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You guys we should be casting spells to make sure businesses have customers. The main devestation isn’t going to actually come from the virus but the ECONOMIC FALL. THIS WILL CAUSE A MAJOR RECESSION IF WE DO NOT DO WORKINGS TO REDUCE WIDE SCALE PANIC.

Healthy people with good immune systems and young people can recover from this within 14 or so days. The amount of panic and shut downs is unnecessary and I do believe may have been planned. The virus will not f us over but a major recession and people being too scared to patronize businesses will!

What will people do when they can’t afford their home or to go to the doctor. We need to help the world not be selfish and scared and contracted. Perhaps we can do group workings with spirits of wealth to help open people back up.


Sorry to jump on you but this is factually inaccurate, some people have a very bad reaction and it’s not limited to elderly or pre-existing serious health conditions. Examples:

Also, every young person “shrugging it off” is being a literal Typhoid Mary shedding virus on people who are not able to do so.

This epidemiologist resorts to occasional partisan political point-scoring but his coverage of the seriousness of the virus is outstanding in other respects:


Gathering in groups then going on to spread the virus is the most selfish thing possible, for short term gain.

From the epidemiologist’s twitter:

And this:


This is the diary of a healthy 25-year old man describing how the virus kicked his ass:


Well there needs to be discussion on how to restructure businesses to be online and deliverable. Many people have recovered. Many people will never get the Coronavirus. Many of the people who were found dead on the street in China already had comprimised immune systems, something that bleach and alcohol isn’t going to cure but they will also help breakdown your body’s natural defenses while they are breaking everything else down. Quarantine cannot be the only answer to our problems

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They assume their immune system was healthy but they don’t mention their lab result check ups. You can’t tell a person is healthy just be looking at them. THAT is something we should be discussing. Part of the panic is most “healthy” people don’t know they are really run down. There’s a lot of “healthy” people who catch the flu every couple months. Wake up people.

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It’s always good to become more healthy but the issue with this virus is that our bodies have no existing immunity from having handled something similar in the past, that’s why its original name was “novel coronavirus.”

In addition to that, there are reports of reinfection, and also that a slight mutation will lead to rapid reinfection with what’s technically a new strain, with all the same risks hitting an already weakekend body. So the virus can create its own “pre-existing health condition,” then come back for another ride.

The epidemiologist thinks lockdowns are essential, global govts who usually hammer the unemployed and the disabled on welfare all think so… :thinking:

If I was personally worried about income (which I am a bit, who isn’t) I’d be working on a wealth altar and courting the Muses, for inspiration, and for that lucky brerak.

Remember that while we care about our communities, personal wealth comes first (same as in a plane, you put your own oxygen on before helping others) so now’s the time to start building relationships and forging pacts. :+1:

Jason Miller has good advice on this in his books and blog, and there are some ideas in this topic as well:


Here is an account of a British younger guy living in China who recovered, but his region in still under curfew. He’s having to be very circumspect with his words for obvious reasons, but the message is that China will probably do better overall because it can isolate the population more effectively - but that if we all voluntarily do this to flatten the curve, we will all benefit.

His attitude is amazing.

This is why it’s good that the schools are closing, the kids tend to be infections without symptoms the most.

I really love the advice to use the time to learn a language or get good at a hobby, advance your career - something forward looking and keeping a positive outlook would help you in overcoming symptoms.

He actually had (over) a month of Sundays… If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.


Let’s agree to disagree over how the panic is being handled.

I will say my ASSUMPTION is everyone on here is and should be doing wealth magic for themselves. Selfishness hedonism and survival issues are the main motivators for people to come to magic and the taboo. With that said, just as one should not wait until their own financial situation is dire to start doing money magic nor do I believe we should wait until the world has spent all its money at the grocery store (you know the place where we all go to meet up and still get infected potentially) and then face less shifts and layoffs across multiple industries and have aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall of that long resistance built up to spending to then say “Hey fellow magicians, let’s do something to improve the economy.” Their resistance will eventually become all of our obstacles even with our personal spell work. Spell work must meet the mundane work. But I digress. Not arguing with you but I think this is one of the few forums where we can really use spirituality to have a good impact on the present and the future. Because all of our realities have to touch at some point. We should not be playing into media panic for ratings and their profit. If we say we have some power and control here is the time to really put it to the test. The defense rests.


It goes without saying. preventative measures. do health magick for prevention of sick. to protect family as getting sick zaps one’s wealth. wealth magic is part of that protection. no money no able to pay for resources. I’m sure many are paycheck to paycheck so this virus event will make them save for emergency funding next time in future to these kind of events.

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The problem, however, is deeper than just savings. Unfortunately the majority of workers cannot afford ‘saving up for rainy days.’ Also, the living and quality of life drastically decreased. People do not care for the environment, or animals, and do not try to consume natural resources…another 20 -50 years or so, everything will be in extinction…

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well, savings is first step. Until you get your finance met, your can’t do diddly anything. There’s order to things. 20-50 yrs is too early to say. World will live longer than that.

True, I’ll rephrase. Most endangered species may not survive due to our ecology. There is a lot going on but the media are not transparent about it.

Irreversible harm is done to our ecosystem due to pollution and overpopulation.

The planet needs a balanced synergy to sustain itself and humanity.

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It’s medical advice, also modelled on at least one instance from the 1918 flu where school closures lessened deaths, but regardless of that, I agree on not arguing since the facts are already in that many nations are doing this.

The state of the economy has very little to do with things like that, for example the 2008 credit crunch didn’t happen because not enough people went out in large groups to consume products and services, or public entertainment (which is the current situation we seem to be moving into).

People’s current resistance to doing that is intended to prevent up to 20% being hospitalised (people and nations in debt for medical care don’t have spare cash) and at worse, prevent the 3% death rate which is the highest rate currently admitted to by official figures. That means one in 30 people will die, and therefore not be able to spend/earn/be taxed on their money afterwards. :scream_cat:

Some people are remaining at work during lockdowns, as well, in essential services such as producing food and booming new sectors for medical products. Home delivery services are thriving, as well.

If you want to fix the economy in general, that is outside the remit of THIS thread but could be started as a new topic, however since it would soon run into who controls banking, what is a fiat currency, etc., it risks going political fast, so maybe make a new topic to invite others onto a working group in PM? :thinking:


So ive got some potentially bad news here. Apparently, a guy from 4chan has basically predicted fairly accurately so far how things would progress since January. Back in January he said that Italy would explode in cases and go into total lockdown. Now, he has some more dire predictions about what may happen if this disease mixes with bat populations in brazil. If that occurs, the mortality rate can jump to 15%…and apparently its something he believes the WHO is deathly afraid of. The U.S. is going to get fucked really bad by it, according to him, because of its poor health care system. Expect martial law. We really need to start doing some magickal workings on this thing before it fucks us over bigtime. @AdamThoth @Lady_Eva @C.Kendall any ideas?

I’m going to post that 4chan thread below. Read the posts from the dude with the ID: nQzQS2i3


Yes, I’ve been watching this since mid-Jan, via /pol/ & 8kun, and previously saw his Italty stuff, and the whole Brazil thing. :thinking:

At the moment I’m working on some linked stuff that can’t be shared on the forum, so only replying to say, not asleep at the wheel here :wink: and if I happen across anything that requires a group-working I’ll post or PM people as seems necessary. :+1:


Ok, everyone… Please try and calm yourselves. I assure you, you have nothing to fear.

As a phenomenon, the virus will blow over as quickly as it escalated, and what we’ll be left with is a lot of realizations and lessons that will force us to finally start making some much needed changes to our society, our institutions, and our personal lives. In fact, an event like this is more or less necessary to put this into motion. Basically… it was either this or global war that would have sent Earth and Humanity down a TRULY dark path. Things HAD to change because we were on our way to destroying ourselves, and this is actually one of the best case scenarios.

When the dust settles, we are going to be left with no choice but to start recognizing a few things:

#1 - We are so easily manipulated and controlled it’s ridiculous. Do you see how quickly we switched to panic mode, and how easy it was for governments to shut down our whole world and our lives more or less overnight? This is unacceptable and needs to be corrected.

#2 - Your fear is the real enemy here. It’s common knowledge by the now that the virus itself isn’t really anything to be truly worried about. The ‘survival rate’ (and I hesitate to even refer to it in that way) is much higher than the numbers show because most cases of this virus aren’t tested for and confirmed. Even with the statistical bias this is by no means the biggest threat, and yet… just look at what we’re allowed to happen. It’s just a form of flu… certainly not worth shutting down the earth for or freaking out about.

What IS worth worrying about is the way we are reacting to this. Fear is what turns us against each other. It’s what causes greed and selfishness and violence and hoarding. It is fear that makes us enemies of each other.Fear of not having enough. There is plenty on this planet to go around, and the only REAL reason anyone might not have enough… is #1, mentioned above. If we - as a population - refuse to turn against each other, and instead turn our attention instead to helping each other and beginning a massive overhaul of the way that power is structured in our world we can be more or less living in heaven on earth within a decade or so. There are so many repressed technologies that will soon come to light and new ones constantly coming up that the near future can - and will be - so gorgeous and magical.

The forced isolation is even necessary as well. You can’t truly make a shift in your consciousness while you are surrounded by others, and that’s what’s happening… as individuals, as societies, as a species, and as a planet we are going through a leveling up of the frequency of our consciousness. There are real reasons this is happening, which I won’t bother getting into right now, but it’s not truly a mystery.

(there’s more… but this post is getting long enough already. so I’ll start wrapping up.)

So, yea… things are gonna get weird. A lot is going to change… More than you’re probably ready to realize. We’re at the beginning stages of a massive paradigm change. A new world is being born through this chaos, and it’s all beautiful. Ever watched a childbirth??? It’s ain’t pretty, but it’s miraculous and beautiful and at the end of the day there is new life in the world.

Every single person I know who has gone through a spiritual awakening over the last decade (and I’ve spoken to soooooo many people experiencing the same ‘crazy’ things that it already passed ‘undeniable’ and is looking at ‘painfully obvious’ in the rearview mirror) has gone through a similar process on a personal scale. Isolation, confusion, pain, and the crumbling of the old to force a change to the new, and that is what’s happening on the global level now. The earth is going through a spiritual awakening. It won’t fully make sense until we’re on the other side… but hey… it’s 2020. Clear hindsight will be our gift towards the end of this year.

Relax. Breath. Get into nature if you can. Learn to meditate if you don’t already. In every moment of your life choose love over fear. Learn to listen to your heart and trust your intuition. Learn to shut off the god damned media. Enjoy this little rest right now while others lose their minds, because the rate of change is going to feel like a whirlwind over the next year and moving forward.

You will be all right. We will be all right. This is the beginning of amazing change. Be not afraid. Be excited. And start dreaming of what you want the future to look like for yourself, because it time for us to start working together to create it.

One last note… despite the intense change that is coming, this is not a prediction of some apocalyptic insane events. Things will still happen gradually and naturally and in a way that society and the human brain can comprehend. But it will move as quickly as is possible within that framework, and it will feel weird. So, buckle up… but try and just enjoy the ride.

The truest words ever spoken: There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Feel free to share this message of hope and peace.

Love and light to everyone reading this.



Sounds good. I’m considering using EA’s forbidden square to help tackle this pandemic. They are only to be used, according to EA’s notes, for a pure goal. Well, i can’t think of anything more pure than saving thousands of lives. I’ve been mulling over these squares for a while, but ive really hesitated from even looking at it because of how powerful they are. EA wouldn’t even leave them in the book out of fear that beginners would get burned. What do you think?


I receommend doing divination on, specifically, whether you will like the outcome that creates in 5 or 20 years’ time. :+1:

Remember there are many forces, mundane as well as spiritual, who will try to use this to create outcomes you dislike, so you need to be sure this won’t accidentally assist them.