Here are some Incantations i coined and charged for specific Purposes:

Axenofur (AX-Zen- oh-fur)
(To remove all mental/internal blocks to the development of psychic senses)

Sumballa Extrakur (Soom-ballah Extra-curr)
(Calls on Shaitan to eradicate all Islamic influence and will strengthen and increase natural resistance to such energies)

(Calls on Naos and Algol to Propel and Activate Instantaneous Ascent)

(Mantra for Assuming your Godhood and shifting it to a more awakened state; and clears blocks on the astral senses, opens them, and heightens your ability to use them)

Ghogie’Lasch’tu manzay
(Uses the Qlippothic Sphere of Ghogiel to destroy all blocks to Ascent)

(Removes All blocks on Soul Travel and increases your ability to Do so (to soul travel))

Thats it for now. The PoD (Powers of Darkness) are not letting me add any more for now.


I’m gonna drop this here someone can confirm this if they have time.

"Itz raka Junbaka
til hana Jum rana "

I asked for an incantation for legions to bring me money, I think its more likely a motivation incantation to go out and get it because I feel energized and stop being overly lazy when I say it.
Someone double check please.

Also Micah thanks for the gems I’ll try it tonight.

how is this pronounced though

Goshephalakamakaz (goo-shee-fal-kama-kaz) chanted?


@Laith_wavey exactly how you typed it :joy:
Also we need to get on that stuff you pmed me about
Been hella busy, but i should be good now

And i feel its for motivation AND summoning legions at the same time

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Great! Thank you very much for sharing!:blush:


Thank you Micah. You are amazing!

Watching and bookmarked. Thanks a lot @Micah

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Wow! I did Axenofur and Goshephalakamakaz tonight for the first time (“vibrate” them around 50 times may be more) and i begin to feel my toes vibrate then the whole leg, when i did the second one it’s my second leg that vibrate too. As i begun to chant the incantations i feel immediately a strong vibration coming from my throat to my feet etc… i finished with incantation to feed my servitor that usually doesn’t vibrate this strong in my body.
Those are good ones to me :+1: if I remember i will update on them.
Thank you for sharing.