Detecting LARPers

I cant call names , sorry about that. :man_shrugging: That would probably be breach of rules.


Quote: thought that meant “Let me dominant daddy/girl LARPing” until I clicked the link!Endquote:


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I think one of the worst things about LARPers in my opinion is the snowball effect. For example, Person A conjures up a brilliant story in their head about defeating a powerful entity/managing to master contact with demons after only practicing magick for days etc. Then they post it online and it gets read by other people; some of whom are new to the world of magick or are struggling with personal problems and desperately seeking a solution.

Some of these people believe the claims of Person A and exacerbate the initial story by telling their friends about it etc. This prevents spiritual progression and can be very negative to the people who believe the claims of Person A. It can also give false expectations about what working with the spiritual realm really means e.g. instant relationships with spirits, gaining skills without having to practice or put any effort in at all.

I mean no disrespect to anyone, but in my opinion this is why it can be problematic.


Here’s my problem with certain threads:

There has been a noticeable recent influx of posts (mostly by females, from my observation) that are extremely gushy and overly (and enthusiastically) focused on romance, sex and “relationships” with spirits that are only centered on the aformentioned, and also on very mundane activities, while simultaneously displaying a total lack of actual spiritual content. “He helped me so much with my confidence issues” isn’t really useful. How did that happen, what advice has “your” spirit given you that others might benefit from? Or is your whole objective only to gush about how “bae” your spirit lover is?

Here’s what I have noticed throughout these threads and comments. Despite some people’s claims of having magickal experience for so-and-so many years, they

  • don’t seem to have mastered even the most basic techniques that are required for successful contact with spirits

  • only speak in very vague terms, if at all, about any tangible results other than extremely subjective ones that may also have resulted from them having a case of euphoria from their presumed specialness since, well, they’re Azazel’s or Lucifer’s [insert ego-boosting title]

  • absolutely NEVER utter the faintest word of warning to newbies about potentially falling prey to parasites or thoughtforms

  • instantly and often aggressively rebuke any and all attempts by more experienced people to open their eyes to the possiblilty that they might not be dealing with who they think they’re dealing with

  • generally do NOT act like a person who is in control of their ego, is self-aware or has an actual grasp on what a spirit relationship is like (hint: it’s not all fluffy pink beds, steamy sex and nonstop romance)

  • always, always hook up with very well-known spirits such as demonic kings or gods and alarmingly often seem to have been told that they are, for reasons that are never disclosed, extremely special/ have a misison/ are the only legit wife or whatever of the spirit (hate to break it to you, but you’re not)

Live and let larp, but the problem is: These threads attract clueless newbies who (or so it seems, judging from their reactions) are insecure and want to feel important and validated. Since they, without exception, paint a very unrealistic image of spirit relationships, these topics are misleading and could cause problems such as attracting parasites due to a skewed mindset, lack of basic knowledge and techniques such as grounding, shielding or banishing, and therefore begin or intensify a cycle of self-delusion and parasitic infestation that leads to more of the same in the long run, and will bring ZERO tangible results. “Feeling good” is not a result. It’s nice, and it often happens, but there are more things at play here. Also, it doesn’t necessarily have to be parasites. Self-created thoughtforms are a surefire recipe for delusion and stagnation as well.

I will not accuse anyone of willingly misleading others, but I will call out BS when I see it, and these threads are BS. You don’t just up and make a pact with any random spirit you think is “bae” or “hot”.

Another thing: The aggressive rebuking of any and all dissenting voices (no matter how tactfully expressed) shows that you’re not in the state of mind you would be in if you actually had such intimate ties with Lucifer, Belial, or whoever you fancy. These spirits are badass, awesome, all that (though personally, I have a hard time referring to, say, King Paimon as “cute”, but whatever) – but they’re teachers of self-awareness, understanding and mastering your ego and overcoming your weaknesses (that includes cattiness, jealousy and misguided competitiveness btw) and thus becoming the master of your own circumstances. If you’re constantly suffering from anxiety, depression and such, despite presumably having such a close bond with a spirit, then I’ve got news for you: You’re not with this spirit. Plain and simple. They would have kicked your ass into gear in ways like you wouldn’t believe. They would have helped you, not tried to help, but actually helped you, find real-life, tangible solutions for your problems and, while not solving everything for you (you gotta do that yourself, no spirit daddy is gonna take care of that), they will play a big part in setting yourself straight and putting yourself on the right path. It’s a work in tandem with these spirits, internal alchemy, and gradual transformation of your old self/ reality and thus manifestation of a new reality of which a more powerful you is in charge.

