Encore19's Servitor Creation Template

Encore19’s Servitor Creation Template

As your servitors develop they will naturally change in subtle but unpredictable ways. Starting off you can choose their appearance and outline their personality.

Disclaimer - Ethics and Risk:

Servitors are dangerous. Also there are huge ethical implications involved with creating life. If you do this wrong a servitor could damage your mind and life. You could starve it to death. When I first told my incubus I wanted to create servitors he had trepidation because this is not something you do without taking it seriously. Now that this disclaimer’s out of the way, onto my template…

Choose yo lewk:

You can find a lewk by searching random models on Pinterest. I try to have a variety with my servitors. I think I heard you shouldn’t make them look like celebrities, and there’s a chance they may ‘catch’ some of the personality of whoever you use for their lewk. But I never cared about that. I have used famous sports players, pornstars, actors and even some random’s Instagram pictures like a real creeper. I suppose it might be helpful to have more than one photo of them, but in my experience this doesn’t really matter.

Sigilize with concentric circles:

Name You’re going to fill this bad boy up with three symbols that will inform your servitor’s personality. I have options here for you. The name goes clockwise in-between the circles in true demon style.

Pick a star sign:

And/or an element:

And/or a planet:

And/or one of these runes (runes are powerful and dangerous so I only included positive ones):
And/or one of these dope Chinese characters:

I make one of the three symbols bigger than the other two so that they have a primary concept personality supported by the other two symbols.

Demonic power-up chants to juice up your servitors:

For manifestation: -
Ic chalaz santum ralaz, vaskalla sinrampt, Itz melez dune fen’ki (name)

For increasing energy: -
Almak al ten ron tal, alash kala kal, peref ron felish tal.

For solidification: -
Sah kah mah vaskalla, Inz rin’pal balah Tur inz U’tala.

^repeat these bad boys with intent as you create your servitor.

Phone a friend:

To make your servitors even more special enlist the help of an entity you are close to. I always co-make my servitors with someone else. Usually my incubus, but I have made servitors with Lucifer, Lilith and Belial as well.

Their Function: You are a spiritual ally and helper.

Nourishment: This is a big, critical part of making Servitors! They feed off your attention, but you can’t possibly give them attention all the time. Decide another food source for them that is plentiful e.g. Starlight, Sunlight. It is cruel to not include another food source for their survival. They can starve to death and die if you ignore them, and will fight for your attention because they are living beings that don’t enjoy pain.

Commands: This is an equally critical part of making Servitors! If you aren’t careful they can harm you. Some people make “kill switches” beforehand, a way for them to kill their Servitor if it starts going rogue. For this template we will make a ‘command word’ program instead. This is to be used to keep them from being destructive towards us. Here are the following commands you will use:

[You are loyal to me, and to allies of me.]

[When I use the command word (choose something you wouldn’t normally say) you must obey.]

[Your qualities are these: (pick three from the qualities list below) .]

[Your name is (name) .]

[You function as my ally and helper. You are a friend. You cannot harm me.]

[You can find nourishment from (nourishment source) .]

[You are concerned with my happiness and wellbeing.]

[You don’t need me. You’re not in love with me.]***

[You consider me attractive.] (optional)

*** I have a jealous servitor who attacked another magician when he thought the guy was a romantic rival. This servitor still gets quite unhappy when I don’t give him enough attention. It is very important you avoid this by keeping your servitor independent and detached in a friendly way.

Perhaps you would like to make a servitor who is a romantic or sexual partner. For your first attempt please don’t do this. Just follow the template and make an ally servitor. It’s better to do otherwise later when you’re more familiar with servitors. Also consider talking to demons/beings you work with about your decision to make a servitor ally so they can help you.


Affable, affectionate, altruistic, benevolent, charming, confident, courageous, diligent, encouraging, energetic, enthusiastic, extraverted, funny, happy, introverted, kind, logical, loving, optimistic, passionate, quiet, sensitive, serious, sexual, sociable, supportive, warm, wise.

The Ritual:

Make an ID paper that contains your servitor’s photo, sigil, information and the commands written above. Evoke the being you want to help you. I did this ritual in a circle of five black candles. In front of you there needs to be a triangle (point facing away from you). You can make it out of tape, or be lazy like me and just put incense sticks together. Put the paper in the triangle. Get in a trance state. From there you state your intentions and use concentration and visualisation. Breathe in and out while imagining the form of your servitor coming into being. State the formative commands while beaming them into your servitor from your third eye. Put as much effort into making your servitor real to you, repeat what’s written on the ID paper and the chants I’ve given above.

