Does someone here use voice recorder when summoning spirits?

My astral senses aren’t developed so I have an idea to use voice recorder when trying to contact spirits. Did someone here do this? If yes, which voice recorder did you use?

If you wanna use your phone, I’m fond of this app:

A voice recorder won’t usually pick up spirit comms in some way you can’t, they detect audio and some other frequencies but can’t pickup spirit voices in the same way as teleptahy and clair-audience, try this:

I cant see spirits also.

Well you probably want to work on that then, and meanwhile learn a method of divination, one like I Ching or Book Of Fate which give relatively clear text answers, and one like Tarot or Runes which rewuires some degree of clairsensory ability to get the most from the readings.

What is the book of fate?

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So i can use this method while trying to contact a spirit? This method will give me the answers from the spirit that I am contacting?

No, it will help you to determine a course of action, There is no way I am aware of by which you can get complete and reliable answers from an authentic spirit without using clairsensory abilities.

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