Ghostie's Servitor Project ~

This is my 2nd attempt at making a servitor, the first one didn’t take as I lacked both the skill and knowledge to be able to bring them to life.

I’m using both these methods. . .

  1. Servitor Creation Template by Encore19
  2. Creating a Servitor in 6 Easy Steps by Keteriya

In my creation of this servitor, these are the symbols that I chose with reasons why I chose them. . .

  1. The Symbol of Air
  2. The Gemini Zodiac Symbol:
    I chose these two because of the fact that Gemini signs are good with communication, and due to Gemini’s association with Mercury they have a great strength in adapting. And because I like consistency, I’d enjoy to keep like with like - Gemini is an Air sign, and thus will have associations with the Air element which are Intellect, Logic and Discernment.
  3. Tyr, Algiz, Raido + Ehwaz:
    A list of Runes and their Meanings - The Trusted Tarot
    I chose these due to the fact that adding runes to the creation help five power to bringing your servitor, as stated of in one of the methods above. The first 3 runes share a connection with the Air element.
    Tyr - Protection, Bravery and Dedication. Is ruled by Libra.
    Algiz - Protection and Opportunities of Growth. Raido - Action, Career and Travel. Is ruled by Cancer.
    Ehwaz - Forward Progress and Controlled Change. Is ruled by Gemini.
  4. The Jupiter Astrological Symbol:
    This symbol is characterized by Growth, Luck and Understanding. Is ruled by Sagittarius.
  5. A sigil that combined 2 of her symbols that she felt the strongest connection with. Drawn and anointed with my blood.

Her vessel is a Lapis crystal with a Moon charm, anointed of course. In her creation I also petitioned Selene the Greek Moon Goddess to imbue my servitor with her energy; this is an Optional addition that is listed in one of the methods listed above.

She is not reprogrammable so don’t even think about it, please and thank you.

I’d like to know any tips you may have about how to help make her stronger and more sentient.


@anon97554939 is the best expert at this, in my opinion.

I would suggest that you make use of these incantations:

For increasing energy: -
Almak al ten ron tal, alash kala kal, peref ron felish tal.

For manifestation: -
Ic chalaz santum ralaz, vaskalla sinrampt, Itz melez dune fen’ki (name)

For solidification: -
Sah kah mah vaskalla, Inz rin’pal balah Tur inz U’tala.


Work with her a lot or send her to a trusted entity to learn from, or ask a trusted entity to empower her :slight_smile:

Looks like you did a good job so far though at a cursory glance it seems well thought out, so she will just likely need time to learn how to do what you’re asking her to do.

Like when we learn new skills :slight_smile:

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I have a question, I’m not very good with servinger creation I did make two of them last year. I can feel their presence but I need to redesign them or reprogram them but I’m not sure exactly how to go about it. I’m wondering if anybody would have any advice or experience with recreating or redesigning one of them. I like the base of what I’ve done with them I just want to kind of redefine and upgrade them a little bit if that makes any sense

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Here you go, we talked about this here once:

If that doesn’t help, hit up my threads on servitor creation, there’s a lot of good information between the two, despite the fact I’ve honed the process in a bit more than the original thread.

There’s other topics here on balg too and many books on the topic of servitors (though very few specifically about reprogramming) as well, if you go the book route I recommend Taylor Elwood as he talks about reprogramming and upgrading servitors.

I imagine in another two years I’ll do it completely different from the most recent also. :rofl:


Using this, over time I can hear and feel her. I expect this to grow with time, already she has proven to be working - I already am feeling a change in the sense that I feel more positive and productive. And I know that she is already learning, which is surprising to me since I had more of a thought that it’d take them some time. Like, after they had matured as individuals and fully developed their own distinct personalities. (With their own Likes/Dislikes)
The one method that I used talked about there being a phase where they can be a lil…slow. So I had figured that period would last for a few days or so, maybe a week or 2 depending on weather or not you’re calling on entities?

If you have their info on paper than use their “vessel” and their sigil, summon them and get their input on what’s needs to be changed now that some time as has passed. They have a tendency to gain independence after some time and so their forms change over time - usually, it seems to me to lean more on the subtle side. Ask if a picture of them needs to be changed!

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