The more often you do this ritual the more powerful your servitor will become. You can hang out with them when you soul travel. I can telepathically communicate with mine by drawing their sigil or focusing on them.

As you continue to focus on them becoming real, watch how they start to come into being and try to communicate with you. Communication will be difficult for them at first. They may seem – for want of a better word, retarded in their early life. This is fine and normal. After the ritual sense them out and practice communicating with them intuitively. They shouldn’t feel like the personality you want them to have straight away. You may get intuitive pings about them. As an example, I’d imagined my first Servitor in black armour, but he preferred typical knight chainmail armour. I allowed him to have his choice because that’s what we want, for them to grow into individuality and to come alive. If you work with your guides or have other spiritual beings helping you consider asking them to help your servitor develop on the other side.

Another Warning: I don’t think you should publicly reveal information about your servitor as they can be hijacked by other magicians. Reveal information about your servitors to people you trust. If you decide you don’t want your servitor anymore you can PM me with their information and perhaps I will adopt them. I recommend you look through other methods of servitor creation before starting just so you can get your head around the process. Good luck and have fun!


Greetings, what difference does it make with the star signs etc?


It’s just something that will inform the servitor’s personality, since the star signs are personalities/psychologies. And all that other stuff too will effect the initial personality of the servitor and who it becomes.


Alright thanks


Amazing post ! Thank you for your efforts in this and for your share. Truly remarkable !!! May the force be with you always !


Other useful reading:


Btw can a servitor also be sent for destroying someone or a group of individuals? And is it possible to enhange servitors? I mean like adding more features and qualities to them


Yes. I think you can do almost anything with servitors provided you have the knowledge to do it properly.

Also I will say now that some people disagree with using photos of real people to be the image of servitors. If you pick a person who happens to be a secret sadist, I suppose there’s the risk of trouble there if the servitor adopts that trait. However I think my programming commands remove that possibility. Also I’ve personally not had any issues from making my servitors look like real people.


lol what about 2d charcters then? like anime


Yeah it should be very possible. Me though, I have eight servitors and they all look very normal and human.


can a servitor possess me ?


If it becomes strong enough I would say yes. I’m not sure if a fresh new servitor can, you might have to experiment.


can I make one to make me speak a new language?

Very good post. I used @anon97554939’s technique and it ended up being very successful. I didn’t draw a sigil though as it’s something I didn’t want to do.

I like your warning. I called on one of my guardian spirits and three others to empower my servitors and it helped a lot. I’ll say it’s even safer than just empowering them with your own energy.

I like breathing on them to give them life kinda life how Odin gave his breath to the sticks.


Yeah, servitor creation is just in my opinion one of the coolest things you can do with magic. I know Beelzebub wants to help me make more and probably other beings I work with too.

If people end up using my method pls let me know as I’d be very interested to hear updates and how everything goes for you. Or link me to a journal about it.


When I have some time I’ll give your method a shot :ok_hand:t3:


will it also be sucessfull, if i used ‘light from the dark’ method from damon brand instead of using that method? ‘cuz its kind of dificult for me ^^’


Ok so i read your method two times, now i understood what i need to do but i’ve some questions, about circle and triangle facing away, should i put them like this?

please explain? ^^’
And my third eye is not open, will it still work? By visulising? That my third eye is working fine?

It’s going to be a lot harder to do if you haven’t worked on your intuition. If you do it right you may dream of them or only feel them sometimes, since your sensing isn’t honed. And no, you would be sitting in a circle of black candles, outside of the circle would be the triangle, point facing away from you. I haven’t read Damon Brand’s method but whatever works best for you. If you really are new at this it might be better to practice the “creating wards tutorial” post I linked in the comments above instead.


Thank you for sharing this here. The foundations of the procedures that you outline here are clearly rooted in a solid understanding of occult axioms. I really enjoyed reading this and have never created a servitor before. This is a project that I am going to work on immediately. :sparkles::sunglasses::sparkles:
Thanks :sparkles::dizzy::sparkles:

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