Yes/No answers from spirits you can't see that clearly

There’s a spirit I work with who can, at times, be hard for me to hear - I asked him to convey simple yes/no answers by either nodding his head up and down for yes, or making a sweeping motion with his arm, sort of diagonally down, for no. These seperate gestures are very hard to mistake.

I usually get really good “comms” but this technique’s working well where I can’t, and I know clairaudience etc can be a worry for newbies, so thought I’d share how we’ve overcome it on this occasion, in case it helps anyone.

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^ be careful, someone might start asking you to predict Football (soccer for us 'mericans) matches…

In all seriousness great info Lady Eva.

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ermergerd…one spirit that is REALLY good with clairaudience and internal communication is Vassago.

Considering I haven’t evoked once, I’ll keep this thread in mind for when I start to summon spirits. Thanks for sharing!

Bumping this - if you can get any visible manifestation whatsoever, this method is better than head nodding for yes and shaking for no, it’s clearer - I continue to use it with some spirits, even ones I can “chat” with when the questions is a simple yes or no thing.

Had one when i woke up this morning, a demon assassin appeared and asked in demonic what it’s orders were, i thought of the orders and suddenly i started to speak those words in demonic latin, after the talk was over it dissapated. It was about someone commiting a taboo. There was no name only my decision of what the punishment should be, since that assasin came to me, i probably had to decide what execution should have to be used.

The feeling was epic.

Yay! How is that on-topic to my OP, though?

Or did you just want to name-drop “demon assassins”? :wink:

Bumping this for new people who can get some trace of visible manifestation/clairvoyant sight, but nothing more yet.