Coronavirus, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Magickal Working Thread

  • First please read World Health Organization’s Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public for up-to-date practical information regarding COVID-19, and information on what to do if you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing

  • Second, on this topic about magick, I am invoking the “no moralising on a working topic” rule, that includes “let it burn” moralising as well… :laughing:

  • And finallly, gently reminding people of the no politics rule. There are other places online to discuss political ramifications, causes, and origin theories, such as 8kun and 4chan. :+1:

This is a topic where members can read and share magickal methods and workings, to counter the spread of SARS-CoV-2, aka the 2019 novel coronavirus:

(It probably needs saying, that magick is never a substitute for qualified medical diagnoses & treatments, and this post and replies are not a substitute for those either, etc. Be responsible and check the advice given at Advice for the public if you have any concerns.)

As @DarkestKnight mentioned, nothing is ever 100% guaranteed, but we use magick to try and dodge the probabilities a bit in our favour, and occasionally something more remarkable.

1: Simple Mantra Wrap

Method: Raphael mantra - success story

Wrap the Raphael mantra around yourself, try for first thing in the morning and last thing at night, every day for as long as this is a concern, choose a number beforehand, (3, or 9 maybe) and stick to that, so it doesn’t become OCD or make you feel you’re not doing enough.

If you have time, call up a map of the world and visualise the same syllable wrapped around your town, county, or country, and if you’re so inclined, do the same for locations where people are currently suffering high rates of infection.

Angels, to go by many accounts, are not limited beings, callcentre staff who lose power if called in too many places, they appear to be part of the fabric of reality, so be as generous as suits your personal value system at this point in time.

2: Marbas

Corona viruses mutate rapidly: the many mentions of Marbas on here recently, who is also an engineer suggest to me that there’s value in doing targeted evocations and other workings, calling on Marbas’ assistance please, for this to rapidly mutate into a more harmless form.

The Archangel Raphael once referred me to Marbas so I know they work well together on different aspects of the same thing.

Marbas info:

3: Candle Magick

Light a candle in red, brown, black, or white, intend as that candle dwindles, for the effect of the infection to be reduced and diminished. Don’t try to evoke the virus into the candle (inviting things like that in may be a bad idea), just focus on its effects, in your community or whatever matters to you most.

Carefully wrap any last bits of wax left in a piece of clean paper or toilet roll, and place them in the trash, ideally outside your home.

Opening this up for anyone who wants to continue sharing methods, ideally things you’ve used successfully to treat a sick person or animal, that got good results. :sunny:

Edit 31st Jan, edited title to avoid issues re: & 6th March now virus has been given official name & to add WHO link.


It’s funny to me that Marbas was the first to come to mind when it came to the Corona virus. I could start on some divination to look for possible pragmatic applicable preventative measures to this virus.


One of the reasons there’s no vaccine for colds it that they mutate too rapidly, so there may be potential to take this down that route, and Marbas is the one to do it I suspect. :hammer_and_wrench:


I suspected marbas from the front


And now marbas again pops up in my life today. :thinking:


I’ve actually been thinking of starting to enchant multivitamins to strengthen the body (such as using your Raphel chant) before taking it and begin to use four thieves oil.


Not posting. Posted a lot of stuff before on how to cure cancers, AIDS, sexually transmitted disease, cold, influenza, warts, etc. If I fell ill with the newest virus I’d kill it like I do all viruses - overnight and few diarrhea trips to the toilet. I can’t help it if people believe Wikipedia and the mainstream media. Anyway, what would I know?

Why involve spiritual entities when I can do it myself. That’s the real basis of the left hand path. With the knowledge I have I can cure or let die. Most of the time I choose to let them die as they read Wikipedia, wouldn’t believe me and/or are too stupid.

“The FDA has stated that chlorine dioxide has no health benefits and should not be ingested for any reason.” Chlorine dioxide - Wikipedia
Believe me or Wikipedia.



I’ve only been using chlorine dioxide, when required, for fourteen years. I use it because it doesn’t work. There’s nothing better than drinking industrial strength bleach – and if you believe that you’ll believe anything. I showed a young woman how to successfully cure herself of Stage 4A cervical cancer, but honestly that may have been luck. She may have just been spontaneously and completely cured like all the other women with Stage 4A cervical cancer aren’t.

