Hey guys, I have recently stumbled upon the entity known as Dantalion. I have read some articles on here about him, but I cant find enough! I was hoping that I could read more personal encounters with the being as well as how you have contacted him.

I will also use this as a journal, more or less, to jot down my experiences. I offered for him to join me in drinking some turmeric tea (I do not have much to really offer other than my whole hearted interest in him and his abilities). When I went to bed, I put on a meditstion that changed his enn. I felt very relaxed and had an hour power nap, but when I woke up I was way too energize to go back to sleep.

That said, I am really interested in having a close friendship with this being and look forward to reading everyone’s comments!


Dantalion is an excellent Demon. He has come through for me many times with lightening speed. I had him manipulate the minds of rather stubborn people to manifest decisions and outcomes that were in my favour.

The method I use is nicknamed the Tristan Buttler Method (named after the guy who came up with it. He has since written a book called Goetic Words of Power (his author name is Tristan Whitespire). The book is availabe on Amazon but he has posted a free copy to the Facebook Group Gallery of Magick Discussions and Experimentations. If you’re a memeber of that group you can find it here. It has updated methods of contacting demons, GOM style.

Anyway he as allowed me to share the older method here on BALG. Below is a paste from the original facebook post.

Dantalion has the power to fulfill every need and desire of an occultist. Because it’s almost impossible to list all of his powers without rambling on, I shall simply list a few of them and allow your mind to conjure up all the possibilities of how his powers could avail you.

-Astral Projection

-Remote Viewing



-Mind Reading

-Mind Manipulation

-Love and Lust


-Bring Money

-Bring knowledge on any subject

-Help you to change into absolutely any type of person you want to become. Rich, charismatic, seductive, charming, ect. Or just make people to perceive you any way you wish them to perceive you.

The Ritual Method for Goetic Words of Power:

  1. Tune in to how you are feeling in your current state. Feel what brought you to this magick regardless of what it is. Breathe and tune into your current state of being.

  2. Feel what your desire is and feel that sensation of lacking your desire. How does it make you feel emotionally? Allow those emotions to arise fully and without restrictions.

  3. Begin to scan the sigil. Starting at the top on the left side of the black dot, scan the outer circle counter clockwise. When done, scan the triangle starting from the bottom right, to the top of the triangle, then down the left side. Then right to left on the bottom.

  4. Gaze at the sigil of the spirit in the center of the triangle and know that therein lies the power to resolve whatever problem you have. To fulfill whatever lack you are feeling. This sigil is bursting with power to help you and a desire to do so. Feel a sense of gratitude welling up for that.

  5. Say the words:


Hear me Dantalion!

It is my will that you ________. (state your will 3 times in a few sentences)

Dantalion! I will give you public praise as a reward upon fulfillment. So that others may hear of your power and call upon you. Go in peace and cause no harm or loss to myself or my loved ones.

Hayah! Hoveh! Yiyeh! Shalom!

That is the end of the ritual.

End of FB Post.

I hope this helps.


I did not expect to see such a great post. As mentioned, I did offer something to him already. Since that day, I have noticed good things happening to me. I didnt really specify any wants, I really would just like to learn all the things that he knows. That entire list of powers you mentioned.

All of those abilities fascinate me, as does his character from what I’ve read in other posts. He seems to he very similar to myself.

Thank you for your information and I will give this a shot soon!

Is there any specific day that the ritual is preferred to be done?


Thank you for this amazing post @Shadowdoctor.


I don’t have much to add beyond that great post by @Shadowdoctor, but I’ll mention that Dantalion was amazingly helpful to me! I did a simple petition ritual with him to get into contact with someone very important that I had a high chance of losing touch with forever. He delivered literally the next day.

Hail Dantalion!


That is great to hear!

I am actually reading Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield as well to aide me in this.


Not that i’m aware of. I’ve done it at random times and was always successful.

No problem my friend. I’m just passing on information which I found.


This is great to hear. Hail Dantalion!!!


One question, if you could clarify: What does it mean when it says “state your will 3 times…”.

That would help me out. Thanks!

You say this 3 times.

You guys are amazing, It’s nice to hear such powerful experience. I’m just a beginner and struggling a lot. Can you please advise me how to get such power bit faster. cos still I’m not seeing or feeling any power. I did the ritual for summon great prince Sitri, but my request didn’t fulfilled. I need to get a love from specific girl… I have tried many things (please help me if you can)

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Ah, okay, thank you. The reason I was confused is because in the Kindle book, it says “State your will 3 times in 2 sentences.” It got me messed up.

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Have you tried this one?

Thanks for the reply dear, I didn’t try this. but can you tell me what is this grandiose ritual? I tried to google it but didn’t find anything… once again highly appreciate your help…

Search here ’ Layered Love Spells’. It might do the work!

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He is really good to work with if you are lusting after someone, like I recommend him so much, he helped me get the love of my life in less than a week, if you are nice to him, he will help you out very efficiently


Thank you very much for your post and Nice to hear that you had a positive outcome… Kindly let me know the steps that I have to follow. I tried many rituals but didn’t seems to worked. Today morning I did this layered love spell… so waiting for results. the main problem she is leaving the country at the end of this week. so I have to stop her somehow, so please explain me how can I do this ? sorry if I’m asking more…

No your all good, with my first interactions with Dantalion, I evoked him and asked if he could help me and I would give him an offering, and he said ok, so once he finished his work, as fast as he did, I gave him an offering (its been forever I forget what I gave him). But I would get directly in contact with him to get your result faster. Sorry it took so long to respond

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