God protected me from Satan

I moved this to your Journal, my thread about the Duke isn’t a referendum, and this could lead to a derailment.


They said I preached. All I did was compare my experiences with using magic vs. praying to God and having a relationship with God. I revealed that my relationship with God and praying is better because I get similar or better results w/o having to spend a lot of time on meditations and magic.

They might even say that this is preaching and remove it or something?

This was my second post on this thread. I accidently deleted it. 3 likes

Ya and? 3likes…whats that supposed to mean.

Dude, we get you are major about God and workings with such and your workings yield results for you…

But seriously… You will not influence people on here by merely saying what you do and your results from it.

Whatever your gnosis is, it’s cool.
But don’t try to be reverend and influence others because of some result you got.

Some of here, are not interested in it. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk about it, just don’t try to make it out as the, excuse the pun “alpha and omega”.

Dark regards


Really? Companies pay billions to put out stupid ads that you don’t think influence people.

I am not. Being a Christian is the opposite of wanting to be revered; the same goes for the occult ~ people with real power don’t brag about it

I never made it out to be that. I encourage people to learn to control their own minds and reality through meditation.

Okay… Uhmmmm.
Dude, I wasn’t talking about companies and influences and so forth…
But Ya, whatever they do. Good for them. And those that follow it.

I didn’t say revered… I said reverend… Meaning in the preaching form. FYI… No one was bragging.

Point 3.Okay cool. Well Ya…

Good evening then…

Can anybody here manifest a nickle?

@Lady_Eva I was being honest and not sarcastic at all. I honesty believe it is possible to manifest material objects.

You can even look at my past posts where I have witnessed material things being manifested before me.

Can your god save you from alleged C_A gangstalking?

Cut it out @roulettekid, we’re tolerating your different belief system but goading people like this is NOT cool.

Do you thing, let us do ours, who knows you may learn something.



What does manifesting a nickel have to do with this thread o.o

A LARPER might come on here touting that he can manifest a nickle to attract such said abilities

Larpers are more likely to claim something bigger and quite outlandish than manifesting a nickel as manifesting can simply mean coming to it by any possible means.

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LARPERS may tout defeat of God in the astral realm so people will believe it, and their beliefs will give the idea energy and increase the possibility of God being defeated.

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defeat of God in the astral isn’t larping as the astral is the mental plane and many who have fought God in the astral usually are fighting the collective egregore not the one that originated from Canaanite lore.

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A wise man. Damn, I miss that guy.


@A_Pariah Littleshart said,“You are an amazing friend :smile:

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Everytime you reply marginally inappropriately, people jab at you for claiming your sky daddy is the biggest in the playground, and it just goes downhill… I’m just going to move them all here, if you want to start a proper Journal along lines of “I did this and such-and-such happened” (and that’s NOT about secret govt operatives or whatever) that’s cool, but all the stuff where you just clash with people for no reasons, that needs to not be derailing other topics please.

godlikeproductions.com is a wonderful place full of many people who have encounters with covert ops, and afaik they permit free and open discussions to promote Christianity and the like, and share tales of defeating demons, I enjoy reading it and I suggest you try somewhere like that! :+1:


Actually it isn’t. It’s an insult yes, preaching no.
Preaching would be going off on how you should repent and so on.

I never claimed this. I never claimed 90% of what you guys claim I claimed.

That’s what I did, and everyone got political/religious/occultic. If you say that God helped you with something on this forum, it is considered offensive.

It is more like when people completely misinterpret what I say. For example, you got mad when I asked if anyone can manifest a nickel.

I try to avoid commenting when I see a Jesus, sky-daddy vs ‘satan’ type of post. At some juncture, it boils down to a ‘my (rendition of) jesus vs your satan’ sort of mentality, am I accurate?
I am genuinely confused as fuck.
@roulettekid you stated " everyone got political/religious/occultic." I’m a bit of a brute, so excuse the wording of the following.
Why the ever-loving fuck do you think at your rendition of ‘god did such and such’ condenses to, if not, - a political, religious, and occultish declaration?
My 2 cents is to examine your underlying beliefs. Whether you realize it or not, you lash out at those with more traditional beliefs.
You can ramble on, but the fact you haven’t probed into the etymology of ‘god’ (A history of god, by Karen Armstrong), the historical or cultural motifs that inform what you assume to be true and valid speaks volumes more as to the insufficiency of your intellect, ego and knowledge.

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