Evocation Of Fastos [Incantations, The Demonic Tongue, And The Origin Of Demonic Script]


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@Micah, is there an incantation for charging/activating a talisman/amulet? And, is there one for binding/linking a spirit to an object?

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@Micah Are the “It’s” also part of the incantation? Should both the Infernal Sound and Sex be used in tandem? Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing.


It might not be “It’s” it could be “Itz”.


ah yes, so it is part of the incantation. Just making sure.


The ancient “Script of the Gods”?


Congrats. Did you recite the incantation over and over once, or daily?


Incantations are meant to be repeated
And you can doing daily for better results and effectiveness as the result to come


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Several times until it becomes automatic … So I continued until I was induced to stop!


And @Nicolas_Tomas was induced to stop, he dropped into TGS and saw the gates of hell open up before his eyes and all his desires were laid bare before him.

Countless Demon bitches, piles of money, and world fame lay before him at his burning feet.

He stepped through the gates of Hell where Lucifuge awaited him and gave him the keys to Hells Gates.

The only thing left to claim was to Throne where Satan rests his dusty buttocks…


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@Micah Could you ask Fastos incantation to know one’s Guardian/Personal demon. Thanks.


can you channel an incantacion to clear brain fog and the blank mind sydrome/syptom? its due from anxiaty i got that and i feel my mind is blank and cant think clearly
can you please channel an incantacion to clear brain fog?


I have a simple remedy for this that can be made with basic ingredients from the kitchen.


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Thank you post it please!


Mix equal parts garlic and lemon juice, I use a teaspoon full of each and the garlic is crushed.
You don’t have to chew, just swallow and then supplement it with a glass of water immediately and another shortly after.

I take this on empty stomach. If your body weight is more than 65kg’s you may want to try a little more of it.

I found a nice little byproduct of the way these 2 ingredients interact, it brings on a slight natural high and a sense of calmness. Let me know if you experience that by any chance :wink:


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I have used a similar recipe to help fight off the cold and flu. Add a little cayenne pepper to this and you’re good to go!