Detecting LARPers

First off, I welcome every newbie that will read this thread.Since,this thread is more pointed towards you.Regulars have seen enough of this bullshit going on, so they know a larper when they see one.But since you are a newbie, its likely that you fall off to this.We can never stop larpers totally but we can save you.

So,how do we detect a larper? Lets look at types of people who larp.

1- Victims of parasitic action.

These people do a misstep in their practice somewhere.Its either believing another larper, or they straight go into evocations before they can even drop their minds.Result is;a parasite tricks them into thinking they are all powerful beings and they are unstoppable while they cant even manifest a nickle.

Hint:These parasite act as usually a very very famous spirit.Go into sex threads and you wont see someone having his/her way with an unknown spirit.They are always gods and kings.

But these people really believe that they are.So,in a sense, even these people seem to larp, they do not actually BUT it would be good if you guys can slap a sense to them, or just stay away from them.

2- People who really larp.

These people are absolute clowns are they are the most disgusting people of this community.They will fish for likes,newbies who expect magick is all Holywood, will have bright eyes reading this stories, and there is a possibility that they will either become another larper or, they will get parasites unto them.

How do we detect these assholes?

Easy.You gotta look at their history.There are two common cases.

1- People who make outrageous things in such a small time.These people usually come off as newbies,and then suddenly, they kill/defeat a famous god, or an angel etc.While I believe you can see spirits, after all its all written on mythology,doing it in such a small time frame is outright impossible.Unless, again its a trickster tricking you while feeding your valuable energy.

2- Sex maniacs.By gods, these ones make my skin crawl.They attract horny people like magnets.They are all for fishing likes, and they will never post anything other than sex, which should tell you this:

They dont know anything about magick.Because in both uberpowerfuls or irresistable sluts make their posts like they are on a dramatic tv show.Oh yes, some spirits will create drama but its not like what they write.They act like spirits are really thirsty over their stinky pussies and unwashed assholes lol.Again, spirit sex is real, but you wont see someone who really has sex brags about it non stop.

Lets do a TL;DR.Take these claims with salt.

1- Killing a famous spirit.
2- Having sex with a famous spirit.

Also, when challenged, these people usually act very angry.Its so fun, go ahaed and try it lol.I hope this will be of help to you guys.


Thanks for this very well thought out post. Hopefully it will help many people avoid falling victim to LARPers, potentially dangerous situations, and being misled on their magickal journey.


I always had a nagging g worry that I came across as one of these… when I joined it was by as fairly standard “stumbled in” route led by dreams of finding myself an incubus… but I had done a fair amount of magic 20years ago and kinda buried the memories - after lurking and reading it brought back the memories and I was able to jump back in quite quickly & make good progress-
My memory is shocking any way and 20 years of drudge & work exhaustion had all but erased it! I did worry that it made me come across as a larper… but I’ve always been more of a reader than a poster so :woman_shrugging:


@AureliaMencargianis Thank you, please do add if you have further commentary if I forget something. :smiley:


I can’t believe people have the energy to LARP here :roll_eyes:

As a newbie, these people give us a bad name and I know today my satire may not have landed because of these people or I’m just not funny :joy:

I’m sorry to the regulars on here that have to deal with these people as it dilutes the real content.

I do think that these newbies who are ‘having sex with gods’ learn how to figure out if it’s the real thing or not. I do understand their logic though, they wanted this so bad that when something happens they need validation so they post about it.

But again, I’m a ‘noob’ so I’m only just finding solid ground now too. :joy:


Nice one bro!
Good read!


That is always a sensitive topic. The lines are sometimes blurry between LARPing and real. Non-Larpers can be accused sometimes of larping too, when they become too extrovert about their experiences, or if people may see mostly only one side and there are several things they don’t know about a person. Same, as with beliefs, it is difficult to point the finger to someone.

I think a good point of seeing who is larping is what you wrote, they will suddenly fight gods or hordes of succubae or be capable of great astral things or such. And they will have a huge belief about themselves to be the next buddha or astral superhero or something. That seems to be often, but not always, a sign accompanying them.

And most of all, they are never wrong.

Further, they seem often to have little to no interest though or the patience, to truely take the time to research things, to learn about them or put the effort in, and have the patience it sometimes takes, to achieve something. I think, this is another good sign to see the difference, especially where the line seems to be blurrying.


This one is where the mute function works for me best. :grin::grin:

Seriously, you did well…


It’s such a bummer I can’t show you the many succubae laying by my feet, exhausted from my manly sex godhood, who didn’t survive the act…

LOL just joking!!! Sorry, I couldn’t resist! :rofl:


What does it matter if someone is LARPing or not as long as they are preforming magic?

Why can’t very famous spirits act as parasites and or sex maniacs when canonically Greek Gods frequently act that way?

Magic is not all Hollywood, but Hollywood is all magic.


Larping is pretty much NOT preforming magick lol.


Do you know what larping means?


It matters, because, either we want to watch a hollywood movie or a netflix series and think, that stuff really happened, or we want to actually truely do and experience these things by following true and good advice instead of a screenplay script.

Honestly, let’s assume, someone much more progressed in magic told me tomorrow, that I’m wrong and what I think is a succubus, isn’t. I would not only listen to that one, but would be glad they told me that, and ask to show me where I make a mistake and what else is truely going on and how to fix this.

Let’s not forget, learning discernment is part of becoming a magician and there is always the possibility, that we are being mislead somewhere. Don’t we have to stay open-minded and also open to the possibility, of having somewhere made a mistake, if we are to progress?


I thought you knew what it meant. Let me DDG LARPing for you.

I use the Thelema definition of Magick but I don’t distinguish it from stage magic so I call them both magic. Magic is defined as the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.

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Basically it’s not doing what you think you’re doing and mostly just acting it out. In occult to larp is no different from the actual acting. You’re taking on a role and faking it. In this case either you’re aware of it (troll) or unaware of it (general newbie)


That is fiction vs non-fiction.

What is it then?

Everyone is trying to influence and persuade one another.

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Lol I have been detecting larpers over a year and thank you, I will pass your definition.I dont need it anyways.

First thing first, stage magick is magick.Larpers dont do magick.Like Velenos said either they are victims or they are the ones who create victims by spreading false information. :man_shrugging:

You are confusing ceremonial rituals of Thelema with Wattpad posters dude.


I thought that meant “Let me dominant daddy/girl LARPing” until I clicked the link! :rofl:


Just goes to show how much is in the eye of the beholder.

Problem with calling out larpers is they never think they are. You need, to quote a “law of media,” to get inside the prospect’s head and enter their dialogue. :wink:


My goal was to actually inform a newbie to where to be sceptic more than calling them out, but hey I would be lying if I said I dont enjoy calling them out :sweat_smile:


Give me a LARP reading then.