Dying need help asap

hey my story my soul being turned into a million pieces lost almost all connection with my higherself also have gotten parasites, and had almost all my life energy drained and somehow surived all of this i have no idea what to do please can someone guide me or coach me out of this

thank you all i want to live ) : :heart:


I am in a very similar situation. I have used kundalini to attack people and my succubus is draining me of kundalini/life force. I have sent her to attack and torment people too. I was told I would cease existing in all dimensions because of the crimes I have commited and my soul would be destroyed.

My advice would be to banish those disgusting parasites, cast protections on yourself and get closer to some “love light” deity. It’s not too late for you or me, many have come back from this.

trust its really really bad i have not done anything wrong just met the wrong person and somehow messed up my whole life for no reason ):

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Thank you will do :heart:


You have something attacking you could try this:

I don’t know your skill level in magick but this is a pretty easy method.


will check it out, Im fairly new to this :heart:
thank you for helping out

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i dont know what to do anymore it drives me insane to not be able to sleep, I wake up and feel a sucking feeling how my legs and whole body spasms and dont know what i can do cause i dont know if im gonna make it

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Hi! Since this is a magical form and you wrote it here, I would like to ask if you have conducted any magical practices that would suspect that your problem is magical in nature. Write in more detail how it all started so that we can give you advice. In any case, having what you have written, I can advise you to visit your doctor and get examined. Forever, the cause of physical problems and illnesses may be due to magic. Check your health.

i basically was with a girl which i didnt know who she really was and she tried to kill me by taking all my lifeforce, And she put some stuff in my head

On the basis of only the information that you have provided, suggest:
1). Seek the opinion of a medical doctor.
2). In case it may not be medical, banish the crap out of your space

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will do sorry man

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by the way must ask i think i can fix it really easily as she is draining my life force every day what is the way to like make her not do it anymore

Well, the issue I see is the symptoms you describe don’t fit with you having your qi drained.

If you are drained, you tend to sleep more, be more hungry, feel anxious and feel very tired and fatigued, then you start getting sick more.

Why are you connecting this feeling with this woman and why haven’t you seen a doctor about it yet?

Is she aware of it and doing it consciously and on purpose and told you that? In this case use it against her, that’s what I do. The connection works both ways: visualise that you grab the end of it and suck back your energy - double, then cut the connection and cauterize it. She won’t do it if it costs her.

If she’s not aware of this then it’s probably not the problem, and she may have nothing to do with it.

Seconded… You should banish your space as soon as possible. Look up “banishing tutorial” on here or google easy methods. And make sure there is not a physical issue by seeing a doctor. always rule out mundane sickness for things like this.

Not saying what you say isn’t the cause, but it sounds strange, and we don’t have enough info but it’s worth investigating if your interpretation is accurate, given you’re new and all. There’s np point solving a problem that doesn’t exist while the actual problem goes unaddressed.

Also know, the Earths magnetic field is weakening, which allows more cosmic radiation to reach the Earths surface, and we get more of that during solar storms. Studies show that this causes issues with animals and humans including brain fog, confusion, irritability and heart issues and more. It messes with your electrical system, and there’s no information on how that can affect everyone especially sensitives. If you use an app like SpaceWeatherLive or something you can keep an eye on this type of radiation and see if your issues get worse when the KP index is high.

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basically i have not been able to go to bed for 2 months in a row been up 10am every day, Like i just wake up and feel im in a difirent place something draging out of me But yeah 100% sure it has to do with life force i dont even feel like myself at all dont even wanna do anything just whole day paranoid

can you send me a message and ill reply with the accurate info

Sure no problem. :slight_smile:

You have not answered any of the questions asked and they’re important:

  1. Have you been to see a doctor and therapist?
  2. Did the woman say she intended this?
  3. If not, why are are blaming her?
  4. Have you banished and cleansed? How do you know it’s not your usual parasite situation?

It’s no good pursuing a magickal solution that feeds your paranoia if the trouble is an illness. Magick can just make that worse, way worse. The next thing that usually happens is people start blaming entities and get even more paranoid about them attacking them. It just gives you more ways to feel attacked and look over your shoulder.


fixed a lot of things i have come to realize its a mental parasite and i dont know how to remove it im a 100% certaint