Do you comprehend that? Or are you still stuck in La La Land with your bae Paimon? Who is soooo super cute?

Wake up, or else your shitty reality will do that for you where you’re fooling yourself and your precious energies are being harvested by beings that tell you what you want to hear all the time, keeping you dependent upon their “love” and guaranteeing you remaining stuck instead of making any progress.

If you’re truly here to learn, then at least listen to those who are trying to look out for you instead of shutting everyone out who doesn’t unconditionally echo your romantic gushing about your spiritual daddies, superdupercute baes, and amazeballs lovers.


@Lux_Tenebris I think you should have wrote the thread :joy::+1::+1::+1: Nice one.


I’m afraid they don’t want to hear any of this. Because they are not with a parasite or a thoughtform, how dare we? We just don’t understand! :woman_facepalming:


Oh Man.
You are right i give you that.

You inspired me to write my experiences more in detail and in practicality .

Bc i practice for a long time now magic and it would be a shame if i come across like a larper.

I thank you.


Wonderful reply!

Makes me think, I should make a more useful post in my journal (yes I do tend to speak too often about the romantic/sexual part and positive things and too less of the rest sigh) about the bad sides and experiences, which are a warning to people completely new. It’s not as enjoying however, to speak about these, most of the time… one likes to remember the good times rather than the bad.


Sadly people who are viewed as experienced can be larpers too, like the kind that flex what they believe they are so they have to make a habit of telling everyone every chance they get. “I’m [insert race or entity” then it’s like “oh did I forget to mention I’m this entity/person”


A little irrelevant but something I feel needs to be said. My general advice is for anyone new is to take what you read with a grain of salt, including my own threads. Everything should be up for experimentation, not to be taken at face value. That is how we grow.


I think a lot of the sex stuff is from people who actually followed social distancing and stay at home orders getting lustful and stir crazy.


Thaaaaaaaaaaaaat! LOL


It’s been going on longer than the pandemic, but it may play a role. It could be larping as well. However, I have a guess that in some cases, the act of sex is the best symbol an individual’s mind can process energy exchange between two beings, so it uses that. Not saying that that is the case all the time and it is just a guess on my end, mind you.


I admit, I am a total noob, and have tried a few things, like petition spells that @DarkestKnight wrote about. I am also submitted a letter of intent to Lilith @succupedia wrote about. I have tried to open Belial’s sigil, the paper the sigil was on seamed to hover in my hands. I made my request for opening my magick abilities. I take this seriously. And I am grateful for all your advice, like @anon84423462 @Dralukmun @anon48079295 @Lux_Tenebris and @Lady_Eva.


I suppose it’s everywhere. You’ll realise that authenticity is widely prevalent but so is disingenuous motive.

You can find a lot of things “questionable” of its authenticity but at the end of the day it is going around circles to assume who is what because behaviour is kaleidoscopic and delicate. people will act the way they feel best portrayed and they’ll believe what they’ve digested as facts that spoke to them from fickle of imagination. All the best

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Nothing wrong with being a noob and trying things out, at all. We all start somewhere. Be bold (but thoughtful) as you push the evelope and expand outwards. That is how you begin to find the path you decide to take.


Everyone was a newbie at some point, and still are in different areas of practice.


Thanks, I forget to mention, I feel like I spent hours trying to calm my mind, while listing to binary beats audio for alpha state. When I saw the sigil float, I chanted Belial’s enn, I don’t remember for how long, but didn’t feel a presents, but if it wasn’t for the forums knowledge members, I would have said he never came, he didn’t show, but I know that he did. I hope to one day give great advice such as you all have given, and continue to give.


You can find magick in larping, just as much as you can find larp in magick. They are not mutually exclusive, in fact, most of chaos magick is just larping.

To quote someone i heard online once “Magick is the act of lying to yourself so hard you make the universe believe you”.

And someone acting important, special, or like a savior is a giant red flag. Except for me, i really am an important savior.


Now here’s a question to ponder over…

Some claim, that a succubus and an incubus are nothing more than the anima and animus of our subconscious. So, a part of ourselves actually, which though has it’s own … conscious, so to say. Some could say, this is no different than a thoughtform or very close to.
Let’s assume a moment, this is the case (I’m not saying it is, I don’t believe so, but what do we know). In that order, the experiences are real. The anima/animus is real. Would you classify this as larping?