Coronavirus, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Magickal Working Thread

U didn’t do enough. U didn’t add me to that beneficial list. :crazy_face:


Reminder, sorry folks:



one should magick on oneself and family and work outwards to society. Work small and spread out to bigger community. But first you have to magick protect self and one’s health magick. U gots to be alive and well in order to do further magick.

And curse those that did you wrong so that you be in happier place/better state of mind to do more powerful magick. Get rid of those old stress that others gave by finishing up your unfinished business. Reclaim your power. =o)


The future is ever changing.


I’m sorry she’s not around to see the verification on that one, it’s unusually clear.

Pathogens burn themselves out if they are short lived and not infectious enough, and the govs are not doing a great job yet of ‘flattening the curve’. So she could have been be seeing a high infection peak as the exponential growth causes high takeup, but an equally fast crash.

The problem with that, is when many more people need intensive medical care than the hospitals have capacity. That’s what happened in China and Italy, and we really want to avoid it in places where there’s time to do so.

This is what the call the 'flatten the curve" means:

From this video.

The thing about divination is it relies on the energies as they exist at the time of the work, and things change, the universe veers on a slightly different path and things can get better or worse, it’s never set in stone.


So, this is a healing meditation from the lightwork community - it allows the practitioner to assist the energy of the world as it adjusts, and also ride the illness itself out harmlessly.

It’s intention is to understand and work with the incoming energies. Think how Tai Chi deflects rather than trying to block outright.
There’s a big emphasis on staying out of fear, because fear is a very yin, weakening and disempowering energy that does not serve in this case.

It’s channeled live by Steve Rother from his guiding entities called ‘The Group’. They don’t like to be named and my feeling is that’s because there’s a lot of RHPers Steve wants to reach without prejudice, and the group includes entities I recognise as named Daemonic beings, including Azazel.

There’s additionally a thought that the virus is bringing in what I’d call a “technology drop”, so that people who get it and recover, which is most people, gain energetic enhancements that assist in the ascension process. This is building on a current of thought that viruses do this generally, linking with the science that viruses bring new dna and dna mutations into an infected organism.

This meditation puts magickal intention into these processes.

The video is paused at the start of the channel - get into a meditative state before running.


Hi everyone as we all know the corona-virus has been spreading like crazy recently and it where i live (England). I heard it reached 500 in 1 day which is terrifying. I know its a weird question but do demons know about this or know how to prevent getting this virus


i think one of the demons has power over sickness plague like such . forget which one.

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And he thought he got a million dollar business plan. lol


I’m in South East Asia and it’s getting really worse here like the mayor just shut down all the schools and colleges in my city :sob:
I’m a college student and until next month I have to stay at home but still attend the classes via google classroom omg


school shut down for 3 weeks here in bay area. movie theatre closed and and museums. any place with 100 people capacity have to limit to 50 people space apart. It’s not bad here but they are trying to contain it as there are millions in the bay area. better safe than sorry


Exactly but our HS exams are going on in kolkata so I still have to go to school. Everyone here is wearing masks it’s bad.

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I agree, it’s better to take precautionary measures but I honestly didn’t expect they would go that far… I’m glad that it seems other places are also putting as much efforts to deal with this phenomenon, stay safe everyone :"")

it’s serious threat that’s why. especially to the elders.

Hi, I moved your post to this working thread, there are some suggestions in the first post if you scroll up, also please do an intro as requested, that way we know what skills you have and what you most need for increasded magickal power. :+1:

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good luck on this one folks.
I can’t get directly involved because it goes against my personal code, but sincerely good luck.
and if it’s allowed, I think this virus is the result of someone or a group tampering with a being or beings they didn’t understand.
I don’t want to say anything specific but @Uncle-Al should know what I’m alluding to.


I just found this


There are many multiverse. or she got the digit wrong by 1000 yrs. lol

Maybe he could elucidate some. Even if in PM

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