Personally I’ve cured myself of colds, influenza, warts and boils. Also cured others of skin cancers, but again in all these cases it may have been luck. Guess I’ve been lucky for fourteen years – every time! As practitioners of the lhp it pays to follow the herd and the herd reads and believes Wikipedia, because it’s God’s encyclopedia. So don’t pay any attention to my ramblings. Please don’t research (apart from Wikipedia) and whatever you do, don’t purchase and use chlorine dioxide. The testimonials on YouTube and advice on-line are all by fucked up types just trying to push something that’s dangerous and doesn’t actually work.



I agree, especially if you have cancer. Better to stick to chemo and radiation, which has a fantastic success rate and is totally not known to cause cancer or kill the patient.


Don’t forget it has plenty of sponsorships and big money coming in. As we all know the big pharma is essentially composed of angels incarnate! Their ONLY and I mean ONLY goal is too heal and cure as many people as possible. That’s why the SECOND they heard about the benefits of Marijuana they immediately were quick to substitute it for their opioids.
Not to mention all the fantastic laws they put in place to prevent anyone from harming themselves from Marijuana. Not only did my country legalize it but any serious 18 year old with a valid condition ALSO gets the benefit of not having a gun for the next 5 years.

Like @Uncle-Al said he’s a complete nut job and Wikipedia is the Gods gift to all of humanity.

To close this out, I’d just like to say I eat mostly fruits and I drink plenty of tea. But I do not recommend this. I rarely get sick and I really miss my doctor. I’m never constipated and I never get the satisfaction of coughing up mucus.
On a serious note, I heard pineapple juice is very good for coughs.
But I’m not too sure, on second thought pineapple juice probably pales in comparison to those fancy chemicals on the label of my favorite cough syrup. I mean I think we’d all be lying if we said we did not know EXACTLY what Robitussin and Dextromethorphan does. And even if we do not know, can be safe knowing our bodies are in the capable hands of big pharma :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

@Lady_Eva kindly feel free to edit this I tried to stay forum friendly given the no politics rule whilst still giving the people a spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down. :innocent:


Everyone here should look at this video. It gives great insight on how to protect ourselves and some insight on the disease.


The more attention you give that virus, the more it grows. That is why the media wants everyone to be paying attention to it for it to grow.


@Lady_Eva do you have the recipe for that black plague preventative concoction? I thought it was this post but I suppose not. And I totally forgot the name of the drink.

Edit: NVM found it


Also essential oils are great to use. As long as you are not alergic to them. Oregano oil (careful this one means business and can potentially kill if misused…and not joking on that) is a perfect example so is the 7 thieves oil. I also second whoever said to stop paying it attention. I gave myself sinusitis and bronchitis because I paid too much attention to being sick. Also not joking on that and i knew it as I fricken did it. 🤦 oh raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the mother in it is great too.


Lots of people are working on him for gnosis with this.

Good advice but lots of people are still going to pay attention to it, which may make it spread more

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It’s now in SF where i live. And the mayor won’t tell which hospital the 2 patient is being treated at. bullocks!! They sure don’t know how to contain this. Everyone starting to wear mask. It’s all sold out and hand sanitizer sold out. Well, you can make your own. Put 2/3 alcohol and 1/3 aloe vera gel mix together for inexpensive sanitizer and can use it as cleaners too. The prices are gauging and out of stock for cleaners and sanitizer. . Stupid boss won’t tell workers to go home even though they look like they got a cold. And they went to hot zone area like los angeles. Time to take this seriously and avoid people like the plague lol. And staying home on off days from work. Must up my tai chi practice too and magick for health and healing the family.

Hopefully won’t get as bad as china. And the gov. actually do their job to contain this. crossing fingers. since my parents are old old.


If you’re going to do spell work over this I would highly suggest using Lysol in your rituals with black candles.


Lysol is a disinfectant, when you get cold or flu like symptoms, it’s because your body is fighting off an infection. So using it in spell work, specifically this, is most effective.

Also, taking the time to read the back of a product is very enlightening.


prevention is first step. so spells to get rid of sick people or repel them would help.

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Actually once the energy of the Lysol began to interact with the energy that the virus off puts I’d wager the virus would be minimized.

BUT Lysol can be very harsh on the human system if in large quantities.


everything seems to be sold out. haha. most disinfectant and cleaners/wipes. Unless you want to get price gauge . paying 25 bucks for a bottle that usually cost 4 bucks. :man_shrugging: