Enochian are like computer languages that program or reprogram reality using will, intent and emotion. The words carry vibrations that alter the frequency of the time-space fabric (or “matrix”) that we percieve of as “reality”.


Tips to help in pronouncing these incantations:

If any of you are familiar with the sci-fi shows, “Star Trek:TOS” and “Stargate SG-1” then you’ll understand the principle.

The Klingons on Star Trek have their own language and sound like a combination of Chinese and Arabic. Try saying these incantations in an aggressive manner the way they would.

The Gouald aliens on Stargate have a strange sounding quality to their voice, to say it nicely and their own language. Try to say the words the way they and their slave army, the Jaffa would.

Lastly, you can just sing the words. Seriously. Does the term “angelic choir” mean anything to you? Demons are “fallen angels” right?


Very Good Tips @CyberLord

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Is this solely for money or can it be used to will otherwise?


The incantation or the part about Expression?

The Incantation as far as I know is solely for money.

But the Expression part can be applied elsewhere


Incredible it!
I used this enchantment and in nine days I had my result …
I’m happy with the result


Good for you!