Encore19's Servitor Creation Template

you said, doing that method often/again will make it stronger, then what if i do ‘light from the dark’ method again, will that make him stronger? tho these two are very different so i guess, results will be different too. what you think?

I don’t know the ‘light from the dark’ method. But yeah the first ritual you are beginning to create your servitor. Depending on your own power and if other beings are helping you it could take time. But redoing the ritual is like strengthening the servitor. Imagine them either standing in the triangle or sitting, facing you. But physically there and invisible.

And everyone who attempts this please let me know how it goes for you! Since I’ve only done it for myself.

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This is wonderful. I am in the middle of creating a couple of new servitors and the template appeared just at the right time for me. I’m going to work the ideas in to what I am doing. Thank you so much.

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I wanted to let you know that i created a servitor with keteriya’s template and used your sigil design and chants. It seemd to have worked. When and after using those chants my left ear was burning.


Awesome. Yes, reading multiple templates to do it in the safest and best way is the way to go.


Thank you @Encore19 for taking the time to create this detailed tutorial. I created two servitors with the steps you outlined and used some advice from Keteriya’s tutorial and I’m blown away with the results so far. Results I couldn’t achieve with spirits alone.

I’m working with spirits though, to help my servitors with their tasks, and the spirits don’t want me to go too into detail with my situation or to even say who they are because of the specific tasks and instructions the servitors have to follow, but nonetheless, I am so happy.

I’ll admit, the idea of creating a servitor was intimidating at first, but your tutorial, along with Keteriya’s made it easy.

Thank you again :bouquet:


does it have to be black candles? can i use white instead?

You’re creating a servitor, a spirit of your own design. You can use whatever candle colour you want to.


Thank you. I found this information very helpful.

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can those mantras be used for other things or just for servitors?

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I think you can adapt them for other things