Coronavirus, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Magickal Working Thread

This is interesting as I might be coming in contact with it soon as I am going into Fema, and they are just waiting for the word from the president to act on it


hopefully the virus avoid you like the plague. =o)

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This full Moon (March 9th) is in the 14th Mansion. One of the attributes of this is to cure the sick. If anyone is thinking of doing Work towards defeating the corona virus, this full Moon might be a good occasion for all of you to work together.

It is on the day of the Sun, which also is associated with health.


It’s curious for me, have some of the members of here where warned in a “occult” way of this specific catastrophe?


I saw some imagery, but didn’t know what it was until this happened.


I had two bats show up in my room about a month or less apart from eachother about 9 or 10 months ago. I have no idea how they could have gotten in. The first time I found it when I woke up at 6am to use the restroom, the second time I was house sitting for someone and hadnt been home for a week. The first time I open my bedroom door a bat flies at my head.

I just pieced it together last night, I had totally forgotten about the bats. Fuck this hits hard if only I had known better maybe I could have done something, or at least been more prepared.

If the spirits may speak for a moment: this is the result of the collective disdain for our world at this moment; in short, weve “fucked” up the energy and now this is happening.

Think of all the curses people have mindlessly flung, this is their conclusion.


The benefit of that, is that we can collectively change it. Greg braden talks a lot about doing things just like that.

And its interesting from my perspective, that my personal battle lately is with this internal self hatred and loathing. Especially the negative self talk. It has all come up to the surface to be handled and removed.

And in my opinion it will be the ones that can alter their own internal dialouge and control their little scripts, who will be immune to all this crap.

I’m looking at it like this, I recently made myself sick for well over two months, I am now making myself well. in essence im the very same negative entity i keep trying to smudge away lmao.


Possible to destroy the corona virus using magick? Legions maybe? In quantum entaglement states the single cell of a whole can affect the whole, based on intent. like a effigy and a hair or picture to the targets unique energy signature…idk i havent tried to attack illness with magick. Whats all ur ideas on possibly better ways to stop this virus using magick?


Yes I am experiencing something quite similar. Its like this fervor to cut through all the bullshit I put myself through has risen in me. All I want to do is live a happy productive life, and I have come to realize I am the only obstacle in my path to that goal.


Same here! And it’s also the most frustrating part in my opinion :person_facepalming: like why cant I get out of my own way and stop fucking myself over. I just want to grab myself by the neck and just homer me. :expressionless:


kingdom 2 korean drama series about zombie virus outbreak is out!!! Let’s see how they deal with it. yeah!!! time to binge watch. U go watch the first part and this 2nd part @anon482649 you’ll love it. =o) who doesn’t like a zombie flick? =oP

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I may be speaking out of line here, but perhaps people like us must learn to cultivate a care and nurturing for ourselves. Maybe we are too quick to anger at ourselves. I tried for years to destroy myself to become a new and better person; After all that, despite most definitely destroying something, I realize I’m still here.


I get what your saying and its right in line with what I need to hear. Its like in recovery, no matter where I go to try and get away from my problems, there I am causing more.


Something everyone needs to see.

But before the circled part it says something about it being destroyed by electrical current and extreme heat.

Makes me want to get this book.


Guys please add Protection Magick for this Disease I Studyed alot about it
It is a Biological Weapon created in Wuhan the Truth is starting to crack throught the lies

The Real Death tool is over 52% there is no Cure the disease attaks your Lungs and you cannot breathe!

The Truth will hit the News Very Soon this virus is very Serious I am from Bulgaria in 2 days from 2 people there are 37 now 2 are dead 200 people are probing. Our Country shut almost everything down except Food marked and Drug Shops.

there are videos of dead people everywhere!

Which god is Best to work with Nergal Santa Muerte Raphael Marbas what others should we make pacts for protection can these deities protect us?


Friendly reminder, please no politics per [Peace Treaty] Community Unity - No More Politics but this is the topic for posting about combating the spread of the virus etc. :+1:


i hope this is true from psychic silvia. We don’t need the world in panic and lockdown. The sooner it goes away the better.


IT is raging in my country and just gave me next week off.

So far,
i enjoy the benefits of this spell. xD


u wouldn’t say that if it affected your family or your business or anything that affect your means to put food on the table and shelter. however, it is a wake up call for many so there are positives to it.


well, and none of those are of concern to me.

I’ve done my share to ensure this benefits me. :wink: