What is it like to have sex with a demon/spirit?

I am interested in having sexual interactions with spirits, but not just any spirit. I’d rather deal with an intellectual spirit that has some kink. No human bodies. What are some warnings to take note of before performing something like this? How can this be performed? Thanks.


There’s many topics on this, just search the forum. Letter of intent will (search :mag_right:) tell you how to evoke, gain a companion. However would be good to also search for peoples experiences.

I will add, don’t get into a relationship with any spirit solely for sex. They are not sex objects either. So do some research. Also you won’t be able to feel anything if you don’t work on your senses.


I will add on to this that even if sex isn’t your only reason it shouldn’t be any of the main ones. It leads to a very shallow relationship in my experience.

Basically if you want sex do a spell for a friend with benefits. If you are looking for relationship then describe the personality type and things that you want to have in common. Look for a friend 1st that will develop into a lover.


Very true, the exact point I was trying to really stress about.


This could be a little bit harder to find in the spiritual world then in the physical world since a lot of LHP practitioners also partake in the BDSM lifestyle. (I personally scored in this department).

But to echo @dagar and @Mind_Seeker20 do your research. The forum has stories of the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to sexual activity with spirits.

Also know that you will not physically feel anything as you would with a human partner. I just don’t want you to bet your spirit lover and then Be disappointed because mind blowing kinky sex didn’t happen as you wished.


As mentioned, there are plenty of threads on this which are at your fingertips. Here are a few to get you started on hearing about others’ experiences:

Some other useful threads for others who stumble upon this topic and are also interested in pursuing this (a relationship) and want further reading:

This particular thread is around a spicy subject matter, but there is a TON of great information about the reality vs. perceptions of these types of relationships:


It simply isn’t the way it goes around with relationships towards any entity. It is very shallow indeed and ends up serving no purpose when the only thing you are doing with the spirit is sex. Having an understanding from all points of views of being with a spirit and having a relationship with them opens up plenty of opportunities to expand any knowledge you want to know from each other on a very serious note back and fourth with each other. Then you’ll realize just how much spirts can aid in your everyday life and bring so much on the the table and the assist. I certainly wouldn’t lable any demon of any kind neither the kings and goddess as solely for sex because quite frankly the amount of disrespect shown there already puts you at major flags if you want jump on that train only and not reach for any other benefits that are there with them.

Having sex relations with particular spirits is only the part of the piece that comes with working with them. Having serious relationships means the dedication you have to have is precise after the constant practice with everything combined together. The dedication you have for them is everything. They take that deeply from within their hearts. It such a shock to me how much my group of succubus applause me for not completely losing my shit at another busy day at work due to all my meditation works that calm the hell out of my stress. These ladies are basically my Invisible life coaches. The amount of support they throw at me on the daily basis is out of this damn world especially with last year when COVID was at all time high that it unfortunately Interfered with me for a short moment but thankfully very far past that time now. To @Tim.Amarok I would look what @SagaMysterium posted just get little more of an understanding since there are plenty of experiences in those threads.

It will never be the on the levels of human partners but the physical feel comes to a certain extent deeply with them after you have your senses wide open. Our senses play a large role into us feeling their own parts. We’re on the same as humans because our levels are exact on the same living plane if that makes sense in a way. To get to that point we got to put our levels higher to reach that possibillity. Which is why Astral sex feels much more deeper than regular sensations because of our astral bodies connecting Immediately with spirits because they don’t have to stimulate our bodies or sacral chakras to get things going as we’re already on their levels in the astral world. Agreed I would never want to be disappointed with the spirit due to lack of any feels if one is looking to feel the same as if it was with a human partner. It just isn’t in the same levels for obvious reasons.


I don’t have any sense of attraction to humans, but only spirits. I would be more than happy to form a relationship with one. I used to have some come to me during sleep paralysis and do these things but not anymore. Would like to rekindle, but not with parasitic spirits of course.

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If I understand it right, you don’t only seek sex but a real relationship? So I guess it’s best to set aside the sexual aspect at first and think about what is your most important goal, what is the most important aspect of a relationship for you?
As you start working towards that goal (with entities) you might get to the point where a relationship is forming, and it will have a purpose.
That way the chance of attracting some parasite is also lower.


Yes, I actually do think a relationship is better than just sexual intimacy with a spirit. I wouldn’t think that all spirits would accept a sexual offer though.


You just want kinky sex my friend, but humans aren’t good enough for you. So you like spirits more, any reason for that? You’re asking what is it like to have sex with a demon spirit but then you’re saying you already had sleep paralysis and most likely got all excited about all the touches and the sexual tension. I have been having sex with spirits every night pretty much and sometimes it’s very unreal, as in…
It happens in a very physical way and it is so intense.
Other times I barely feel a thing and even though I know someone is there, I can struggle to see or hear.
But if you do build up a relationship with a spirit, not only sexual, it will elevate you spiritually and you’ll have a better connection with that spirit so that when you actually do have sex, it beats anything else you’ve experienced in your human life.
Also, you speak about kink.
Do you think whips and chains are going to materialise from thin air and you’ll have a sexy demon in your bed to play with?
What do you mean about kink?

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Thanks for going in deeper on this. I was falling asleep and just couldn’t form the rest of my thoughts.


Sleep head :yum:

It feels like a half as dense body on top of your half as dense body except they can reach inside you and feels like energy is being thrown around , not advised , usually they take lots of energy in exchange ,

Just channel your energy towards your goals , will be much happier

If you are not someone they care about or value they will use you as a battery and you will just suffer


Yup, headaches, feeling tired all the time, having no energy to do anything or motivation… Just tk name a few.

Although if they like you and they know how much they are taking, they can also replenish it.
This is if you have a relation with this spirit and you both agree pretty much on everything that is happening.

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I never had BDSM with a spirit but during sleep paralysis, I feel vividly touched so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d bring a whip from thin air and hit me with it. So no, I do not image whips and chains materializing from thin air lol, unless I am in a deep state of trance or paralysis. If anything, I’d like to have a relationship with a spirit rather. By kink, I find pleasure in being physically abused by them.

I’m a human, I get biological urges so to me this is a necessity.

That’s not really… Kink, it’s masochism.
A lot of them take fun from this but then on the other hand, it depends, it might be difficult for it to be physical unless you’re spiritually elevated and have a good relation with this spirit. Otherwise it will fill more like tickles. It’s all about energy I think… The more you give the more they take the more exists in that micro cosmos, the more chance of a physical thing happening.
I know because many times I am actually bound.
I can move, but I can’t for example move my legs, or my arms, or sometimes both, depends on the situation. As if someone would be holding me down. Or even worst… But I’m not going to get into details… There’s other posts for that :wink:

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Gain a good a relationship with them, worship them, do many spells with them and pacts for many years. Then have sex with them if they agree to this.
Set up an alter for them and always trust them.

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Does it happen when you are at the state of sleep paralysis? Do explain a bit of that. I have had sexual interactions with entities during sleep paralysis where I actually feel them touching me the way a normal human would. What would be the difference?